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    Re: should dating sites be illegal?

    Dating sites "trigger" me, as they say.
    Trigger as in makes me want to blow my brains out.
    Can't stand them, nothing full of entitled little socialite hipsters and their trendy stupid little social...
  2. Thread: Nerves

    by SickSadWorld

    Re: Nerves

    This thread is so full of unscientific and illogical assertions.

    First of all, if all it took for a man to give birth, was by kicking himself in the balls (assuming he doesn't have to pay child...
  3. Re: Don't trust women with anything like medication.

    I don't trust medication, period.
    It's all a pharmaceutical corporate vested political interests to make the dollars.
    Women, are the natural sheep and ignorant cogs to promote mankind's corrupt...
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    Who am I and who do I hate???

    I hate everyone.

    I hate meat-eaters and people who don't recognize that humans are animals (manimals.)
    I am not a typical MGTOW.
    I hate women, and I hate men.
    I tend to hate women more because...
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    Re: Knowing your disliked.

    Thing is, I don't think you are a homo.
    What I think you are is someone who has the mind and attitude of a feminist, but happens to be in a man's body and is attracted to females.

    You are all...
  6. Re: Sociopathic women and their need to break you

    My analysis of the conversation, is that the woman is a hysterical psychotic.
    She just wants someone to use abuse and torture.
    She is so desperate to insult she didn't even wait for an opening, her...
  7. Re: They are not dressing like this for attention

    Why do you hate me? :(
    Well I am proud people know what the word means.
    Lots of people these days seem to not know what words mean.
    One time I go to this 711, and I ask a girl "Do you know what...
  8. Re: The Inherent Sexual Aversions to Males and the Transactory Prostitutive Nature of Women.

    As much as I hate rules, I reported you to the mods.
    People like you irritate me, you are everything that's wrong with the world.
    I don't know what an SMV is by the way.
  9. Re: The Inherent Sexual Aversions to Males and the Transactory Prostitutive Nature of Women.

    This is a scientific debate. Please keep your insults, guessing, and otherwise intolerable, detestable behavoir out of my thread.

    Also, stop wasting my time with your rubbish, and playing with my...
  10. Sticky: Re: Married Women contend they haven't met the Right One (1 out of 3)

    Hypergamy is due to women not being inherently attracted to men.

    They are AVERSE to men.
    Don't be blindsided by your attachments to delusions.
    Women naturally seek outwards, and are never...
  11. The Inherent Sexual Aversions to Males and the Transactory Prostitutive Nature of Women.

    A scientist goes to Africa. Scientist interviews a lot of different females and tribes. Asks them..."Why do you have sex with men." The woman, astonished at the question, say "Sex with men??" in a...
  12. Re: They are not dressing like this for attention

    They dress for attention.
    But they also dress because the vast majority of sluts are autogynephiles.
    If you don't know what autogynephillia is, google is your friend.
  13. Re: The Good Mangina Project has demands from male feminists towards men

    First of all, Satan is a she, first of all. Second, I would rather help Satan than most feminists.

    When did feminists say anti-rape is rape?
    Now I am curious.
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    Re: The Great Regression

    Here's the thing.

    I hate to burst your little bubble, but women aren't sexually attracted to men.
    That is why men either resort to alpha-male approach escalation (bully manipulation tactics), or...
  15. Sticky: Re: are women the victims they say they are?? DV rates from across the globe

    Here's the thing, I don't care about your pathetic pacifist idealogies such as DV awareness.
    You are basically the mind of a feminist, but in a male body.

    If a woman hits a man, good.
    If a man...
  16. Sticky: Re: Brothers....I think I gave birth a 155 lb male MGTOW

    Dude, I think you are missing the point.

    We want women because they are sexy, and we want someone to love us.
    Has nothing do with needed to be judged or validated by them.
    Has more to do with...
  17. Re: When People Say a Male Character Should be Replaced with a Female One

    Oh come on, man, grow a sense of humor.
    Don't you see the humor in having a female James Bond?
    Lighten up a little.
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    Re: Controlling the Narrative

    When I talk about Circumcision, all I get is comments from fascist, psuedoscientists of how many health rights I get after someone tortures me, violates my human-rights, and says F--- YOU to consent.
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    Killing is undderated.

    If I go to a commitee of these so-called civilized society...If I go to the "so-called" highest minds of society...If I go to a board meeting and say...Should we not punish China?? They will say...
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    Action: Grow some balls.


    I don't give one F---, one IOTA, about your pathetic fragile masculinity.

    Nor do I give one F--- if a woman hits you.

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    Why so afraid of a fight???

    Why so many laws preventing the purity of honest, true, exhilarating physical combat?

    Is it because society is ran by bullies, who, don't want their bullying uncontested? And this is why, fighting...
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    So called Science.

    So called Scientists tell me that animals aren't sentient. Really? These retards are leading the forefront of society? These retards who call themselves scientists, you give them PhDs and send them...
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