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  1. Thread: Introduction

    by Mr Wombat

    Re: Introduction

    This troll is banned. Ban thread is here:

    The people who reported this post using the report post button rather than just...
  2. Thread: Vagabond

    by Mr Wombat


    Troll. Bye!
  3. Re: Filtering the communism out of my reality

    Star Wars had three movies. The second one was ok.
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    Re: Feminists misrepresents MGTOW on Wikipedia

    So much for Wikipedia's "Neutral Point of View".
  5. Re: Females Are The Major Political Problem In Western Civilization.

    It's perfectly rational: people vote in their own self interest. A society that just hands out free shit to non-productive people is better for women. A society where you get to keep the fruit of...
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    Re: Asian Countries are the Most Feminized

    For romantic in that old sense, check out certain genres of Heavy Metal music - Nightwish being one of the better known ones.
  7. Re: Dave Chapelle the latest target of the woke goon squad

    The other usual claim is that racism directed at white people isn't racism at all, because non-white people simply can't be racist.

    1) All white people are racist.
    2) Only white people can be...
  8. Re: How are the covid´s madness in your country?

    As the username indicates, I'm in Australia. Everything is locked down. I'm loving it. Going back to the office will be a sad day. The only nuisance is that Bunnings takes a week or so to process an...
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    Re: The Scowling Woman (MGTOW-Is-Freedom)

    Knew a guy who used to run a brothel. Talking about it one day, I threw out the idea of a free (nonalcoholic) drinks fridge for the girls, better conditions. He quickly explained just how wrong I...
  10. Re: War on all things male: DC's Superman comes out as Bisexual

    I think the moviemakers call it the 'four quadrant' strategy: something for men and women, boys and girls. The sex is there for the women, because it is one of the only two things that women care...
  11. Re: Dad and son weep uncontrollably when ‘miracle’ baby is placed in their arms

    It happened to Joseph, didn't it?
  12. Re: War on all things male: DC's Superman comes out as Bisexual

    How exactly is superman going to have sex with a human anyway? Wouldn't the super-ejaculation of super-jizz kill any human, male or female?
  13. Re: Bumble Dating Site Woman Are Only Allowed To Ask Men For A Date, Men Cannot Initiate Contact

    Didn't Aristophanes do a play on this?
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    Re: Suspicious Friend Requests on Facebook

    Why on earth would anyone accept a friend request from someone who wasn't already a friend?
  15. Re: NATURE: Researchers Voice Dismay At All-Male Science Nobels by Steve Sailer

    Mostly lazier. If you have tits, you have to be a real paragon of drive and determination to not accept the free ride through life. They are out there - some have Nobel prizes - but people in general...
  16. Re: "Free" land in bumfuck nowhere, Australia

    ("Picnic at Hanging Rock" music intensifies).
  17. "Free" land in bumfuck nowhere, Australia

    Well, kinda/sorta free.
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    Re: What should women do?

    Write to your representative to have the marriage, divorce, and child custody laws fixed. Specifically, the traditional form of marriage is:

    Marriage is once, for life, between a man and a...
  19. Re: Women need to start demonstrating value again

    100% this. Feminists claim that the male role is obsolete. As always, they are 180° lying: it's the female role that is obsolete, the role of home-maker and child-raiser. It's not women that don't...
  20. Re: Man uses fake identity; Ghosts woman after 2 years

    Amazing. The have a whole parallel vocabulary specifically for lies.
  21. Re: Latest woke horse shit is "James Bond is a misogynist"

    Nothing to see, here. They have been saying this about James Bond forever. The character was written by a naval intelligence officer who was deeply involved in actually fighting and winning a war.
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    Re: Russia to start criminalizing MGTOWs (?)

    Give us back our sons.

    Restore the legal principle that the children belong to the father - not the mother - and this would right itself within a generation.
  23. Re: Happened to me: lesbian trying to play a straight girl

    FFS. Then why hadn't she already? If this roller coaster of hers was so horrible that for one week a month there was a 1 in 1000 chance she'd commit suicide any given day, after 5 years there's a 65%...
  24. Re: Robin Thicke (Blurred lines singer) gets metoo'd.

    Poignant, given the lyrics of the song, which is about how women like to make sexual advances and maintain denaibility. It's women who like the blurred lines - that way, they can play both sides....
  25. Re: Robin Thicke (Blurred lines singer) gets metoo'd.

    Robin Thicke threads merged.
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