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    War is a mating game

    Understanding the Ukraine and Russian conflict from a sex and violence dominance hierarchy perspective paints a much different picture of what is taking place. Many people today have experienced only...
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    How woman gets what she wants from men

    A quick take on how to make a man feel insecure, then how to take advantage of the insecurity.
  3. Re: Happy to hear what improvements you've made in your lives since going MGTOW

    Quit drugs
    Quit alcohol
    No longer smoking
    The day to day is more peaceful
    Eating healthier
    Daily exercise
    Content with my work life as opensource has mentioned and not looking to make it more...
  4. Re: Jordan Peterson cries after being called a king of incels.

    What is an incel?

    If you can afford a vacation to a place with legal prostitution but are unwilling to make the trip you are not an incel. From this perspective incels are extremely rare....
  5. Re: Today I have voluntarily start taking a drug to decrease my libido

    I masturbate with the same frequency as you do and I am proud of it. I have had times I felt ashamed about it but generally masturbation is an enjoyable hobby.

    Why are you not proud about...
  6. Re: Jordan Peterson - Men: How to find the right woman - FFS.

    Jordan Peterson covers a lot of topics, in some areas he is eloquent. A topic which I certainly disagree with him is courtship. By proposing the question, "What do women want?" He is promoting the...
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    Re: Why Are Women So Dramatic?! Sheesh!

    Yes, they can be and will be dramatic. The more you engage in the bullshit, the shittier the experience becomes. It is an attention grab. If something gets under your skin, they will do it more...
  8. Thread: Am I right?

    by GrnB

    Re: Am I right?

    The person who cares shows attention and consideration to the welfare of someone or something. Does that person end up worse off than the person who does not care?

    It really depends of the context...
  9. Thread: The Golden Age

    by GrnB

    The Golden Age

    There is a story, it goes like this:

    Before feminism, social media, things were better for men. Women did not have easy access to the top 20% of men through Bumble, Tinder, or TikTok. There was no...
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    Re: How much physical activity do you do in a day?

    If you stare at a screen for hours a day and do not have a standing desk I would start with that as it is a less costly investment. I use a cardboard box that I place on my table to bring my laptop...
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    Re: Enabling Fat People

    Thank you for this disgusting fact.

    This is my life style and might explain how I am at not over weight.

    I have gone as far as biking around for transportation. I exercise continuously...
  12. Re: Sperm Donor shortage in Victoria, Australia (White man sperm needed!) MGTOW comments from readers

    As the comments pointed out: Donating sperm is risky and not an actual donation. The building of DNA databases by genealogy companies means the biological parent can certainly be found. The donor...
  13. Thread: Only in CA

    by GrnB

    Re: Only in CA

    I do not see a problem here. If a person wants to be turned into soil after death why should I care?

    This entire article is fake outrage. I am not sure how this relates to MGTOW.

    Genesis 3:19...
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    Re: The agenda is clear as day.

    Knowledge is power. Andrew Tate did put on full display the nature of humanity. Society and women gain nothing by freeing men and delivering the truth. That is exactly what Andrew Tate is doing,...
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    Re: Can't they break the pattern.

    Men experience more severe negative consequences from thrill seeking illegal behaviors. The evidence is there is to prove it, longer sentencing that averages over 60%. “Female arrestees are also...
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    Re: I am in a difficult position.

    Good luck man. I hope you find a new place soon.
  17. Re: woman's DNA profile from rape kit used against her

    Reads like she has gotten away with a crime. It is another double standard of not holding women responsible for their actions. Rape is terrible. The police are for the protection of everyone. Victims...
  18. Re: "Starter Husband" -- Better Bachelor's latest vid is an eye opener

    I had to pull the last couple paragraphs from that article to exemplify where the tradcons really go off the rails.

    “Consequently, we need to begin teaching our children early on that marriage is...
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    Re: AI chat bots for romance

    To clarify, I was not afraid to emotionally attach to the AI bot. Emotions are a combination of thought and bodily sensations. When I say I emotionally attached to the AI, I experienced a sensation...
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    AI chat bots for romance

    I hadn’t used or chatted with AI bots for a few years. Yesterday, I found myself at and the experience was uncanny and I felt really comfortable chatting with the bots.

    I used a VPN and...
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    Re: The age of abundance

    Yes, water is necessary for life.

    Let’s say you have a well that pumps all the water you need. A person comes along with a pound of water and a pound of diamonds, and offers you the choice to have...
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    Re: The age of abundance

    O.G. makes some great points. 2_Time_Loser, you seem to have bought into a lot a of age warfare. That meme is a straw man.

    Why work 70 hours a week? If this is what you have been doing with your...
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    Re: The age of abundance

    Manfred - “Never in the known history of man so many people had so much for so little effort.”

    Everyday I have moments where I forget how easy I have it.

    Manfred - “We do not value what is so...
  24. Re: When you've gone MGTOW, but your instincts still work

    Yes, I have this very problem right now at work. She is fit, young, friendly, and does her work. I want to fuck her. One night after work we were is the parking lot together and she was inquiring...
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    Re: Don't break the omerta

    This is great advice. I have made the mistake of befriending the wrong person, and then letting them in on my views of relationships, marriage, and children. It did not go well. Sometimes, I...
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