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    Re: The riots vs feminism

    Check my posts years ago; i always said the oppressed will always become the future oppressors.

    White men are being attacked constantly in the media by women, by certain other groups, by society...
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    Re: The stories are important.

    This is one of the biggest issues I have with feminist organisations. They have the data but then make incorrect conclusions based on heavy bias towards the topic. They then persuade...
  3. Thread: WGTOW?

    by ShogunRonin

    Re: WGTOW?

    Every female who described herself as Incel, I used her picture on Tinder / POF as an experiment and found they had plenty of options to fuck and date men, who are way better looking than them in the...
  4. Re: Man-hating is a time of plague - a rethink

    What we're seeing in society is literally what happens in a relationship when a woman no longer respects the man. She starts nagging, creating arguments and fucking the bad boy. The average men are...
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    Re: Can you ghost too much?

    I have just spent a considerable amount of time in which I disconnected myself from the world and indulged in subjects such as philosophy, religion, history and psychology, spiritual self reflection...
  6. Re: Science Doesn't Belong To Men . . . Feminist Agua Hirsch

    There are few women in science because they are taking other courses such as psychology and acts/crafts. This is actually a proven statistical fact in the UK.

    If women really want more women in...
  7. Re: What Men Need To Understand About Everyday Sexual Harassment

    These new sexual harassment campaigns are so laughable that I am thinking of jumping on the bandwagon. How far could we potentially push it? Perhaps compliments could be sexual harassment as well?...
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    Sexual harassment leaflet at work

    So I arrive at work within the United Kingdom, and I see about five sexual harassment leaflets sitting on our desk. I pick one up, interested in what it may say. It seems our local police force has...
  9. Re: Plan to start baby boom in China by taxing adults under 40

    I remember saying they would start going after the mgtow fund maybe 2-3 years ago - doesn't surprise me.

    Once the UK government find out the babys are decreasing, they will do the same here.
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    Re: Leaving the west,and not looking back....

    This has been a dream of mine to move to Thailand. I could save up the money to buy an apartment in a few years, but the only thing stopping me is the money I make while I am over there. I have...
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    Re: The INCEL Issue;

    Incel technically is a series of physical features. Incels almost usually have big noses with a wide jaw circumferance. With a head that almost as if the nose was a point is pointing outwards. If you...
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    Re: Abandoning the toxic western culture

    They will frame MGTOWS like incels - Charles Manson

    They will use made up stories on how a MGTOW shot up his school. This is how they get rid of these groups. They publish negative press on them....
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    Re: Abandoning the toxic western culture

    When you visit the east of the world, it is like being on an alien planet. You don't have this hostility towards men. You don't feel like a pedophile when a little girl runs past you. Yes, those...
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    Abandoning the toxic western culture

    For me I have decided I am going to go full ghost and abandon this horrible toxic western culture that is ramping up mens suicides yearly. Statistically, men in the eastern side of the world are much...
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    Re: The INCEL Issue;

    The incels were the average guys getting friend zoned by women in their classes. A certain percent were getting laid by girls in their own league of looks, but now with the 'branch program for women'...
  16. Re: Craigslist shut down their personals section

    In my opinion shutting down dating sites is a step in the right direction. The gene pool is changing due to females hyper access to mates. Average men being shut out while only the rich chad gets...
  17. Thread: Freedom

    by ShogunRonin

    Re: Freedom

    A guy in prison can be more free than someone on the outside. In my opinion, freedom is all in the mind. Unprogramming yourself from societies brainwashing. Learning to peel back those ingenuine...
  18. Re: Time’s Up for James Bond? Old sexist male persona to be changed drastically to fit "Modern World in Mind"

    A lot of people think James Bond is an intelligence officer. So when MI5 put recruitment ads up, all of those people with James Bond fantasies start applying. Obviously, they get shot down.

  19. Re: Are average men really checking out of the dating game?

    I checked out the dating game a long time ago and I have started checking out of the interaction with women.

    I had a female ask me a question on the street the other day, I just walked past her...
  20. Re: Do MGTOW interact with society the same way?

    We are brainwashed since children to be consumers. Everywhere you look there is an advertisement trying to sell you something. Advertisers tap into our deepest parts of our psychology to make their...
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    Re: Who else has noticed this?

    There is an asian girl at my workplace who always says 'why are you not getting married? Who hurt you?

    She was cheated on by Chang and now has to bring up three girls working 80 hours a week. This...
  22. Re: Are average men really checking out of the dating game?

    This is exactly what I prophesied in my early posts in 2016.

    Average men feeling the hit. Soon, when women get bored of looks only - they'll want only rich CHADS with status. It is interesting to...
  23. Re: Does anyone know when MGTOWHQ will open up registrations?

    I have no interest in joining that MGTOW site, where everyone feels like they are in a elite club.
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    Applying Fight Club to our life

    Has anyone here seen the movie, Fight Club? In my opinion, this movie provides great knowledge on life. There are so many layers to its edgy philosophy, that it is easy to be caught up in its surface...
  25. Re: Prominent women denounce the Metoo movement

    At the end of the day, Feminists try all sorts of ways of influencing the public and getting their own way. When they fuck up, they start doing things like this. Hard working men have pretty much had...
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