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  1. Re: Sex with robots to be 'the norm' in 50 years, expert claims

    (Maybe I've said this before when this topic's come up...)

    I remember trying to find people to play shogi with, tried online. Wasn't easy. Instead of playing each other, everyone would just line...
  2. Re: Men aren't attracted to smart women, study finds

    If men didn't want smart women, then why did Diogenes search his whole life for a smart woman and not find one?

  3. Re: Study: Women rejected by an Atractive Man more likely to Reject other Men

    Some people believe that standing on top of another person makes them taller.
  4. Re: ESPN Magazine - The Mangina Brand strikes again

    Amanda Bingson is a woman reveling in competition and willing to make sacrifices to pursue her passion. She is an exceptional woman. ESPN is exceptional in this case as well, exceptionally pathetic....
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    Re: The Degree Queen.

    A lot of educators are stuck evaluating students based on their ability to memorize. They don't think an exam is long enough to expect students to demonstrate understanding. I thought it was, but...
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    Re: That damn wall again

    Melissa Joan Hart worked it off. She can too - if she wants to.
  7. Thread: Got consent?

    by Myshkin

    Re: Got consent?

    I could see a wrapper linking to a site with child support guidelines and such.
    And "Quick Facts" about dangers to men of going in uncovered, sort of like the jokes they have now in Cracker Jacks.
  8. Thread: The Hard Life

    by Myshkin

    Re: The Hard Life

    In a Heinlein novel, he describes how, when a man dies, a widow still has her car taken care of for her, surreptitiously, by her sons. (Their father told them he didn't want her worried with it.) She...
  9. Thread: Ghosting

    by Myshkin

    Re: Ghosting

    So many educators here, we derail the thread ;)

    Around 2002 I did an experiment, adding a question to a course exam of engineering students about to graduate. It was a multiple choice question...
  10. Thread: Joke Time

    by Myshkin

    Re: Joke Time

    How many men from the men's world cup winner would need to be put on the field to beat the team that wins the women's world cup? Seven?
  11. Re: C S Lewis nailed it about the danger from SJW's and many feminists

    When orphans get adopted, government workers lose their jobs. Will no one think of the government workers?
  12. Thread: By yourself?

    by Myshkin

    Re: By yourself?

    Yeah, moving definitely messes things up. Until I was mid-40's I was moving on average once every 1.5 years.
  13. Re: Matt Forney jumps on the MGTOW shaming bandwagon!

    There's no such thing as incel. Given the quality of the women in the dating market, every man has to date down. How low is a man willing to stoop? If not low enough, then he's celibate. If he isn't...
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    Re: Myer Briggs - bullshit or not?

    I heard that decades ago. And every time M-B has come up on a forum where the population was nearly all male, the majority stated they tested out as INTJ. (Maybe only INTJ's take the inventory!)
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    Re: Myer Briggs - bullshit or not?

    The majority of men in the general population test out as INTJ. So there's nothing unusual going on here.
  16. Re: Obese model apoligizes for saying black men love her

    I'll just dump this here. I've been wondering for a while what kind of evidence people see in their daily lives of the number of intact families. In my case, I see people on vacation at a tourist...
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    Re: Are girls outperforming boys in school?

    I'm sure the women will manage just fine without the men. They just need the men to make them (1) a computer that runs everything and (2) a machine that gives a woman temporary smarts when something...
  18. Re: Girl gets a solid pig roasting on camera. Claims it can happen to anyone.

    You could tell her that she looks drier in person.
  19. Re: "More fat women demand to be called beautiful by FAR than fat men"--Notorius Git

    Fat women know there is some guy out there for them. They just need to hit on lots of guys to find them. I usually think it's not about the bootay, but about the mammaries. Guys be thinking "wow,...
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    Re: Don't pass out drunk ...

    They have over a billion dollars in their general endowment.
    He might as well go for it.
  21. Re: Laura Kipnis fun - Feminist being suide for criticising feminism.

    Don't worry. Emma Watson will rescue it with her Lean On campaign.
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    Re: Tingles are more important than career

    update on NY case:

    I'm sure she feels like the center of attention. But her husband is not so...
  23. Re: Ill just put this here, Coke jumps on the female is better than male athlete, even if just in a "Video Game World" bandwagon

    They're expecting an audience of ten ;)

    Blame will fall on the scandal.
  24. Re: Mattress-wielding, false-rape-victim Emma Sulkowicz releases porn bring awareness.

    Carrying around a mattress didn't do anything for Sulkowicz's body.
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    Re: The #1 Obstacle for MGTOW

    I'm not dating or courting, but if I were I would actually only date a woman who I knew I wouldn't be having sex with. More specifically, a woman with whom that applies to all men. If any woman...
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