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    Re: "I can't breath"

    Even before we had a federal Constitution, we had courts and sheriffs.

    The sheriffs were, and still are, elected at the county level. If the county could afford it, he had paid deputies. If it...
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    Re: Clementine Ford: "kill all men"

    True, but, if they make their presence known, they get shot by the sheepherder (gov't).

    But for me, the wolves represent the all the "barbarians at the gate" that Western men have kept out to...
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    Re: Clementine Ford: "kill all men"

    And the sheep then convinced the sheep herder (the government) that the sheepdog needed all sorts of measures taken so it would not be so intimidating.
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    Re: Clementine Ford: "kill all men"

    This is what happens when men make a western world where women do not have to fear hunger or predation. They turn on us. The average western woman has more comfort, safety, freedom, travel, options,...
  5. How is the Gillette/Proctor & Gamble boycott doing in your neck of the woods?

    Is it "getting woke, going broke" where you live?

    Where I shop, their shavers have been heavily discounted. When I see those displays, I make a point of buying a competing brand that visit so...
  6. Re: When the People Themselves Are the Problem

    If there is not a "2nd Wave," Big Gov't, Big Pharma, Big Press, Big Education will invent one. This generation have gotten a chance to manage an emergency that could be used to whittle away at our...
  7. Re: When the People Themselves Are the Problem

    We are going to have a spike because for 60, 90, 120 days, our individual immune systems will have gotten weak and flabby from not having engaged in the normal workout they get from being exposed to...
  8. Re: When the People Themselves Are the Problem

    In the 20th Century, the progressives killed God and destroyed the church in the West.

    They had nothing to replace them with, except the state.

    The NPC blathering buzz phrases on sheer...
  9. Re: When the People Themselves Are the Problem
  10. Re: When the People Themselves Are the Problem

    If a "medical dictatorship" had imposed such house arrest measures when another virus appeared 40 years ago, our 8 year sons would be asking you "Dad, what is a 'con-dumb?'"
  11. Re: When the People Themselves Are the Problem

    #Cuomo lied. Grandpa died.
  12. Re: Hilarious! VAWAman Joe Biden video . . .

    She didn't accuse him of rape. She accused him of rubbing against her when they were in bed together with their clothes on.
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    Re: tech question

    I opened up Messenger in my desk top and then was able to copy paste into my screen.

    Thank you all for your advice.
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    Re: tech question

    Not giving me that option.
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    tech question

    Someone sent me some photos on FaceBook Messenger.

    I don't want them there, but I don't want to lose them.

    Can someone tell me how to send those photos to my desktop?
  16. Re: A Religious Perspective on What's Wrong with Women Today

    In the US, the best place to "launder" your dirty money is a corrupt bank.

    The best place for a former Carousel rider to "launder" her cooter and get some "born again" virginity is the church,...
  17. Re: Covid-19 One Month In- The Effect of No Sex

    Don Johnson once said that there are four phases in an actor's career.

    Phase one:

    He was a new, young actor. His agent finds a good role for Don to play and calls up a casting director.
  18. Re: Women, make-up, and economic down turns

    [QUOTE=AdTheBad;152343]The Hemline Index

    How does this work when most modern women don't where skirts?
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    Re: Support these two petitions

    Looks like the tide is turning.
  20. Re: Does Covid-19 and its consequences have any philosophical impact for you?

    I think that unemployment from the virus is going to trigger many divorces.

    If he is unemployed, and she is still working, she will view him as a burden, and will monkey branch to a man with a...
  21. Women, make-up, and economic down turns

    In times of economic stress, women spend even more on cosmetics and their appearance. Why? To snag a provider. Because, what do we call a man who stays home and does housework while his wife works?...
  22. Man who died after ingesting fish tank cleaner may have been poisoned by wife

    Husband was a retired electrical engineer.

    Wife was younger, abusive wife. She was also a Democrat, a rabid anti-Trumper, and a large financial...
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    Re: Demi Lovato............PUKE!!

    She is only 27. And if she looks this bad at 27, can you imagine what she is going to look like at 47? At 57?

    And she is pop star. She only has two jobs.

    - Sing just good enough for the...
  24. Re: Gynocracy - Where and When Does It End?

    I see 2-3 when I go on my local walks.
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    Re: Understanding Sex Through Porn

    Heard. Understood. Acknowledged.
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