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    Re: Let's talk about Ukraine.

    Apparently Putin talking about bio-labs in Ukraine wasn't hoax, hasn't been admitted fully yet just like the Wuhan lab & Eco Alliance, but there are labs that the US doesn't want to fall into...
  2. Poll: Re: What will be the worse kind of problems for Mgtows in the near future

    Financial independence for myself, problems wise keep a firearm handy in your home should it be needed - words can solve any minor issues.

    Death isn't much of a deterrent, living in perpetual...
  3. Re: /r/conservative addressing MGTOW reality

    Libs tend to embrace feminism, Conservatives tend to stick to the trad-cuck roles of worker man, stay at home mother.
    Feminism or Tradcuck - both are sides of same coin, women couldn't care less...
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    Re: Freedom Convoy 2022

    Lol, have one of these too.
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    Biden's Latest Dept. of Energy Hire

    So, unlike CPRA usual posts - this sadly is NOT satire...


    The Biden administration’s latest Department of Energy hire is a “queer activist” who brags about his “kink” of leading other...
  6. Re: Bra Allergy? Irritable Boob Syndrome?

    Can google "Boobs" and get 1+ mill results, it's just fat stored in breasts & bottom that our mind is conditioned to find appealing evolutionary wise - nothing special.

    Not sure if this an actual...
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    Re: MGTOW as an Animal Migration.

    The Apex scavenger description I found quite fitting, take what you can from the arguably decaying husk of society in order to sustain yourself and move on - gonna file away that term for future use....
  8. Re: Bra Allergy? Irritable Boob Syndrome?

    I can't provide much advice without said picture of breasts/
  9. Re: In case you didn't know being born male was a mental illness: Mascupathy

    I'm afraid feminine traits have nothing to do with building civilization & society to where it is today.
    Throw a few history books at their face and call it a day on their toxic femininity that...
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    Re: PrisPeck

    Well, you'd have to be pretty vapid to order fake instagram likes & subscribers... Box was probably on point hah.
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    Re: Trucker Carlson!

    The irony is not lost upon me with the 2 faced lies & hypocritical treatment of peaceful protests vs riots & looting - disgusting politicians with 0 backbone, not surprising sadly.
  12. Re: Pfizer admits in Confidential Documents that its Covid-19 Vaccine may cause Vaccine-Associated Enhanced Disease; and real-world data now proves it definitely does

    Yep, man I have seen some really weird headlines coming out.

    Drip feeding the public minor truths to avoid raising too much public outcry little by little, month by month.

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    Re: Redpill to Whitepill?

    Depends how you define it, red-pill in some aspects is also still associated with PUA's and whatnot - understanding the/ or some truths of the actual female nature and how society has been lying to...
  14. Re: I was worried, we're still a violent hate group, but now we're creating a "Helicoptarian Constitocracy".

    Majority of MGTOW just live part of society and never voice their affiliation period. Reap all the benefits at no extra cost, looks nothing but some hate-mongering article trying to associate the...
  15. Re: Need advice: I broke up with a woman I was dating due to multiple redflags that I noticed

    A GF would lead to marriage & kids that would be the end goal, look up marriage & divorce statistics, chew on the costs and make a rational decision based on the facts.
    If the goal is physical...
  16. Re: Father cries for help: After spousal and child support, I don’t earn enough money for food

    He can try fleeing the country, quitting work and get free housing + food in prison or check out early as a last resort, I don't see any other options?

    Depends how long he has to slave away paying...
  17. Re: Tucker Carlson/ Joe Rogan/ White House censorship.

    Not sure how trying to Alex Jones the most popular podcast is a good idea, seems the leftards are just out of ideas now that their ole reliable shaming tactics & viewership is down the shitter.
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    Re: Freedom Convoy 2022

    It's been funny watching it unfold so far, quality content & Libs crying over people that are protesting for their freedom, quite the cognitive dissonance.
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    Re: A red pilled story

    I've seen a nice compilation of this type of stupidity, hard to feel any pity it's just so utterly ridiculous.
  20. Re: What would you do with in mid-30s with 500K net worth?

    I would retire, throw some into investments and live off interest the rest of my life, easy.
  21. Re: Are Women with tattoos are flagged as Red Flag? Because women with tattoos are considered sluts with diseases, because they often or used to have flings with Chads.

    Whether they have tattoo's or not makes no difference, waste of time either way.
  22. Poll: Re: Is RAPE the most overrated crime ?

    Isn't this just simple, the crime is that it's *forced* / unwanted, doesn't matter how many times the victim slept with the town of their own free will.

    Lol, I've seen photo's of those trains in...
  23. Re: Judge Offers Enlistment in Lieu of Prison Sentence

    Yea, it's hella badass for sure - I'm sure the US has some sort of equivalent who knows, no doubt there is a minority of women that are actually physically fit and wouldn't just get pregnant before...
  24. Re: Biden predicts Russia will invade Ukraine

    Last I recall, the US gets all of it's heavy duty high-tech computer chips manufactured in Taiwan - North America doesn't have the facilities to create them by themselves but they have started to...
  25. Re: Judge Offers Enlistment in Lieu of Prison Sentence

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