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  1. Re: I'll be losing the Internet on Oct. 1st.

    Good luck with the new roommates!
  2. Re: Today I have voluntarily start taking a drug to decrease my libido

    What happened to the original post? I read it once, but don’t see it now. I don’t remember the detail on why you want to stop your sex drive, but there are other ways to deal with that other than an...
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    Re: The worst song on earth!

    First off, hats off to Northwoods Hermit…. You’ve succeeded to have this awful song reverberate in a loop in my head for about 3 days now.🤣

    Moreover, it’s dredged up some horrible memories in that...
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    Re: Can a dead nation be alive?

    🤣🤣 You should let Frog get in on the fun once in a while…
  5. Thread: Cryptos

    by Survivor64

    Re: Cryptos

    Doing the same shit where I work too. When I interviewed here 3 years ago, they never made mention of any of this nonsense. Now, it is front and center, garnering more attention than profitability or...
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    Poll: Re: rating women's looks -- I'm curious

    See nice the only conceivable situation I could ever interact with her would be P&D, She gets a 6 based on titties alone. Her face isn’t hideous; she’s not inked up or an obvious land whale. Unless...
  7. Re: The Marriage Strike: Marriage is KILLING Men | Jeff Younger | Sept 8, 2022

    I can count on one hand the amount of one hour plus vids I’ve watched in their entirety. But I finished this one. Once you get past the annoying intro / advertisement for their conference, this Jeff...
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    Re: The age of abundance

    Lol- holes in my sock toes would literally drive me crazy. That’s why I sew them up. It’s easy to do- when I’m sitting watching TV, it gives me something to do.

    As for my balls hanging out nawwww....
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    Re: The age of abundance

    I darn my socks too! That makes at least two of us. I HATE buying clothes. I make them last as long as possible. I just threw out a pair of shorts that I bought on sale at Penny’s in about 2003 for...
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    Re: Men's Group Is Against MGTOW

    “An imaginary, systemic, gynocentric bias”….
    I love how they try to discredit or deny the existence of it by calling it imaginary. Reminds me of how the fake news always prefaces election fraud...
  11. Re: This is the President I wish I could bring back from the past to be America's President today

    I’d agree. I think he was the best foreign policy president in the modern era. The type of things he was forced to resign over happen regularly in this current “presidential administration”, and are...
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    Re: $%^&ing loud dog

    Falling Down….
    One of the most under rated movies ever.
  13. Re: Student loan 'forgiveness' is a stealth bachelor tax

    Nailed it.
    Vote buying scam. Plain & simple.
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    Re: "Quiet Quitting"

    They only whip the donkeys that pull the hardest….
  15. Re: Trump may lose again in 2024. But according to sources, he may win in 2029.

    That’s a pretty bold statement considering the doddering, corrupt, incompetent Buffon that occupies the office today.

    Trump isn’t a politician. That’s the attraction. Same as the attraction to...
  16. Re: The student loan forgiveness will largely go to women

    I think too much emphasis is being put on what is wrong with the student loan process and procedures, and not enough emphasis on the fact that these schools are blatantly price gouging these kids....
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    Re: Student loans forgive

    I heard on one of the radio news shows yesterday (either Travis & Sexton or Hannity) that it is definitely income and the IRS is going to treat it as such. Part of the task list for Biden’s 87,000...
  18. Re: Trump may lose again in 2024. But according to sources, he may win in 2029.

    Truth ^^^^^^
    Fact is, most Republicans are not crazy about Trump either. He’s a threat to their cushy, entitled, corrupt (yes, some Republicans do the same kind of shit Pelosi and Hunter do) way of...
  19. Re: Trump may lose again in 2024. But according to sources, he may win in 2029.

    I would agree. However, it’ll take some convincing to get me to believe ANYONE is actually “elected” anymore. Elections here are severely manipulated.

    I would love to see Trump win in ‘24. He will...
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    Re: Student loans forgive

    It’s a perfectly timed vote buying scam. And that buffoon and his socialist, green new steal buddies need all the help they can get to keep their power.

    Never mind that I spent my entire time as a...
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    Re: Kicking my alcohol problem

    Can you imagine being married to that drunken hag jackal?!? I’d be drunk all the time too🤣
  22. Re: A shocking pattern I see from being MGTOW for decades

    I can relate to what you guys are saying. I was married / BP for 21 years. Truth be told, if she hadn’t pulled the ultimate monkey branch / divorce rape, I’d still be that same BP simp that I was....
  23. Re: My father wasted most of his savings and my inheritance

    BTW- I read the OP as his fathers UNCLE being the MGTOW legend, not the father. Just my interpretation…..
  24. Re: My father wasted most of his savings and my inheritance

    He obviously fucked up. But the injured party was him, not you. IMO, inheritance is money you should completely leave out of your personal financial plan. If you get it, fine. If not, the plan I have...
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    Re: Don't break the omerta

    I see where your acquaintance was coming from. When you get divorce raped, it puts a flamethrower to your very being. Regardless of the circumstances (mine was your typical “she’s not HAAAAAPPPY...
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