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    It’s all about control.

    I remember from years ago (and every day since) ads promoting the feminist message:- ‘It’s your life, take control of it’ or some such.

    Bravo. I applaud this sentiment.

    But somehow ‘take...
  2. Re: Grown woman avoids jail after sexual contact with minor

    Emotional Maturity?

    I'm in my mid-fifties and so associate within a similar age group (40's - death).

    In order to mature, one must know what's happening and question it. Arrive at the same...
  3. Re: Need a Date? Woman sentenced for recording herself sexually abusing boyfriend as he died

    Some are in to both halves, or so I hear. Wouldn't know that much about it myself (I swear. Then again I'm an atheist!).

    Masochist: Beat me, whip me!

    Sadist: No!
  4. Thread: Vagenda

    by Jackoff


    Possibly one to add, I haven't seen it listed here.

    Vagenda: An agenda based purely on the notion that one has a vagina.
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    Re: Ace Francis checking in

    Kinda depends on what you mean by MGTOW. Are they aware of the term? Probably not. Are they living the life? Yes they are. Makes them MGTOW to me whatever terminology one would put on it.

  6. Re: It's calibrate woman's history month! OMG, I'm gonna faint!

    Yes. Yes I am. Can't be dealing with this shit anymore because that's what it is - shit!

    In a similar vein we had Gay Pride Day. Then it was Gay Pride Weekend. Then week, month etc.

    I just...
  7. Re: Need a Date? Woman sentenced for recording herself sexually abusing boyfriend as he died

    Ah, that makes more sense. Then again she's into S&M - she might like it...
  8. Re: Article: What the Luddites Really Fought Against

    It's not the technology but how it's used.

    Also, I love seeing terminology that is used to put people in to boxes being destroyed like this. Much too much of that pigeon-holing going on theses...
  9. Re: Need a Date? Woman sentenced for recording herself sexually abusing boyfriend as he died


    The restoration of the English monarchy? You want to make her a queen? Whew, life would certainly be interesting - for a while.
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    Re: Meltdown or gynocentric madness, you decide.

    I think it was staged, but whichever is true you still make interesting points.

    Wrong for him and his career, yes. No-one else would hire him if he was likely to out them too. But right in...
  11. Re: Need a Date? Woman sentenced for recording herself sexually abusing boyfriend as he died

    From the article:

    So this was no one-off incident!

    Personally, I can't think of a punishment severe enough for this piece of garbage.
  12. Re: Facebook “fact checked” My Parody Post


    I think you have stumbled upon something here.

    Fact checking a parody?

    Parody by it's very nature is comedic statement, usually against the general narrative.

    Cut out stories because...
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    Re: Hey guys, I'm Cable.

    Please elaborate.

    To me, an ACE is someone on the top of his game. To describe yourself as a HETEROSEXUAL ACE implies abundant success with with the opposite sex.

    And yet you say you've never...
  14. Re: Woman goes blind after having the whites of her eyes tattooed black

    Okay, but i'm unaware of any that are disallowed either:

    Seems to me they don't give a shit unless there's a...
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    Re: "Manosphere" Attacks on MGTOW

    Again I wished my life had taken a different route.

    But, living in a city you can say that ("Fuck the rules, and the rulers!"), you can think that, and for a while you can even do that...
  16. Re: Feminism is becoming the fictional patriarchy that never was

    Indeed they walk a fine line. Go this way piss off one crowd, go another and alienate another group.

    Many of them get behind the latest craze then get caught in their own web of inflection and...
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    Re: Reddit: DivorcedDads - "Boy was I stupid"

    I am not a parent and have never been in this position, so I can only surmise - please forgive my ignorance.

    I would think that a dad, having been separated from his kids and seeing those kids...
  18. Re: SATIRE: Disney Announces New Movie Telling Sympathetic Feminist Origin Story Of Xenomorph Queen

    And within this confusion lies the sword with which to cut us down. At some stage they (.gov or PTB, whichever term you wish to place on it) just says: to hell with it - ban it all! Because neither...
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    Re: Keep paying up lads!

    Pussy and pussy, together in harmony!
  20. Thread: Paranoid? Me?

    by Jackoff

    Paranoid? Me?

    Sure why would I be?

    Maybe this should be put in ‘rant’, but I’ll leave that to the mods.

    Did ya see this one today:

    First look inside Amazon's checkout-free grocery store as it opens in UK...
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    Re: Keep paying up lads!

    Agreed. I think.

    Most of the legislation isn’t really gender biased, in fact they go to great lengths these days to avoid such terminology and that is part of the problem. One cannot specify the...
  22. Re: Woman goes blind after having the whites of her eyes tattooed black

    You and me both.

    What the hell are these people doing to themselves? And why? We know women are attention seekers but...
  23. Re: How Long Until They Come For (Sexist) Darwin? By Steve Sailer

    They’re coming for everything, make no mistake.

    As time goes on, if these c&nts aren’t stopped they will strip us of every piece of art and literature and social well-being we hold dear; and...
  24. Thread: Gidday GYOW

    by Jackoff

    Re: Gidday GYOW

    Explanation accepted.

    Understand that on occasion we get people coming here trying to exploit us to aid their business. It has nothing to with MGTOW to them; they just sense a market even though...
  25. Re: OK, Who Gets The Child Support Bill? Gay poly throuple makes history, lists 3 dads on a birth certificate

    I’m confused!

    Nothing new there then.

    So, if a man has two female partners (3 in all) he’s a bigamist, but if three men get together they’re called a Gay poly throuple? A couple, but with...
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