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  1. Re: debunking the notion that women are the more empathetic sex

    Empathy requires time to reflect and gather your thoughts. Also, it is like looking into a mirror of what could end up being if the roles were reversed. Stardusk did a recent video regarding the...
  2. Re: Over 3.5 Million views in 24 hours - "Died Suddenly" - new film on "depopulation" going viral

    Usually it takes 7 to 10 years to determine if a medical treatment is safe for human subjects. Even with the truncated time table what is concerning is that protocol and chain of custody was not...
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    Re: Why would men get married before 40?

    Back in the day it was said that the only way a man could secure a constant supply of sex was through marriage. But that is the lie sold to young men because as we all know brothels have existed for...
  4. Re: A nice article how dating apps have empowered these delusional women...

    Women are simply not that smart.

    Do you know how people can become more financially stable? House hacking is the modern term but back in the day house hacking was called marriage. Men and women...
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    Re: Spain calling the manosphere out.

    I honestly don't care about validation or play the victim card. If I can help other men by sharing insights while reinforcing why I have chose the path I am going my own way that is a win/win in my...
  6. Re: Feminists should quit whining about dudes who try to find a girlfriend

    Feminists and gynocentric society is constantly barraging men with this messaging of giving up because they simply want to control. Do not yield your own sovereignty to anyone.

    Some will say it...
  7. Re: How can I take decisions that are in line with my decision of going my own way?

    Depression is a manifestation of the status quo that is not working for you. Re-evaluate why that is the case and make a plan about it in a rational way.

    We all reach those points in life where...
  8. Re: How much physical activity do you do in a day?

    Why not do some gardening? I like working outdoors mowing the lawn, trimming back the brush, putting up a solar array, mini rock garden, etc. You can always volunteer to be a guide for a national...
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    Re: Where are all the mgtow men gone?

    Many men are late bloomers when it comes to understanding sexual market place dynamics. That is why often young men think being in a relationship with a woman or marrying young is a good idea.
  10. Re: Rational thinking now makes you violent. Society is FUCKED!!

    Honestly when I told another coworker that I didn't want to work full time all the time his jaw dropped. First response from him was how could you afford it?

    I like working full time or overtime...
  11. Re: New Crisis! Tinder Generation Canít Find Love

    The winning move is to not play the game of social media and related apps that heavily favor women. If as a man you must date do it the old fashioned way with public approaches. But the old...
  12. Re: Rational thinking now makes you violent. Society is FUCKED!!

    I once told a coworker that I didn't want a big house and an expensive car as it was a waste of time trying to impress pussy. Apparently he took it personally and started a shoving match.
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    Re: Advice on advice.

    I agree with the others that if he wants to maintain a relationship with the kid he has to tell him the truth. If he is just a guardian that is raising him till he is of legal age then he doesn't...
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    Re: The agenda is clear as day.

    It is an illusion and a massive psy ops to keep men in slumber and apathetic so that they do not yield power. Power belongs to those that understand that they have had it all along in the first...
  15. Re: Rational thinking now makes you violent. Society is FUCKED!!

    Every time I show a small glimpse of my freedom many others become angry or violent toward me leading a peaceful existence as a man. That is why it is best to not reveal too much because many will...
  16. Re: Your Government Is Trying To Kill You & Depopulate the Planet

    The infertility data that is starting to come out of western countries is startling. The DARPA developed injections are altering DNA via changes to the mitochondria because the mRNA jabs are...
  17. Re: Your Government Is Trying To Kill You & Depopulate the Planet

    The world has more than enough food supplies for our growing planet as well as fossil fuels. Creating artificial scarcity is how you drive up value and control.

    We have only explored a fraction...
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    Re: What is a ghost?

    A ghost is a man that wants to be left alone on his terms to enjoy time and freedom.
  19. Re: R Kelly who spent his career kissing women's asses couldn't escape 3 decades of jail time

    Not surprising that the men most vocal and active toward promoting gynocentrism are also at their core very corrupt.

    But given R Kelly's situation it is an important reminder that the biggest...
  20. Re: How do you take care of your mental health?

    I see a lot of young men gravitating toward black pill mindsets throughout the internet and what they fail to realize like Kryptic has said is that to let go of petty things. To take it further if...
  21. Re: Do any other Forum members enjoy dressing well?

    For a pleasant ghostly life I do like dressing down. But if I want to take advantage of a social setting I will dress up and peacock. Personally how you dress doesn't matter as much as what you do...
  22. Re: Men, What are the Traits of Alpha, and how to develop it?

    Here is my quick Laconic response.

    If you take care of business as a man and people respect you that makes you alpha. The alpha/beta label is pointless as no one can be alpha or beta 100% of the...
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    Re: Accepting isolation

    It is ironic that the most kindness and gentle of men become Shitlords when they grow older. But you have to become that if you want to pushback against the BS or else their lunacy will destroy your...
  24. Re: I finally reach the point where I truly do no care about women anymore

    It is perfectly okay for a man to reach this point in his life if he doesn't care for women anymore or he has a new perspective and view on women. I think it is very healthy as it allows you to grow...
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    Re: Is MGTOW dead?

    MGTOW is like hydra.

    Most men going their own way rebranded themselves to evade the snares and shadows of gynocentric creep on YT and other gynocentric media platforms. In fact many men that...
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