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  1. Re: So did every attractive girl in my high school class date a pedo?

    Even then it's only the few most popular and good looking guys they all swarm. Same old piece of code running in the background that they can never snap out of.
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    Re: What is a Woman?

    Men are creators, women are destroyers. They weaken, compromise, corrupt and subvert everything around them. In addition to that, their consciousness is taken over by mating and survival instincts to...
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    Re: Mothers Explain Why They Regret Having Kids

    Having kids sucks, it takes a special kind of Flanders to enjoy it.

    I have a friend who wanted kids his whole life and married his high school sweetheart. He has a great job, well behaved kids, a...
  4. Re: Scientific Redpills - Study finds: The uglier you are, the more your wife or girlfriend wants to fuck other men when she can get pregnant.

    It must be nice living with a cold and calculating mating algorithm. I'm not a Chad but I've had enough taken women come on to me to know I'll never be the sucker on the other side.
  5. Re: Men, What are the Traits of Alpha, and how to develop it?

    Alphaness is essentially high testosterone combined with red pill knowledge. Think of the manliest men you know, they're basically silverback gorillas in human form.

    Studies show men with the...
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    Re: "Yellowstone" Simpy characters

    Yellowstone doesn't push it much, it just shows it how it is. Distant tradcon workaholic father who raised a slut, adopted captain save-a-ho tough guy who marries her, spineless son who's a top...
  7. Re: What is more important to you, time or money/

    My goal has always been a comfortable but modest lifestyle with the least amount of effort and I've largely achieved it. Above average pay with low stress and no overtime, no debt except for a small...
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    Re: I fucking LOVE this scathing reply!

    And of course trimmed eyebrows because the hive decided several years ago that natural ones aren't OK anymore for any woman on the planet. Billions spent yearly to look like fake clowns.
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    Re: How do you deal with housekeeping?

    A small apartment, no pets, robot vacuum, dishwasher and washing machine make maintenance a non-issue. I spend maybe an hour a week on it.
  10. Re: Do any other Forum members enjoy dressing well?

    My approach is that a little goes a long way. I'll wear decent shoes, a dress shirt and a clean shave to work and social events but only functional clothing outside as I live in a cold climate. I'm...
  11. Re: Men are so deprived of basic human contact, that they no longer feel human..

    It's not much of a problem for men. Men can go out in the wild and live a happy life alone, many have done so. Women go crazy without touch though and babies can die of it.
  12. Re: "I'm So BROKEN" Woman Realizes After MANY Dates That She Is Never Going To Find Her Prince Charming

    I know some high IQ women who do try but apart from moments of lucidity hypergamy still sits at the wheel. Even the true aspie nerd types lost their virginity to some drug addict, then settled for a...
  13. Re: Many People Getting Married On February 22, 2022

    With today's divorce statistics, every little bit helps.
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    Re: Why do women do these things?

    I'd like to know the amount of money women collectively spent on trimming their eyebrows last year. Must be in the billions, seeing as how 99% of them are now insecure enough that natural eyebrows...
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    Re: Why do women do these things?

    Insecurity, greed and narcissism. Their personality is shitty so they focus on the low, base level of life: lust and materialism. Any decent man will be disgusted by it but they're a perfect match...
  16. Re: Boy accused of asking to touch girl's breast was treated like a 'monster' before suicide

    He demonstrated his low value and cluelessness by not "getting it" and overtly asking for it. Chad doesn't ask, he knows when the time is right to just do it. Even at 15, mistakes like these are...
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    Re: Sometimes when I look at 10/10 girl

    Extremely attractive women are like exotic hypercars. They're nice to look at and rent for a weekend but life is a whole lot easier without the expense and headache of owning one. Like the saying...
  18. Re: Overheard a snippet of conversation between 3 women about Valentine's Day

    Don't forget the rule of thumb: the gift had better be 50% more expensive than last year!
  19. Re: It's so easy for a sexy woman to turn on your stupid brain

    I've learned to nip it in the bud and quickly walk away from women attractive enough that I can feel my brain being taken over, even if they're throwing indicators of interest. There's a fine line...
  20. Re: Studies suggest men are happier if they never get married. Shocking!

    BetterBachelor also seems to think reading articles out loud and offering surface-level commentary is content. Colttaine is number one if you ask me.
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    Re: Alternative to Reddit? is good and it even has a MGTOW sub.
  22. Re: Are Women with tattoos are flagged as Red Flag? Because women with tattoos are considered sluts with diseases, because they often or used to have flings with Chads.

    Like someone put it, you don't see stickers on Lamborghinis.

    Large tattoos: broken and crazy, stay away. Every large tattoo represents an ordeal some thug made her go through.
    Small tattoos:...
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    Re: What even is marriage?

    If only that were true. Unfortunately STDs, unwanted pregnancies, clingy stalkers and rape accusations are a thing.
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    Re: What even is marriage?

    The downside is the abject poverty and a genocidal maniac in charge of the place. Also, the moment quality of life goes up, all those patriarchal safeguards crumble as women become stronk and...
  25. Re: When the penny finally driops for blue pillers

    I saved this for a good reminder about what I will never have to deal with, thanks.

    One of the more based examples I've read was a guy who was returning from a work trip. He called his wife to...
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