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  1. Re: Incontinent Ex-Trans Man Sues Over Penis Removal, Predicts an 'Avalanche' of Court Cases

    I am so sick of and fed up with these pro tranny messages you see everywhere. The more they push for acceptance (while not acting normal in the first place, they want to, NEED to, be special), the...
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    The Avalanche won the Stanley Cup

    Ahh gentlemen, I know I am a few days late with this topic, but I was celebrating hard last Monday when I checked up on and finding out that my favorite hockey franchise, the Colorado...
  3. Re: "I Got With A Guy From Harvard And Then..." Why Men Are Leaving These Girls Behind

    Speaking about that, I forgot the name of the black guy who talked and walked around, filming nature while telling us about something he experienced that day, or a fun memory, or just basically...
  4. Re: When did this "mother of all problems" love music began?

    That's what I like about metal, over 95% of it is NOT about pussy :D
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    Re: Abusive mother gets a free pass in Spain

    Jesus fucking Christ...
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    Re: The female inflation problem

    And gotta have the 666 thing going on (six ft or taller, six figure income, sixpack) because she's a queen, nay, a GODDESS, who deserves the best of the best! :D

    Yet if men demand a VERY low...
  7. Re: At Last! A movie that celebrates Masculinity! Top Gun: Maverick

    Or just download it from a torrent site :)
  8. Re: Latest Woke backfire, controversy over age gap in 30 year old Jurassic Park film.

    "cultural awareness about the patriarchy"

    Lol. Also she's NEVER been attractive to me, especially not since I saw her in Inland Empire, that movie is terrifying :D
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    Re: is my home ip blocked?

    That's really odd, but I'm glad it's fixed! If you were still having problems I would have suggested using the Opera browser with its built-in VPN service, or going to and picking a...
  10. Re: Wife fills husbandís phone with child porn in plan to get custody of kids, OKlahoma cops say

    She will accuse you of cheating on her while at the same time protect her own phone like a lioness protecting her cub, because how dare you even suggest that she's hiding things from you.
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    Re: Here's a film that may be of interest.

    The link shows me nothing, must be because I have a couple of adblocks running.
  12. Re: Yuval Noah Harari | What To Do With All of These Useless People?

    Why isn't someone "unaliving" all these assholes?
  13. Re: I'm not sure if these people just tried to downplay cheating

    Yeah, I'm only on it to get some extra info and opinions on the Dutch top football league, a handful of games and a book series or two, that's all.
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    Re: "Yes Dear", the secret to a happy marriage

    That picture is heart breaking. Luckily, I've never been that man. My first gf once asked me to hold her purse because she wanted to check something out and I said no. She got this... look in her...
  15. Re: Wife fills husbandís phone with child porn in plan to get custody of kids, OKlahoma cops say

    Both should be put in prison for as long as the man would have if the story was true. But we all know they'll get off with a slap on the wrist because of the evil Patriarchy and whatnot, right?
  16. Re: So... We should talk about Mrnstruation....

    Have a good sleep my man.
  17. Re: So... We should talk about Mrnstruation....

  18. Re: Dudes, watch out, inflation has put a target on our backs

    And then the police shows up to your door because you sexually harrassed them in public or even raped them because you didn't give them attention.
  19. Re: Dudes, watch out, inflation has put a target on our backs

    My parents sigh when I show up for the weekly dinner at their place wearing jogging pants, because "you do want to look after your appearances, don't you? You look like a slob!" and I just chuckle...
  20. Re: Does the Western Lifestyle Put Their Own Societies on the Path to Extinction?

    I can't say I feel ashamed about being European, but I do feel shame about all the fucking leftist lunatics who are more than happy with the invasion of muzzies and Africans. They cheer for the big...
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    Re: Ph.D in Gender Studies

    Just shows you that men are better at being women than women, lol.
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    Re: How do you deal with housekeeping?

    I rent an apartment and live on my own, have four birds as pets, and two of them (cockatiels) can get pretty messy; there's feathers, dandruff and seeds all over the floor every day, and often I'm...
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    Re: Crazy assumptions
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    I fucking LOVE this scathing reply!

    It may have been posted before, but this burn is epic :D
  25. Re: When a woman at work asks what you did over the weekend, what do you say?

    "Sat on ass all weekend, watched TV, drank myself into a stupor."
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