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  1. Re: Wake-Up Call to Men: Leykis Letter - "Open Letter to my Wife"

    Thank you for sharing. In leu of the latter parts his definition of fidelity of acting in good faith. I find it profound and well enlightening. They try keeping us to their standards while in truth...
  2. Re: I'd rather betray the world, than let the world betray me.

    An addition to the teaching would "Yet I will never betray myself"
  3. Thread: Ghost hobbies?

    by Faridle

    Re: Ghost hobbies?

    I do the following for recreation.
    1. Archery aka strenght training.
    2. Biking.
    3. Reading all from Ron Howard pulp really like Conan and Solomon Kane to philosophy preferably stoicism.
    4. I like...
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    Re: Accepting That You Don't Have a Country Anymore

    Yeah it more and more seems like we live Globalistan. And no sense of identity, value, creed nor patriotism only consume and consume.
  5. Re: G'day guys, another reddit refugee checking in...

    Welcome, fellow reddit refugee, This place looks better, more ordered with categories, Iam from the Feminazi state of Norway. Hope you are doing well in Down Under.
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