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  1. Re: It's like feminists are recruiting for MGTOW

    The entitlement in this one is strong.
    Prime example of AWALT.

    Ridin' that carousel while expecting the good guy to pick up the tab and give nothing in return.

    I see many cats in her future,...
  2. Re: Don't beat yourself up if you used to simp on women

    That's EXACTLY how I was raised and taught.
    Did the white knight thing, orbited, thought exactly what you posted IRT respecting and valuing et al, almost a total simp.
    Did ANY of that get me...
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    Re: Where are all the mgtow men gone?

    Now a little friendly advice for you:
    I would strongly suggest you do an intro and post it in the New Members Intro section, and also read the Principles section as well.

    Those of us who have...
  4. Re: This broad....I NEED to respond (it's in my feed on another social network) - looking for suggestions

    Translation: She wants to run a group that turns men into feminist simps.

    I'm not sure I'd respond to her message...not likely to end well.
  5. Re: I really can't tell who's more pathetic...

    Ah, I see what you're saying now.
    That man would be condemned by the usual suspects, lose his career, probably get sued into oblivion,
    run out on a rail and tarred and feathered to boot.

  6. Re: One of my last dates before turning MGTOW....

    Funny how things work out that way.
    I've experienced the same exact thing a couple of times with the same results IRT the wimmens involved.

    The funniest part for me was how these same women that...
  7. Re: Vax-injured Living in Hell on Earth with Unbearable Suffering, Ignored By Government

    Oh, it works alright, just not the way the public expected.
  8. Re: Vax-injured Living in Hell on Earth with Unbearable Suffering, Ignored By Government

    Suicide? Or is it a variation of Arkancide?
  9. Re: Which, if any, of these actions would you call immoral?

    I'd consider 3 and 6 to be immoral (from a biblical POV) for BOTH man & woman.
    Unethical? I'd have to say not on any of them, even the PUA, given the mindset of the average woman, the guy is just...
  10. Re: Different MGTOW strategies depending on whether you're introverted or extroverted

    I'm quite high on the introverted side.
    That cabin in the Alaskan forest appeals to me.

    I don't need any close human interaction; online (like this forum) is good enough, hence the "Hermit" part...
  11. Re: How do I feel about this situation?

    Sounds like you were lured, or being lured back to the plantation.
    You're allowing yourself to be "validated" by this female...don't do that.

    The last thing you want to do is work for her....
  12. Re: ...and I thought the last article I posted was cuckery

    Quite possible, though I'm more inclined to think that husbanks' hair is also the result of what wifeee wanted...seen that s#it many times.

    Very true with MSN and Huffcompost, plus the rest of...
  13. ...and I thought the last article I posted was cuckery

    This husbank is a total cuck, but wifey is happeeee.
    After all, she deserves to be.

    In my younger BP daze, I was a cuck, I admit it...but there's no way on Gods' green Earth I would've put up...
  14. Re: I really can't tell who's more pathetic...

    I know your question is rhetorical, but I'll answer it anyways....chirping of crickets, (other than the obvious gold digging).

    As for my own view, like I said in my first post: to each their own....
  15. I really can't tell who's more pathetic...

    Seems some of these OLD gurls just don't want to jump off that carousel.
    Cher's more than double of this super simps' guys' age.
    Claims that older men just don't like her...hmmmm.

    But hey,...
  16. Re: Calling all men: this is what we can do to help women feel safe exercising in the dark

    Kinda smells of tuna or simp-a.
    Two one-line posts and both with LOL-lypops?

    Probably another salesman, kinda fits the pattern, other than 5 posts within minutes of each other.
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    Re: TBP Ideology Is alive and well.

    The Blue Pill
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    Re: Sometimes you roll snake eyes

    She's just a ridin' that rooster roller coaster.
    'round and 'round she goes
    where she'll stop, nobody knows.

    If I were Styles, I'd be counting my blessings.
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    Re: Society forcing their norms on me.

    Other than the political climate (Castro Jr. aka Trudeau), and if you can live with the cold and snow in the winter, it is First world.
    Not much different than the U.S.
    Also not nearly as crowded...
  20. Re: What is your analysis of this song?

    Most of these musicians sing songs that have nothing to do with themselves personally.
    If they believe the song will be popular, they go with it.
    Follow the $$$$$.
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    Re: 48 Laws of Power, BDSM, & Here

    Don't feel bad. I don't believe Guy with 2'(or is it 2"...sorry, couldn't resist) knows either.
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    Re: Advent of the cyborg?

    So long as this technology is used ONLY as advertised, I say: great.

    The only concern I would have is the perversion of this technology by governments to control the masses,
    kinda like the clot...
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    Re: Society forcing their norms on me.

    Harish, you're only what, 30, 31?
    Don't listen to those jerks telling you that it's "too late." That's BS.

    Instead of hoping someone local will help you, why don't you research schools where you...
  24. Re: People say my fit husband is out of my league and must be gay (to marry a Fatty as a "Beard")

    Chad ain't buying it though.
    Only way Chad keeps Moby around is if she gots da moneys.
  25. Musician dies shortly after wedding

    Ironic to say the least.
    Bullet dodged, but not in a way I'd recommend.
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