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  1. Re: My Bitch Cousin Sent Me A Wedding Invite In The Mail

    Maybe she's hoping to fix you up with one of her friends during the reception?
  2. Re: OnlyFans Reverses Its Decision To Ban Pornographic Content

    Women get angry when men don't objectify them...the right men, that is.
  3. Re: For the bachelors: ďno wonder youíre single.Ē shaming. Thoughts?

    When I want a woman I call one. Being single by choice and being shamed for it usually means you're in the company of jealous people who envy your freedom.
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    Re: Now itís Bob Dylanís Turn

    It was 1965. It was Bob Dylan. God only knows what they were on, and he probably doesn't even remember the year 1965 much less what happened in it. I doubt she does either if she was hanging around...
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    Re: Taliban victory: a set back for feminism?

    I just read an article on Newser about this. It said the Taliban is offering opportunities for women in education and government according to Sharia law. It seems even the Taliban is trying to make...
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    Re: Western Civilization is a dead man walking

    The collapse of western society is going to take a while. It took over 200 years to build, longer if you're a history buff. I wouldn't spend much energy trying to plan for an overnight collapse....
  7. Re: And Now the Left Targets Marijuana as an Enemy of Climate Change

    It never ceases to amaze me how we puny humans delude ourselves into believing that we have control over the planet's climate. Imagine cave men arguing about who's to blame for the coming ice age!
  8. Re: Feminists Apologizing to men for taking advantage of us

    "They" didn't apologize to us, this one woman did. Don't inflate her post to an unwarranted status.
  9. Re: SATIRE: Imagine: No Divorce Problems. Because Gov't Is Now Communist and You Own Nothing

    Imagine there's no taxes, and no wages, too,
    Nothing to live or die for,
    but plenty of work to do...

    Hmmmm...sounds like Auschwitz.
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    Re: Beware the MGTOW echo chamber

    An echo chamber for damaged men...that sound like a feminist talking about us. When I was younger (ages ago right after the dinosaurs disappeared) women would sometimes go off on a rant about not...
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    Re: So Many New People All Of Sudden

    This reminds me of when the MGTOW site I used to belong to had a mass exodus. We all came here.
  12. Re: Little Victories of the day. Johny Depp won his laysuit

    The law doesn't always believe men against powerful women either. God forbid they should ever point that out. I'm glad to hear he won his suit. The one in the U.K. I could care less about. The Sun is...
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    Re: Fascism in action:

    The party in power doesn't want to govern. Those people want to RULE.
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    Re: Now its our fault that women are turning bad

    So, let me get this straight. It's us rotten boys that are turning women into rotten girls? LOL!Another example of how MGTOW is ruining the world...for women.
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    Re: Reddit Trash banned MGTOW and MGTOW2

    I've never been to Reddit, but I've read bad things about them. MGTOW is not a movement or a religion. That's what feminists don't get.
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    Re: What's in it for me?

    With women the answer to "what's in it for me" is "everything"! That's what they end up with if you're stupid enough (like I was) to marry one. For a man, "what's in it for me" is what he should ask...
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    Re: Dr. Dre divorce settlement

    I read an article that said he had a prenup with her. She was asking for two million a month, but the prenup kept his support payments at 300,000 a month. He actually got off cheap. Think about that...
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    Re: Rebellion strategy, for the common folk

    Being afraid of activism is how many colonists felt about going to war with England in 1776. There are alot of things going on on the internet right now with regards to the lopsided power structure...
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    Re: The $10,000 Simp

    Stupid is as stupid does.
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    Re: Happiness And Misery Men VS Women

    Most women I've known complain about how men get better looking with age and women go the other direction. What difference does it make? We're all going to look like prunes when we're 90!
  21. Re: Accepting That You Don't Have a Country Anymore

    I recently watched a video made by an Army veteran. He was falsely accused of something by a woman and, long story short, lost his security clearance, and accused the Police of misconduct. I know...
  22. Re: Hello. I'm ResidentEvil7; Here From

    I remember you, too! You're going to like it here alot better.

    Welcome back Unboxed!
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    Title IX is under scrutiny

    In this John Stossel video he exposes the fraud of Title IX. Interesting that this video is only a week old. The comments are priceless...
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    Re: I found my dreamgirl...again!

    I once had a hooker give me a blow job for replacing her dryer belt.
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    A tutorial about marriage and divorce

    I know most of us "woman haters" are already on board with the sentiment of this video. But for those of you still on the fence this fifteen minute video says quite a...
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