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  1. Thread: Vagabond

    by ResidentEvil7

    Re: Vagabond

    I read his introduction topic and I want to thank you for getting rid of him. We don't need people like him here; we are real men here! MGTOW Power!
  2. Re: For the bachelors: “no wonder you’re single.” shaming. Thoughts?

    I never got the "No wonder you're single" insult, but I've gotten something close to it-- No woman will ever put up with you.
  3. Re: Today in Clownworld: Lego to remove 'gender bias' from their overpriced, coloured bricks

    Ooohhh, good one!
  4. Re: Suspicious Friend Requests on Facebook

    I had a Facebook account in 2013, but for a few days and it started to scare me because people I didn't know where showing up. I wanted to stay in contact with distant relatives and my best friend...
  5. Re: Women are stronger than men cause "science" said so

    Yeah, she's real tough bullying little kids; she ought to threaten a real man. Then she'll see what a major pussy she really is.

    Thing is, if a man hits a woman, he goes to jail for assault, but...
  6. Iowa Pastor Wins Republican Seat Long-Held By Democrats

    This could be the end of Biden's administration if a Republican can win a seat that the Democrats have kept for decades. It looks...
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    Talk about a sport of male dominance and male power: wrestling. I love it, even though the bitches infiltrated WWE. My favorite wrestlers are: Ted DiBiase, Jr., The Miz, John Cena and Sheamus The...
  8. Re: A Generation of American Men Give Up on College: ‘I Just Feel Lost’

    Colleges are nothing but an indoctrination scam. Kids go for useless degrees in stuff like gender studies and liberal arts, art, languages that Americans don't use and then they wonder why they...
  9. Re: How are the covid´s madness in your country?

    Here in Illinois we have to wear a mask whether or not we are vaccinated everywhere we go. If you go to a restaurant, you have to wear one until you get to your table, then you can take it off.
  10. Re: Women are stronger than men cause "science" said so

    Yeah right! If women were so much stronger than men, then why do they cry or get mad too often? Tears, tantrums don't mean strength. If women are so much stronger, then why is it that men take the...
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    Re: 12 pounds off so far

    I just got done doing a 90 minute dumbbell and resistance workout in the basement gym in front of Conan The Barbarian. I feel exhausted. I'm having a strawberry protein shake. I noticed I'm...
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    Re: 12 pounds off so far

    The only time I eat fast food is on Saturdays when my dad brings home McDonald's for movie night dinner. My dad and I watch a movie almost every Saturday; father/son times.
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    Re: Red Pill Clothing?

    Earlier on this topic, I posted eBay links showing MGTOW shirts, but I didn't realize until I read the later comments that MGTOW clothes is a bad idea. Sorry. I was just trying to help him.
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    Re: 12 pounds off so far

    That's very good. Good for you for taking the red pill and focusing on your health and well-being.

    I too have gotten serious about working out and losing weight myself. Last Friday, I did a...
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    I don't know what more to say that John didn't say, but I like what he does say in the above video.
  16. The Scowling Woman (MGTOW-Is-Freedom)

    I love Big John, because he's a MGTOW genius. Anyway, John is correct about this; the better woman have it in life, the angrier and meaner they get. ...
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    Re: R/loveafterporn = women banning porn

    Funny that women find it wrong for men to look at women, but women find it OK for them to look at other men.
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    Re: Book suggestions/recommendations

    I just recently finished reading my Conan The Destroyer book. It was a fun read. I'm thinking about going back to read Barbarian again since I love those muscle man stories.
  19. Re: Ha ha ha ha, self-appointed savior of women, David Futrelle, called a misogynist

    The guy's a pathetic loser! I feel NOTHING for this dirtbag loser! Any man who panders to woman, in my opinion, is not a real man.
  20. Re: Today Is The Day Of My Cousin's Wedding

    Still not enough to get me to go to one. The only free drinks I'm having today is the leftover Coors Light beer my dad bought me for my birthday.
  21. Re: Today Is The Day Of My Cousin's Wedding

    So I'm not alone in this. Good for you for not going. MGTOW Power!
  22. Re: Today Is The Day Of My Cousin's Wedding

    No, I want nothing to do with any of it. No card, no attendance, no money, NOTHING! I want to watch wrestling in my trunks and do other manly things until 4 AM tomorrow and recover from yesterday's...
  23. Re: Today Is The Day Of My Cousin's Wedding

    Too late. My dad already left, leaving me alone at home in my wrestling trunks watching guys wrestling on YouTube while The Three Stooges on TV.
  24. Today Is The Day Of My Cousin's Wedding

    Remember 2 months ago I said that I got an invite? Well today is the day I get a new male cousin, because my bitch relative is getting married today. Rather than waste my time at some cunt's...
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    Black Family VS Racist Neighbor

    I hope I don't risk my membership here posting this,...
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