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  1. Re: How to stop caring about men's self induced gynocenteric suffering?

    This a wonderful and articulated way of saying;

    "Don't be a Captain-Save-A-Ho"

    but, at the same time;

    "Don't be a Captain-Save-A-Simp either"
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    Re: How to destroy generosity

    Personally, I couldn't care less about women and their never ending drama. I only interact with them when I have no other choice. I don't hate them or feel disgusted by them, I'm just completely...
  3. Even the public libraries know what's going on

    If the young guys on this forum need any more confirmation...
  4. Re: I wouldn't want a feminist to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen

    This is one solution...
  5. Re: Social Media Model arrested for murder, accused of stabbing her boyfriend to death

    Hi there all eligible bachelors. Your dreams are coming true. I'm ready to settle down. Can you spoil me and provide for me now?
  6. Re: I wouldn't want a feminist to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen

    How to confuse a feminist?

    Tell her she's not allowed to make you a sandwich.
  7. Re: One of the guys here suggested I go camping by myself to do masculine stuff like skills.

    Regardless of what gear you buy/bring, being in the wilderness with no cell reception, starting and maintaining a controlled fire, surviving the elements while feeding yourself, enjoying the solitude...
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    Re: Quiz: Identify the creepy statements

    The best statement is the statement of silence. Just go about your day and interact with women as little as possible.
  9. Re: "Hey, wait a minute! The wealthy men don't want to get married."

    ha ha ha :)
  10. Re: There is no equivalent of "dressing slutty" for men

    Living in the SF Bay Area I have to let you know that gay men do exactly that. But I guess they would be considered the women in those relationships.
  11. Re: "Hey, wait a minute! The wealthy men don't want to get married."

    Investing money in a woman is like investing money in a depreciating asset that will never stop depreciating through its lifetime. By the time she inevitably leaves, you don't even get your starting...
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    Re: Who do you trust?

    A true and time tested saying is: "Two people can keep a secret, if one of them is dead"

    Bottom line is, if you don't want your shit to be common knowledge, don't tell ANYONE. Even your friends...
  13. Re: I preach it but don't fully understand it- Women's need for attention.

    Girls, from birth, are fawned over by their fathers, and everyone else, constantly. They grow up being told that they're princesses and that they're entitled to everything the world has to offer....
  14. Thread: Joke Time

    by Chris007

    Re: Joke Time

    A old man was asked how he kept his marriage going after all these years.

    "The secret to our successful marriage is that we go to a romantic candlelit dinner once a week"

    "I go on Tuesdays and...
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    Re: I was at a Walmart yesterday...

    I saw what you did there :)
  16. Re: Captain Feed-A-Ho No More! Post Wall Matchmakers Explain Why They H@te Coffee Dates

    "It's not my fault that I'm over weight. It's a genetic thing and it runs in my family."

    "Darling, NOBODY runs in your family."
  17. Re: The Mega Millions Jackpot Is Past The $1 Billion Mark

    I would buy a modest 3 br house sitting high up on a hill with sweeping views. Put a nice car in the garage. And then travel the world most of the year.
  18. Re: 61% of US women say Feminism describes them well (Blackpill)

    Feminism is a wonderful vehicle for women to feel independent, break out on their own, and realize very fast how much they actually need men for their survival.
  19. Re: What's your thoughts on why most men cannot live without women

    Sexual drive, societal pressure, family pressure, peer pressure, low self esteem, need for external validation. These are extremely difficult for a lot of men to overcome. Then you have Disney...
  20. Re: Captain Feed-A-Ho No More! Post Wall Matchmakers Explain Why They H@te Coffee Dates

    I do coffee dates too. But I'm the only one showing up because I'm the only one invited.
  21. Re: There aren't a hundred different genders, and saying so is not bigotry

    If there's a law that mandates that I have to use a pronoun of someones choice, I will immediately change my preferred pronoun to "My Daddy".
    Every time I'm referenced, they will have to address me...
  22. Thread: Team Woman

    by Chris007

    Re: Team Woman

    Virtue signaling or not, Team Woman is rapidly wearing out their welcome, and a societal correction is fast approaching. When enough is enough, it'll get ugly.
  23. Re: Are you ever treated as less than for not being married?

    I'm on the cusp of being too old for people to necessarily care whether I'm in a relationship or not but if anyone brings that up to me, my answer would simply be:

    "Thanks for your concern but I...
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    Re: Sexual independence

    Post nut clarity is a wonderful thing. It keeps your head straight and your thoughts clear. What I started to experience in the last few months is Pre nut clarity. I'm at the point of not having to...
  25. Re: Stories: Next-level Nagging and Condescension on Dating Apps

    Excellent post Meursault.
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