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    Re: Why do we post?

    There are very few places these ideas are allowed to proliferate. It's also difficult to get reasonable feedback on these ideas to get worked out by men of like minds. I was over at the mgtow...
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    Re: Where Tradcon values yield to MGTOW

    MGTOW is the safest option for a man who wants full control over his time and resources. Tradcon does not have a workable response (in 2019) to grievances laid out by the (male) casualties of...
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    Re: Expat Ideas

    Here are some resources
    OECD Better Life Index

    The real...
  4. Re: Urban Dictionary slanders MGTOW while glorifying FEMINISM.

    They can keep their fantasy definition. The opposition still haven't solved the mgtow conversion problem when the uninitiated hear the acronym and do their own research. The value proposition for...
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    Re: How big is MGTOW?

    It's less than 1% of the population of any given country. I would argue the defining characteristic of a man claiming to go his own way is the ability to separate "the narrative" from the truth. ...
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    Re: A common error in red pill tropes.

    There is a ton of nuance that is difficult to convey in the soundbyte version of modern red-pill philosophy. The return on investment for the average society conditioned individual is going to be a...
  7. Re: Why Do Some Women Get More Comfort From Pets Than From Men?

    There are a few things going on metaphysical level here. I've heard it explained as once the animal being accepted into a woman's nest she is fully comfortable being vulnerable around it. From what...
  8. Re: Model, 27, who charged men up to $500 to date her finds love with a 'nerdy' coding analyst, 49

    Eventually this will move to some sort of ebay style model. Pay for "dates" on demand. Perhaps it already exists.
  9. As much as I hate the idea of a gated community

    In function the moderators of this place are doing a sweet job of keeping out people who just want to cause problems and complain about their lives. The rage in other less regulated communities will...
  10. Re: Who wants to "man up" and marry this gem?

    Warrior huh? I'd challenge that and ask what conflict areas this person has ever visited. It's clear that there is no sign of "loud and proud" slowing down and them asking for the moon. This isn't...
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    Re: Life is good

    It's refreshing to see a success story amidst all the woman-bashing that is going on in the mgtow-sphere. My life has also greatly improved since taking an alternative approach to things a lot of...
  12. Re: Tradcuckservative says MGTOW must be stopped!

    Every MGTOW article criticism is always framed as "bitter men" not participating. The real issue for any of these people is a loss of control. Both in $$$ terms and in psychological power over once...
  13. Re: Post Wall Hag says MGTOW's are 'sad wankers'

    2 to 1 says we get more of this; still haven't gotten mainstream media hate yet. That's going to be the win day. An uninformed opinion is hard to take seriously in a google verifiable world.
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    Re: We can learn a lot from women.

    Absolutely agree that there are moves worth taking from the woman playbook such as prioritizing health and looking out for #1. The other major one I would list is reaching out and asking for help...
  15. Re: Physical Possessions as Personality Indicator

    There's a measurable divide between productive assets, wasting assets and straight liabilities.

    Where people get screwed is when they finance junk or use the junk as value signalling.
  16. Re: A woman's brain right before she hits the wall

    Bad deal; guy wouldn't even get any of the prime years. Dude dodged a bullet.
  17. Re: Girl on Craigslist needs some cash for a car, but *nothing sexual*

    Pretty audacious demands coming from a cripple who refuses to put out. She better pack a lunch waiting for that bus to arrive.
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    Re: Why don't we talk about our mothers?

    That's a solid observation; I'm guessing there is a part of most cultures that frown upon talking bad upon your own family. I'll chime in here though and be the 1st to say my mom let father...
  19. Re: Even Christian Men are taking the red pill

    I meant more tax; usually it's easier to justify taxes in a crises situation (healthcare; affordable housing) and stick the bill on anyone who can afford it. Although it's illegal to make a man-tax,...
  20. Re: Even Christian Men are taking the red pill

    I have religious friends who have been deeply burned by following their faith "doing the right thing" and wife-ing up someone who later ruined their life. On the bright side word is getting out...
  21. Re: Reddit: AWALT: Redpill truth about Thai and Filipino women "Flying Farangs"

    There should be some type of universal warning to everyone who tries to relationship a professional hooker. I think part of the problem is lack of exposure to the real world. They don't keep...
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    Re: Time To Move Beyond MGTOW--Da Pook

    Anger<Ownership. From what I've seen here on this forum a lot of people own their mistakes and have made some positive changes to their lives.

    One thing that interests me though impossible to...
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    Re: Retirement Plans

    Investment Plans - Non traditional approach; I deal in what is considered high risk speculative assets (collectibles, commodities). These work great in bull markets but get absolutely crushed in...
  24. Re: Prosecutor: Woman sought to destroy husband, get his money (Hitman instead of Divorce Lawyer)

    More reasons to adhere to stealth wealth concepts. My shitty 11+ year old compact car is the greatest camouflage I could have wished for. This guy made a huge mistake inviting a "soft" prostitute...
  25. Re: Because Men maintain SMV well past 30s, 40s, etc., Men Sacrifice Much more than women in making a commitment

    This is assuming he doesn't bang women on the side (best of both worlds) and that his financial earning power increases. I've seen a lot of men lose value due to economic as well as industrial...
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