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  1. Re: My Bitch Cousin Sent Me A Wedding Invite In The Mail

    She just wants you to provide either cash or a present, that's all they want.
  2. Re: Do any of you have exes who are criminals?

    My ex pulled a handgun on a neighbor who she had been arguing with. That lawyer cost a lot however at the court hearing after she filed for a protection order to get me out of the house and I...
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    Re: I found my dreamgirl...again!

    In my experience, they're all hookers. Just want different things in return for sex. The only honest one is the one who expects paying when you enter the room and gives a good performance in the hope...
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    Re: A tutorial about marriage and divorce

    I certainly don't hate women. Distrust them, yes. Very cautious, yes. Hate? Certainly not. I do enjoy some nice pussy from time to time but when I've finished, they leave.
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    Re: Women in the military

    Not to mention how sexist it is that women may have to register for Selective Service in the future. Fancy that, there's a down side to equality and they don't like it.
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    Re: The Four Marriage Questions

    and when she's changed him and split him off from his friends, family and support network, complain he isn't the man she fell in love with and divorce him.
  7. Re: Infighting in the Left

    The accusations of pollution are just a cover, their aim is to destroy capitalism.
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    Re: Is this song MGTOW worthy?

    I think this is a close second. Money by the Flying Lizards
  9. Re: New Crisis: I’m dating a married man. He made me the beneficiary on a $100K life-insurance policy. Could his wife sue to claim this money?

    Back when I was married my I suggested to my wife that we take advantage of the subsidised life insurance offered by the company. We filled out the forms and gave consent forms to our doctors for...
  10. Re: BIDEN: “There’s Not a Single Thing a Man Can Do That a Woman Can’t Do as Well or Better – Not a Single Thing” (VIDEO)

    Is she still angry about losing her teams lawsuit for the women's team being paid less than the men's? Strange that when it turned out that the women were paid more than the men they went quiet, no...
  11. Re: Curfew for men discussed during House of Lords debate

    Mgtower is absolutely correct. This is a warning of their mindset and how they solve problems. The simple fact that the definition of a criminal is that they don't obey the law and so they wouldn't...
  12. Re: Need a Date? Woman sentenced for recording herself sexually abusing boyfriend as he died

    Little known fact, the word queen and the word whore both came from from the same root word.
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    Re: They Never Learn: All Stick and No Carrot

    If we're being made fun of by women's groups then that's a good thing, it means we're worrying them.
  14. Re: Death of Marriage, Slow at First Then All at Once

    Death of Marriage, hope so. I have a colleague who is a lesbian, 29 years old, 2nd divorce has just come through and is planning her 3rd marriage. Epic breakdowns over minor problems.
  15. Re: New Crisis: Why your swiping behavior on dating apps might be racist

    I came across an article today that stated that non-whites cannot be racist, they are "racially cautious". Sounds like a double standard describing rape as surprise sex.
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    Re: How many friends do you have?

    I have several women who think they're my friend. It's necessary camouflage to fly under the radar at work and socially.
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    Re: How necessary are a woman’s looks?

    In my mid 50's I'm at that wonderful age where the women I found attractive in my youth and wouldn't give me a second look now find me very attractive. I now won't give them a second look, they...
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    Re: Happy Valentine's Day

    you spend that and you still don't get any action.
  19. Re: Bumble Dating Site Woman Are Only Allowed To Ask Men For A Date, Men Cannot Initiate Contact

    I wish my family was. When my mother had spent all my father's money she moved on. My sisters said that she had the right to be happy. When my youngest sister's husband cheated on her, I reminded her...
  20. Re: Daily Disaster: Tinder one-night-stand that turned into a nightmare: My date pretended to be pregnant, wore a fake baby bump and lied about me being a deadbeat dad before faking miscarriage

    The thing I don't understand in our modern equal society ( no laughing at the back) how a couple can get drunk and the man can be charged with rape because the woman couldn't consent but the woman...
  21. Re: IOC admits Yoshiro Mori’s comments about women were ‘inappropriate’

    Women don't understand the value of silence and so have to fill the void up with noise.
  22. Re: Daily Disaster: Tinder one-night-stand that turned into a nightmare: My date pretended to be pregnant, wore a fake baby bump and lied about me being a deadbeat dad before faking miscarriage

    Unless things have changed since I left the UK in 2003, there is no law that says a woman can be guilty of raping a man.
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    Re: Let The Entertainment Begin

    Seeing my employers are Federal contractors, does that mean I can wear speedos to work now? That would definitely fit in with the non conforming clothes to gender stereotype part.
  24. Re: As Stimulus Checks Mortgage Country's Future, Top Dems Draft Plan to Make Gov't Giveaways Permanent

    This is what pisses me off, it's people who work hard like me who are paying for people to stay at home.
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    Re: Im no longer homeless please read

    You've got the start and shown that you're self reliant. Now to get yourself back up and going and you owe people jack shit.
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