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  1. Thread: Covid19 and MGTOW

    by Boar

    Covid19 and MGTOW

    I have been wondering how Covid19 will impact our society in the long-term. In the short-term, this crisis has revealed a lot about human nature and debunked a lot posturing by the feminists. Since...
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    Re: The Anglocunt Headsnap

    Yeah I have seen that head snap a time or two. At the time, I thought it was something about me. Now, I realize that it was cupcake's injured sense of entitlement since I was not a Chad paying her...
  3. Re: Cupcake tries to spread CornoaVirus in my area.

    And now she is going to have access to food, shelter and healthcare at the taxpayer's expense. I am beginning to believe that a return to the Dark Ages may not be such a bad thing. There were...
  4. Re: Joe biden's sexual assault accuser wants to be able to speak out without fear of 'powerful men'

    VAWA supporter gets #meooed? When you give a toddler a machine gun, no one in the vicinity is safe, including the weapons dealer....
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    Re: How to spot a Veteran of the Cock Carousel

    The easiest way to spot a veteran of the cock carousel is if they spot me. "Hey Boar, it has been a while...."
  6. Thread: Manspreading?

    by Boar

    Re: Manspreading?

    I will just tell the sloots that I am working on a down comforter and donations are appreciated.

    Fuck 'em and their efforts to shame. If there was any benefit in men working with the...
  7. Re: What Corona Virus has taught me about gender relations.

    I am not surprised. Feminism and modern media has taught an entire generation of whimyn that civility and decorum are synonymous with oppression. "Well behaved whimyn seldom make history" and...
  8. Re: This Covid19 situation shows us who really matter and who does not.

    Ah, don't discount the economic stimulus checks that are promised. After all, big daddy guv'mint is the ultimate Billy Beta. The guv'mint even thoughtfully warehouses Chads in federal prisons and...
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    Re: Can We Call Off #MeToo for the Duration?

    And if you had taken the extra effort to mentor her, your 'interest' in her ability to succeed would be 'creepy.' I totally agree, do not mentor them and do so in a distant manner. You gain no...
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    Re: Can We Call Off #MeToo for the Duration?

    I practice it all the time now. The amazing thing is how the females suddenly start orbiting trying to catch my eye. The more nonchalantly you ignore them, the faster they spin.
  11. Re: From Best Of MGTOW: MGTOW Awareness of the Actual Nature of Women

    Excellent timing on this article! I think the greatest danger is not that the laydeez will find MGTOW a threat or that men are waking up to female behavior. I believe the greatest threat is that...
  12. Re: Massachusetts Professor Charged with Raping Student

    Retroactive #metoo means that any and all associations with whimyn will be an indefinite liability to men and organizations. This is the kind of case that should be presented during the college...
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    Re: So long Joe- you've lost the male vote

    Biden's platform is based on offering elitist positions and powers to the 'oppressed genders' by excluding men. Dollars to donuts he will choose Hillary. If elected, I am sure he will suffer an...
  14. Re: Good News! Cheap Defense Against Coronavirus Available at your local Bar! Beer with Hops!

    Is this fact a direct correlation with your signature?
  15. Re: ‘Culturally insensitive’ behavior rebranded as lack of consent

    What the hell did I just read? This precedent is the most disgusting and dangerous things I have read in a long time. I just hope he wins, because if he does not, then failure to commit to a whimyn...
  16. Re: New Crisis! Chris Matthews accused of ‘inappropriately flirting’ with female guest

    Doh! Men we are missing the opportunity of the lifetime. Our fortunes will not be made with sexbots: the future is validationbots! Think on the marketing possibilities.

    Create a chad body-bot...
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    Sticky: Re: GYOW isn't Going Anywhere

    Well said, Jagr! Men afflicted by this sick society will be searching for answers--it's what we do. MGTOW needs to be visible to let them know there is another way of dealing with this screwed up...
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    Re: Veganism's Influence of Social Relationships.

    Tildae, when is your term paper due?
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    Re: Boyscouts of America files for bankruptcy

    They demand safe spaces but deny men their own spaces. The only recourse is to walk away completely and don't answer the demands to come back. We have left and we will never come back.
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    Re: Male Contraceptives and MGTOW

    I would tread very carefully in the area of male contraceptives. Abstinence or paper-trail of recurring tests that show your vasectomy is still effective are your best bets, and even these are...
  21. Thread: Why do we post?

    by Boar

    Re: Why do we post?

    I post because I am going my own way and anyone pursuing personal sovereignty in this world is going to be at odds with a hostile system. It is good to learn how others deal with these interactions...
  22. Re: Proposed Alabama law requires men undergo vasectomy at age 50

    Feminists: Load shotgun, aim at foot, pull trigger.

    If a man has a vasectomy, then it reduces (not eliminates) his potential to be hit with child support. The last thing the system wants is any...
  23. Re: Suspicious partners are using DNA 'infidelity' tests to find out if their loved ones are cheating

    It is safer, cheaper, easier and more reliable to not trust these days.
  24. Re: ‘Stashing’ Is the Latest Dating Trend That’s Honestly Worse Than Ghosting

    If you swap the genders and replace 'stashing' with 'orbiting,' you would have the female modus operandi. I guess they do not like the shoe on the other foot. But, at the same time, I doubt any of...
  25. Re: DA Says Couple Accused of Drugging and Raping Up to 1,000 Women Did No Such Thing—Ex-DA Made it All Up

    At this rate, the domestic violence industry will run out of Chads in no time. /sarc
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