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    Re: Test Girlfriend's Honesty and Loyalty?

    So one can get fake scratchers made? I never knew...
  2. Re: Bill Cosby "Free at last, free at last"

    Taking on the race hustlers came at a steep price.
  3. Re: Sir Nick Faldo marries fourth wife: Golfing legend 'ties the knot with former topless dancer who has six ex-husbands and a drug conviction'

    Lurkers, please learn from the mistakes of others.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Bill gates divorce

    I'm not sure BG was involved in CP/M. He was, as I recall from reading accounts, was involved with the development of BASIC interpreters one or more of which probably ran on CP/M.

    Wikipedia has...
  5. Re: ‘I’m an intersectional cisgender Millennial woman of color’: CIA goes full woke in widely mocked promo video

    That is assuming that the CIA was actually intent on combating Marxism rather than promoting it.
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    Re: MGTOW are woman haters!

    mgtower, you're asking for introspection and agency. It'd be easier to get the sun to rise in the west!
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    Re: Bill gates divorce

    He is a liar and a thief. Both are well documented so it is not slander to state that.

    This divorce is just another ploy, another lie, another way to steal, exactly why we've yet to learn. ...
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    Re: Artificial Wombs News

    It appears repetitive to us as those letters were collected by the early church and assembled into the epistles we know today. When they were written, mostly by Paul but also Peter and John and...
  9. Re: China: Nationalists Smash Cyber Network of Feminists and Foreign Backed "Social Justice Warriors

    The Chinese Communist Party is quite likely happy to foment this lunacy in the west but will have none of it coming back on them.
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    Re: Artificial Wombs News

    There have been a few mentions of faith in this thread. To not belabor the point, I am a Christian with all of the moral instruction that entails to give a background of my thoughts.

  11. Re: What you really need to be afraid of when you get in an airplane (Female Pilot or 'Traffic Control?)

    Doesn't matter to me any more as I'm on my own personal Do Not Fly list!
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    Re: Is this song MGTOW worthy?

    Oh, yeah, I have the last lines memorized and started singing them! :D
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    Re: The Four Marriage Questions

    The husband? What does he matter? As they say in that world, "Happy wife, happy life." There are no other concerns.
  14. Re: BIDEN: “There’s Not a Single Thing a Man Can Do That a Woman Can’t Do as Well or Better – Not a Single Thing” (VIDEO)

    Maybe it's just me, but I think men can piss on a camp fire from a safer distance.
  15. Re: SATIRE - Powerful: Military To Allow Troops To Replace Camo With Colors Of Their Gender Identity Flag

    The problem is that today it's the Bee and tomorrow the Washington Post.

    Clown World is accelerating at the speed of light.
  16. Re: Why do married men try to set you up with a woman?

    Fresh out of high school and a drinking buddy set me up with his cousin. It went okay but she was still in high school and suddenly my next year of life was being roadmapped and scheduled around HER...
  17. Re: "Why date a single mother?" Twitter Post Slammed by 'Conservatives'

    I came to that conclusion about 20 years before ever learning about MGTOW. In other words, about the time I turned 30 I realized that the dating market was becoming heavily skewed toward the unwed...
  18. Re: In Which Sports Can Women Compete With Men? Steve Sailer . . .

    I enjoy women doing the breast stroke but some cheat by using their arms!
  19. Re: Original Gangsta of Nacho's mgtow forums checking in. I'M BACK!!!

    I recognize the avatar, at least. Good to hear from you and that you're doing well.
  20. Re: I think Tomi Lahren is on a bullet train headed for the wall

    So, she got what she asked for? Hmm.

    No fucks given.
  21. Re: Women now accuse masked men of "hard staring"

    I howled when I heard Rush mention that yesterday.

    What utter nonsense.

    No matter what, some woman somewhere is going to prattle on about her "victimhood". :rolleyes:
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    Re: Keeping house

    Years back a gal I was seeing would throw that shit out there that she was sooooo "exhausted"...

    Yeah, she has a job sitting on her ass for eight hours a day pushing paper, doing data entry in a...
  23. Re: The worst kind of relationship (a.k.a. I tried to warn my friend, now he has to deal with it)

    I've no experience but that must be much of what it would be like to be in a relationship with a woman who is a star singer or actress. Those seldom seem to last long and the guy always seems to ban...
  24. Re: I decided to divorce Amber Heard when she defecated in our bed: Johnny Depp calls his ex-wife a 'narcissistic sociopath'

    Just remember, no matter how hot she is, somewhere some guy is tired of her shit!
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    Re: Do you live in the 3rd world ?

    No, I don't live in the third world, at least not by the classical political definition. As Manfred notes, I was long in that 80% of men and I counted it as a curse and now see it as a blessing...
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