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  1. Re: New Research: #Metoo Movement Hurt Female Productivity.

    Women got amazing foresight

    >Profits from working closely with men
    >Create a environment where any unwanted attention from (unattractive) men is a crime regardless of the man's attention...
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to the Ghostly Life!

    Yooo tales of the abyss is dope! You play any other tales games?
  3. Re: How to stop caring about men's self induced gynocenteric suffering?

    People don't want to be helped, that's true. I'm learning that more and more the older I get. Once a concept/belief is held deeply in their heart and minds long enough it become a part of their...
  4. re: Oh no! The rise of lonely, single men is upon us!

    "Seek therapy, self improvement, be better"

    Get on that self improvement threadmill men, don't ya want to be accepted by a goddess? LMAO

    Theses people are crazy, it a waste of time to "self"...
  5. Re: How to stop caring about men's self induced gynocenteric suffering?

    You make a lot of good points, but the thing that gets me is that this is in ALOT of cases life and death. Men marrying women, relying on them just dealing with in deep ways. It damn near suicide
  6. How to stop caring about men's self induced gynocenteric suffering?

    Like the title says, how do I stop caring about men who keep hurting (and some times killing themselves) for women?

    There are so many men out in the world that are needlessly stuffering because...
  7. Re: Even the public libraries know what's going on

    It's 2022, the cats out of the bag baby

    Hope more men become free
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    Re: How to destroy generosity

    Sadly you simply must not interact with women any more then needed. They do not veiw men as humans being only human doings.

    Be polite but keep it brief
  9. Re: The idea that you need a woman (romantic love) to live a complete life

    Great post,

    I am slowly starting to realize what use to drives me to pursue women. It the desires for emotional closeness, sexual release, social factors(peer pressure and conditioning)

  10. Re: Change in consent laws (Australia) ie nothing actually changes.

    God thoses women are cunts, it's just ain't worth it anymore. If you need to bust just get a doll/onahole/robot pussy.

    Simple and clean
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    Re: Incels, women, life - and MGTOW

    Incels need to learn 3 things to be relatively content with life:
    1. Self love 2.self pleasure 3.apathy towards others

    If you can love yourself (emotional support the self), can fuck...
  12. Re: Domestic Violence Injustice and The Second Set of Books

    Suffering, strength, change and progress

    Society value theses things way too much, sometimes you got check out. It doesn't matter if other think of you. It only what you want. Some people want to...
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    Re: Fathers' obsession with daughters

    That pretty legit, I need to start setting those types of boundaries.

    On point two that's also something I noticed too, when things go right it's a team win, if things go wrong it all on you
  14. Re: when "let's be friends" upset you, you weren't being an asshole

    lol that's why I don't have virtually any female friends. The two that I have are very casual online "friends" or most so acquaintances.

    Either way, I don't put much value into those...
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    Re: Fathers' obsession with daughters

    Most men are in the G.A.M program,
    As soon as a boy show secondary sexual characteristics they are left to defend for themselves. No help with school, driving or anything other important adult...
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    Re: "Momlife" blowing up.

    Jesus Christ,
    Thanks God I went mgtow

    Women are a job that doesn't pay
  17. Re: There's no point in being friendly with women. Because if you do, she's act uncomfortable. And later who knows, she might sue you for a creep.

    Unless she in retail or she an user I have to (tech) support I simply play women no attention.

    It's like they do not exist to me anymore then any other object like a pillar or chair.

  18. Re: "Hey, wait a minute! The wealthy men don't want to get married."

    Lol Women are an anti-asset, the more you invest the more you stand to lose.
  19. Re: What's your thoughts on why most men cannot live without women

    Seeing all the comments, it seems like a lot of guys got it figured out about women but then again this is a mgtow forum.

    What are the elements or factors allow us to see female nature for what it...
  20. Re: Lack of accountability, Sky News discusses that women are at greater risk of not meeting retirement goals

    Lol Australia is a man hating land, this is par for the course.

    Hope the blokes there leave them to rot in self inflicted porverty
  21. Re: Pickup Artist Arrested! Multiple women accused 'Scrubs' producer Eric Weinberg of sexual abuse for years before arrest

    Another reason to just get a doll or pocket pussy. Cheaper, no hassle and you can move on with your life not worryong about these burdens in human form
  22. Re: What's your thoughts on why most men cannot live without women

    I understand if that's the case if female nature wasn't widely known. But for God sakes the women are twerking on TikTok talking about how much they hate and use men.

    At some point they got to...
  23. Re: Football Player Who Was Cleared For Killing Tinder Date After Sex Back Playing Football

    Generally speaking the law only applies to people who attack/rob/kill etc someone with more social value then the suspect (a guys smokes a girl vs low status male)

    That being said, it a bad idea...
  24. Re: What's your thoughts on why most men cannot live without women

    Sorry I should have said pua instead of red pill,
    Not every red piller is a pua. All though a lot of them seem to be, at least on youtube

    As for "longng" it basically as you said, sex and...
  25. Re: Captain Feed-A-Ho No More! Post Wall Matchmakers Explain Why They H@te Coffee Dates

    Solo coffee dates are so much fun,
    I like ice vanilla lattes!

    What's everyone favorite type of coffee?
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