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    Re: Support these two petitions

    Wtf is wrong with her
  2. Re: I'm 71 and I’ve been married for 27 years. She wants me to pay for everything and bend to her will. Am I too old to bite the bullet — and ask my wife for a divorce?

    I suggest this guy to talk to a lawyer first and get advice on how to play the divorce angle.

    Too bad he is american, in other parts of the world the situation would be solved much easier, faster...
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    Re: MGTOW HQ killed ?

    The cattle already left the field, pointless for them to try to close the fence now.

    They should have not beat and underfeed the cattle for such a long time.
  4. Re: "This Is Just Chauvinism": Oklahoma Woman Upset After Being Thrown Out Of All-Male Barbershop

    In case you are curious about the environment.
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    Re: Buy stocks in Ice Cream companies

    Maybe we should make a call to JP Morgan and work togheter on a spinster ETF made of cat food companies, boxed wine, ice cream, choccolate and some antidepressant involved big pharma.
  6. Getting rid of most of my relatives has been one of the best decisions of my life

    I dont mean in a hitman sense of course, I mean that I ghosted them all.

    No useless phone calls for xmas or birthdays, changed my number without sharing it with them and surely not attending...
  7. Re: Conn. high school girls file lawsuit arguing that allowing transgender athletes to compete is sex discrimination

    Still not happy, I want to see white wealthy women being kicked out from office and leading positions and being replaced from minority women and chicks with dicks.
  8. Re: ‘Stashing’ Is the Latest Dating Trend That’s Honestly Worse Than Ghosting

    True and lets not forget how we now mock cucks who date and feed single mothers, guys who spend huge amounts of money and get friendzoned.

    We now do what women have been doing toward other women...
  9. Re: Catholic countries no longer a safe haven for MGTOW men

    Political correctness is a religion by itself with dogmas and sins therefore the other religions surely but slowly will either being assimilated borg style or disappear.
  10. Re: ‘Stashing’ Is the Latest Dating Trend That’s Honestly Worse Than Ghosting

    Exactly, its women who put men into different categories.

    This one is hot and masculine but wont stick around, will do as a fvck buddy uhm this one is not as hot but is more reliable and more...
  11. Re: Businessman says he burned $1M in cash to avoid paying ex-wife child support

    He probably spoke with his lawyer and they balances pros and cons of such decision.

    He is in jail now but once he will be out he can go ghost in a country with no extradition and all his precious...
  12. Re: Catholic countries no longer a safe haven for MGTOW men

    The worse countries ever are those where feminism grew on a catholic sub base, you will hardly find worse place than spain or italy for dealing with women.

    They basically take the worse of both.
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    Re: Woman wants her vote back !!

    If she doesnt know that men is gay, she hardly knows his program.
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    Re: What's your opnion on Incels

    Some men are simply born with a crappy genetics and no matter how hard they try, they will never reach that minimum threeshold to become attractive enough.

    Many others are simply socially and...
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    Well this picture basically sums it up
  16. Re: Fallon Fox's Right to Beat Up Women for Money Is, for Some Democrat Intellectuals, the Most Sacred Issue

    So women found out that the politically correct totem cant be reasoned with.
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    Re: Capt. Kirk get divorced again....

    Getting married after your 40s...I still have to find the reason even for blue pilled me, they dont even have the kids excuse.
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    Re: When the girls remind you why you're MGTOW

    Im in my mid30s, even if I had the chance to have a gf in her early 20s I would feel out of place so rewards are nowhere as close as 10 yrs ago plus like Xanthine said being a mgtow is the only way...
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    Re: Dating app on the TV

    My libido is not that high to begin with plus fat women put me in a bad mood, thanks but no thanks.
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    Re: MGTOW comics ideas

    The pictures are well made especially for someone whos not a pro.

    Regarding the content I would cut any hint of violence toward women for two reasons being the first one that it would alienate...
  21. Women selling nudes to to help quash the australian wildfires

    When it comes of narcisism their creativity goes beyond tesla skills....
  22. Re: Terry Gilliam faces backlash after labeling #MeToo a 'witch-hunt'

    I really hope the witchunt will increase in intensity and aggressivness, al those men that live and get money out of women interest like actors and directors should be the first ones to fall.

  23. Re: Excellent Breakdown of the Regressed Female's mindset towards Alphas (and her Husband) by Rollo

    When a woman is having an affair with a man who her hindbrain acknowledges as an Alpha, it feels like cheating to her when she has sex with her Beta husband. Her ‘loyalty’ shifts to the Alpha...
  24. Re: The cock carousel, packaged and sold to women at the expense and humiliation of men.

    Btw body shaming is wrong yet all the men advertised all have a full head of hair (except the black one since its part of the character).

    They can silver or gold single as much as they want, mgtow...
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    Re: Burger King's "impossible" Burger

    Good let those dumb enough to eat it to turn into cucks even more than what they already are.

    At least they wont have the balls to argue or protest on the streets for muh equality or against toxic...
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