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    A Confession...

    I tried to go among them. I found the most acceptingly Reddit Sub that I could find... And I tried. I REALLY DID TRY... to couch our understanding, within their terms. I really did try. I told them...
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    So I lost my glasses...

    So I lost my glasses, because I was rather drunk. Maybe I will find them, before I have to go to work tomorrow. Maybe not. But, in recent days, I have made that Fool-Proof. And this is an Apology. I...
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    Re: A sex strike, you say?

    Same experience here. I used to fund raise for Planned Parenthood and RAINN. And when my life was in collapse, I opened up to some of my feminist allies (which is something they literally encourage...
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    Re: A sex strike, you say?

    Went on FB today for a bit, the very first post was some woman saying that they should refuse to fuck anybody and "we'll see how long they can last!"... I had to bite my tongue, because I was...
  5. Re: Alternative dwellings for independence (tiny houses, stealth vans, etc)

    Hey guys, a Fulltime Camper-dweller here. For three years, so let me give you the scoop. For the first thing, you should absolutely look up Bob Wells' on...
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    Re: Sexual Perversion and Promiscuity is Leftist

    Ermmm... Coming into this thread Late. Officially LATE IN THIS THREAD. But lemme tell you, my experience was the exact opposite. So... 6 years ago I met a mega-slut (who fucked me up so badly that I...
  7. Re: Alternative dwellings for independence (tiny houses, stealth vans, etc)

    As a full-time RV occupant. I can say that it is a hard life. Summer's are good, (if you have shade) Springs and Autumns are good. But Winter will fuck you up. HARD. I magended 3 Winter's in my RV....
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    Re: Abortion overturned!! HAHAHAAHHAA

    It's been a weird few days for me. Back in my NiceGuy days, I was really really big into abortion activism. I fundraised for Planned Parenthood and things like that. Once upon a time, I would have...
  9. Re: I'm glad I didn't grow up with a feminist mom

    My mom wasn't a feminist, but that didn't stop her from raising a fine, young NiceGuy.... and sending him straight into the dating meatgrinder. I took her to task on that, last year. She's...
  10. Re: Probably the best description of "fear of dying alone" you will ever find

    I expect to see alot more of this right here. Back in my BP days, I was pretty heavily into Paganism, and with social media came utterly massive "witch groups" on FB and other places. And I mean,...
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    Re: What is a Man?

    An hour and half of "marketing credits"... That is brilliant!
  12. Re: The Positive side of MGTOW, the happy tidbits of going your own way.

    I know this might sound a bit odd, but for me, it's mostly having a Different Perspective. Back when I was a kid, I got alot of hate for my autism... Lots of violence, being called stupid and a...
  13. Re: Wow — I didn’t realize how many women do porn nowadays….

    Nothing new. CamWhores and Golddiggers were very common on Facebook back in the day, looking for new customers/suckers. Now it's become more normalized, so more are doing it. Hell, an old ex of mine...
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    Re: The female inflation problem

    Well, one thing you might want to consider is that these woman are likely older, having hit the Wall and therefore losing their looks. At my workplace, there are very few fat people, because we all...
  15. Re: Inflation, gas prices, rents, car prices — will women start targeting men?

    Rice and beans. Peanut Butter. Chef Boyardee (excellent calories/dollar) Pasta, various sorts of chips. THINGS WITH A LONG SHELF LIFE. These are the foods that you should be investing in. Quite a...
  16. Re: Inflation, gas prices, rents, car prices — will women start targeting men?

    I don't have to imagine it, I work in a grocery store. The meat dept is getting slower and slower, I spent the last two nights basically playing on my phone. We've finally hit the point that people...
  17. Re: Inflation, gas prices, rents, car prices — will women start targeting men?

    Well, this is nothing new. Women have always targetted men as a form of debt relief. The one who cleaned me out had spent her way into a corner, and so she came after me. The only difference now is...
  18. Re: Feminist Faces Three Years In Prison For Saying Biological Men Can't Be Lesbians

    Norway is a strange place, and I'm glad I don't live there. This sounds like a travesty of justice, but it was the feminists who brought about Clown World, so when it eats them alive, I sit back and...
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    What is a Woman?

    ?Okay, so recently, Matt Walsh, of The Daily Wire, released a documentary.... "What is a Woman?" Now, while we on this forum might have our own opinion (deceiver, user, liar) It does behold us to,...
  20. Re: Another thing annoying about the "woke" shit

    Latinos and Latinas -hate- the term Latinx. Spanish is an inherently gendered language, most words have both a male and female version, to recognize the fact that there are two sexes. (Un gato = male...
  21. Re: Another thing annoying about the "woke" shit

    The way I see it, they needed a catchy term to identify with. I remember back in 2017 seeing ads on FB of camo shirts that said WOKE. It was monetized almost immediately. So in many ways, it's a...
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    Re: Imbalance of Power

    I don't disagree at all.
  23. Re: Landwhale feeding time, grab your coal shovel!

    There was a horror movie called, appropriately, FEED; that came out back in the early 2000's. It was basically about a serial killer who quite specifically fed women to death. Never saw it, but...
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    Re: Imbalance of Power

    Well, a woman bursting into tears on a first date is an excellent indicator of a personality disorder, so at least you found out early. And that's weird, why would reintroducing wolves to their...
  25. Re: Yuval Noah Harari | What To Do With All of These Useless People?

    Sounds like an asshole. And he has no idea what comprises "usefulness" on a material level. No computerized vending machine is going to replace my job, at least not within my lifetime. Sure,...
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