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  1. Re: This broad....I NEED to respond (it's in my feed on another social network) - looking for suggestions

    You already have one of the best men's support forums going on here. Why would any self respecting man agree to be in a group run by a woman?

    That is a serious question.

    A woman sees...
  2. Re: Don't beat yourself up if you used to simp on women

    When I was a kid there was nothing made by Disney that was off limits. I didn't have a chance. :D
  3. Re: I really can't tell who's more pathetic...

    I totally agree, but this gynocentric cesspool of a society is celebrating it. All of the delusional old hags can now think that "Cher's got it, I still got it too", and the destruction of families...
  4. Re: I'm glad we're not a movement with a charismatic speaker

    I agree with Jackoff.

    As I see it, going left in the political spectrum tends toward tyranny. Going to the right tends toward individual liberty.

    Sadly, there are many paths leading left and...
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    Re: Reddit did us a favor

    I do use Reddit but only for some tech stuff. I don't even check non-tech subreddits when I am logged in.
  6. Re: It is time for physical communities of men to emerge.

    If I wanted to live in a community made up solely of men I would have joined the military back in the '80s! I didn't and I didn't.

    Like frog I live in the American west although about a hundred...
  7. Re: Woman conned out of $30,000 by ‘astronaut’ who promised marriage but was ‘stuck’ in space

    I wonder if the guy identified himself as Major Tom.
  8. Re: New Crisis! Man caught on video urinating on ex-wife’s grave ‘almost every morning,’ reports say

    Awwww, what a nice gesture making sure the grass over her stays nice and green. Such a thoughtful guy!
  9. Re: Adam Levine, Feminist: ‘Men Should Be Pillars of Support To Women’

    Except there is nothing to support, so...
  10. Re: another funny vid -- 57 year-old woman upset that 20-something dudes don't want her

    And especially not their grandma!
  11. Re: Desperate Short Men Seek To Attract Women: Workers from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Meta are paying $75,000 to be taller, a surgeon told GQ.

    This is one of the most disturbing things that has been brought to my attention in some time. I had necessary surgery recently. It was not bad in the aftermath but once was enough. I cannot even...
  12. Re: Rational thinking now makes you violent. Society is FUCKED!!


    State my position, yes. Use the MGTOW term in real life, no.
  13. Re: This woman seems like a really sweet person

    Right away she goes on about being exhausted. Apparently women have no stamina. An ex GF used to go on all the time about being "exhausted" by Friday to the point we couldn't get together even for...
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    Re: Has anyone else here gone non-alcohol?

    For about four years or so in my mid 20s I was drinking much more than I likely should have. Most of it was social but there were plenty of weekends that I got well lit at least one night "just...
  15. Re: Could a entire country based on MGTOW philosophy exist?


    Leftists won't allow any escape.
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    Re: Uncomfortable situation

    OTOH, you get to dress up for a day, get a meal and some booze on someone else's dime, dance a bit, maybe get a shag or two, so there is that. The poor sod is getting hitched whether you're there or...
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    Re: "Quiet Quitting"

    Anyone that has ever worked in a union shop knows that quiet quitting has been around forever. Management knows which are which and will use the dedicated union employee to do the work the quiet...
  18. Re: When you've gone MGTOW, but your instincts still work

    Yup, just this past week. It has taken a few days for the irrationality to subside. A bit of online research let me learn some things about her that tell me to remain in place.
  19. Re: New Research: #Metoo Movement Hurt Female Productivity.

    First there is the feminist programming kicking in but then that gives way to the plow horse must keep on plowing:

    The poor bugger. Welp, we'll keep a spot open for him...
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    Re: How to destroy generosity

    In my experience "friendship" has been diluted by facebook which flippantly uses the term. To me a friend is someone near and dear of long lasting who has proven themselves worthy of the title. I...
  21. Re: Post Wall Feminists to Flock to India? You Can Buy a Husband at India’s 700-Year-Old Groom Market

    I wouldn't be too sure about that. I think a surprising number of young men would give it a go.
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    Re: Hypergamy... DOES IT AGAIN!

    I suggest no one go looking for her picture...
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    Re: I was at a Walmart yesterday...

    Thanks for resurrecting that old joke. ;)

    I was at Walmart yesterday as well. As is my wont, I use the self-checkout registers. Interaction is very minimal as I get in and out as quickly as...
  24. Re: What's your thoughts on why most men cannot live without women

    Many men come face to face with freedom and recoil in fear.
  25. Thread: Sisters.

    by WheelBarrow

    Re: Sisters.

    First off, it wasn't their job to teach you about the nature of women, if they even knew and it's highly probable that they did not assuming that they didn't grow up in the current social media...
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