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  1. This Is My Final Post Until Further Notice

    Well Sunday, I'm leaving for my mom's place. Which means, I won't be with an internet for who knows how long, because my computer has no place in the main house of my mom's. I'm moving into an...
  2. Re: Karen Woman Charged For Hitting A Boy On A Bike

    Something happened to me when I was like 9 or 10 back in the early 1990s in my previous town. I was a street away from home, I was riding my bike trying to balance ride my bike on a street curve and...
  3. Karen Woman Charged For Hitting A Boy On A Bike

    There is this woman in California that hits a 12 year old boy who was riding his bike. He has it on video. The boy runs back home to...
  4. The New Indiana Jones Movie Now Has An Official Title

    I love the Indiana Jones movies, especially the ones in the 1980s. With the 5th movie coming out next June 30th, they now have an official title for the movie. It will be called Indiana Jones And...
  5. Entitled Woman Sues Kraft Over Mac And Cheese Cook Time for $5 Million

    I'm taking some time off packing to show you guys something I saw in the news yesterday.

    This woman in Florida is suing Kraft...
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    Re: Well The Packing Is Now Under Way

    At least I'll be a few short miles away from a Best Buy, which I really want to work at because of my love for technology and I have some self-learning skills in computers, video games, home...
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    Well The Packing Is Now Under Way

    As much as I liked your guy's idea of how to save the house (the $40K remaining mortgage with a 30-year refinance), I talked to my aunt, who is an accountant for about 35 years, about it and she...
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    Re: Happy Thanksgiving to all

    I spent my Thanksgiving all alone in my house a week before I have to leave it behind. I watched something on TV (WGN Channel 9) that came on back when my parents were young and it lasted when I was...
  9. Re: A fucked up story on how cheating destroyed an entire family.

    Because women are like that. They bitch, nag, whinny, complain no matter what they get, even if it's what she wants. No matter what you say or do for her, she's NEVER satisfied. She'll nag like...
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    Re: Racism in plain sight.

    Funny on how those black people on MSNBC say that whites are dangerous terrorists, but when I watch the news, it's the blacks that are the ones causing murders and thefts. Funny, they call us bad...
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    Re: How much do you sleep?

    Can I ask, what did you do for a living to where you can retire in your 20's? I want to make that kind of money to where I can make my money and live it up in my future man cave.

    You and I have...
  12. Re: If MGTOW is all losers, why do man hating feminists keep writing articles based on lies and fear?

    I don't care what some bitch feminist thinks or says; they get nothing from me and that is my right of choice.
  13. Re: The Bad News Since My Dad's Passing Never Wants To End

    I have 2 aunts (one on each side) that are experienced accountants. Plus I have my mental health facility that can help.

    If you can provide me advise, then please do so. If there's any...
  14. Re: The Bad News Since My Dad's Passing Never Wants To End

    I'm going to talk to my aunt about your ideas tomorrow, because I like it. I emailed my best friend yours and Northwoods Hermit's post. I called him to tell him the email and I'm having him read...
  15. Re: The Bad News Since My Dad's Passing Never Wants To End

    Well there's no easy way to say this, and I feel like shit saying this, but I had my aunt over yesterday and there's zero chance to save the house. If I were to pay off all the money I have or will...
  16. Re: The Bad News Since My Dad's Passing Never Wants To End

    My mom doesn't have any paperwork; my aunt does. My aunt has been taking care of the household expenses for the past several months.

    My mom called Wednesday using a stern upset voice when she...
  17. The Bad News Since My Dad's Passing Never Wants To End

    First off, I have to talk to my aunt about something my mother told me today. If what my mom is telling me is true and not just some scheme to get me to move in with her and she takes over my life,...
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    Re: Cosmo2022

    Why are so many females trying to come in lately? Is this just another example of men not allowed to have our own space, because women feel they need to be included too?
  19. Re: I'm VERY Unhappy with The Election Turn Out

    Keep in mind that Pennsylvania did early voting a month before the only debate. If they had done the debate sooner instead of a week before the election, the voters would of likely have elected Dr....
  20. I'm VERY Unhappy with The Election Turn Out

    First off, I had a long hard day working at the polls Tuesday. Voters were pouring in one-by-one all day. I scanned a total of 760 voters on my half of the church chapel I worked at. It was a hard...
  21. Re: Why This Board Sucks - But MGTOW Doesn't

    I don't know what your beef is True MGTOW. I've been on this site 17 months and I feel right at home. The people here are nice and supportive and are willing to talk about things that we share in...
  22. Re: Dealing with old memories that bring up rage

    I'm autistic and bad memories comes up frequently, because my brain is always processing thoughts. It's annoying.
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    Re: I love bleepin' burgers and fries

    I love a good cheese burger and cheese fries. That's one thing I plan on having in the future game room man cave. Among the bar and pinball and arcade games will be a restaurant style booth and...
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    Re: I'll Be Glad When Mid Terms Are Over

    The point is I'm fucking fed up with all the attack ads being about women's rights and entitlements. Of all the things going on in the country in the past 2 years, women are more concerned with...
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    I'll Be Glad When Mid Terms Are Over

    This has a been a miserable many months for this election cycle, because all the political TV ads from the Democrats are about women's rights and women's health. Women's this, women's that, on and...
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