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    Re: My friend let me know he got engaged

    Women are the best at Red Pilling men, he didn't swallow when she cheated on him, you don't have a hope in hell....

    The best you can do is shut up and let her do her job, be there for when he does...
  2. Re: I really can't tell who's more pathetic...

    Mind over matter, he will not be thinking of her. Drugs can help also.
  3. Re: ...and I thought the last article I posted was cuckery

    Daniel, the husband, has pink hair....

    The MSM story makes her out to be the winner with partner and a husband... I'm thinking the Husband is the one that is having what he wants, a wife that has...
  4. Re: I really can't tell who's more pathetic...

    To each there own... It's not really for me, but I never had the opportunity to see if I could do it.

    There are a lot worst ways to make a living. Cher has been around but as long as she's not...
  5. Re: Calling all men: this is what we can do to help women feel safe exercising in the dark

    Good on ya Mate... We don't have "Dimes" here, pennies, nickels or quarters in Australia.... But the 50-cent piece is alive and well...
  6. Re: Calling all men: this is what we can do to help women feel safe exercising in the dark

    Hello.... Hello... Where is that pay phone, we all know and love??? It should be ringing here with these one-line responces.....
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    Re: Society forcing their norms on me.

    Yes, it gets fucking cold there!!!

    You previously talked about moving to Winterpeg??? It gets Fucking cold there also, if it doesn't get cold, it snows a lot and who likes shoveling snow??? And...
  8. Re: Anyone have these at home for Fire safety? (Fire Safety Stick)

    Yes, handy but not next to it.

    A fire blanket is also good idea for the kitchen in case your clothes catch on fire, drop and roll yourself up in it if possible. It can also be draped on top of...
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    Re: Sometimes you roll snake eyes

    Yes, AWALT.

    Women are always looking for someone "better", or for Mr. Backup...

    "She's not yours it's just your turn"...
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    Re: Society forcing their norms on me.

    Tall Poppy Syndrome: The tall poppy syndrome is a cultural phenomenon in which people hold back, criticise or sabotage those who have or are believed to have achieved notable success in one or more...
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    Re: TBP Ideology Is alive and well.

    Rizza stresses men must protect the woman...

    With a professional bodyguard, there are rules that the celebrity or politician must follow for the bodyguard to be able to do his job at the best of...
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    TBP Ideology Is alive and well.

    Rizza Islam.

    I was like, WTF are you smoking to believe this shit??? He is so sucked into believing the "Disney Dream" lies...

    Starts at the 0:30 mark....

    Rizza Islam & Mikki Willis on...
  13. Re: This Is My Final Post Until Further Notice

    All the best to you Mate... Look after yourself.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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    Re: Is this true about loneliness?

    No... Bad Boys don't buy the women drinks... Women buy them drinks...

    You were queuing up for the BP provider they were not ready for yet...
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    Food Shortages.

    There was lots of warnings of food shortages coming up. Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe in volved in war. Bill Gates buying up US farmland to limit harvest. American food factories burning one...
  16. Re: Rand Paul: Fauci Caused 7 Million People To Die; "We've Caught Him Red-Handed, He Won't Get Away”

    IMO no one will go to jail for this in a major Western country... They will just blame it on the WHO that will focus back on false information...

    "Follow the money"... this has been on nearly...
  17. Re: Christmas Shopping in a Mall? Watch Out For Juggers! ‘juggings’ are soaring; 2022 totals already higher than 2021

    Same here... "Jugging" = Mates drinking draft at the local pub taking turns buying jugs...


    "Jugging" = bouncing tits while dancing or exercising... She was jugging excessively on the...
  18. Re: If MGTOW is all losers, why do man hating feminists keep writing articles based on lies and fear?

    It's not quite that simple.. You are assuming men and women are the same and can be judged directly against each other.... We are not the same, never have been, never will be, equality will never...
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    Re: Is this true about loneliness?

    You are very lucky to be able to trust people that way.

    Men want to or think they should be able to trust his sexual partner (wife/GF) that way, as in the "Disney Dream" That is a major mistake....
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    Re: Is this true about loneliness?


    Women seek men for economic advancement, and other things... Remember Briffault's Law? It is the way they are, it's part of Human Nature, you will not change that. When this trait evolved in...
  21. Re: Check your 401(k)'s fine print! Because now Biden wants to raid YOURS to fund net zero and 'diversity'. But why should his woke agenda put your retirement at risk, demands ANDY PUZDER

    Yep, "You will own nothing, and you will be happy".

    I read the title and thought BlackRock and Vanguard... Vanguard wasn't mentioned, but it will not be too far behind.

    Bankrupt the middle...
  22. Re: Anyone have these at home for Fire safety? (Fire Safety Stick)

    It's best to check with your local fire dept on servicing fire extinguishers in your area/country... Not all rules apply everywhere. Fire extinguishers will be made and marketed for the country's...
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    Re: Musician dies shortly after wedding

    That didn't take her long to grab his shit....

    At 37 he likely has a little history to help him on his way... And yes, "Sudden Death Syndrome" is a thing now...
  24. Re: Entitled Woman Sues Kraft Over Mac And Cheese Cook Time for $5 Million

    Fuck Kraft... Most of their products should not be sold for human consumption. How many single mothers are feeding kids this shit instead of a real healthy meal? Making women lazier, and kids...
  25. Re: debunking the notion that women are the more empathetic sex

    Yes, that happens when the "Care Factor" has gone, she was ready to find your replacement.. If she still valued you she would be trying to help... Not always the "Care Factor" lasts a long time,...
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