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  1. Re: Conspiracy…is MGTOW another pillar of depopulation?

    I'm not following the agenda's connection with MGTOW. Are we speculating that MGTOW was somehow actively planted by the agents of that agenda? Or that the inroads that the agenda might have made...
  2. Re: Why Modern Movies Suck - They Hate Their Own Fans! Ghostbusters Feminist Remake etc

    Thankfully, there are plenty of movies made before all of this started.

    Speaking of which, it's probably a good idea to get your favorite older movies on disc. At the rate things are going,...
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    Re: Where are all the mgtow men gone?

    In the region where you live, is there strong social pressure to be a traditional husband, father, and sacrificial protector?

    When you ask why you feel that way, which way are you talking about? ...
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    Re: Online creeper sites are obnoxious

    I think we're talking mostly about social networking sites. The point of this thread, though, are the sites that collect publicly available info. They're indeed obnoxious.
  5. Re: Frustrating aspects of the Church and its lack of focus on unmarried men.

    Even if your church did have men's retreats, they'd most probably emphasize men as husbands and fathers. Singlehood would be regarded as a period of preparation for marriage and fatherhood. For...
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    Re: Oh no! The rise of lonely, single men is upon us!

    To be more specific, studies suggest that men ... . However, that's the only publicly stated conclusion that gynocentrism would permit. To whatever extent there might some measure of...
  7. Re: "Hey, wait a minute! The wealthy men don't want to get married."

    It's not a matter of logic, but of entitlement. They think men exist to work for money for them. How women act isn't supposed to factor into it, because however they act is an expression of what...
  8. Thread: TRP Andrew Tate

    by Katsu

    Re: TRP Andrew Tate

    I haven't researched his content, but the bit I've seen left me with the impression that he's anti-MGTOW. I think he believes in men dominating women and being all about getting laid. I think he's...
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    Re: Fathers' obsession with daughters

    Either a feminist or a white knight.
  10. Re: Why Men Don't Approach YOU! Woman "finally" Understands Why Men Stop Giving AF...

    I too have thought a lot about the music I listen to. I don't mind lyrics that have a balanced view of romantic relationships, but I avoid all of the "oh, baby, it's all about your pedestal and my...
  11. Re: Leave It To A Woman Like My Aunt To Foul Things Up

    I get that you wanted to spend some time with your friend, but why not use this as an opportunity for you and your father to go fishing?
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    Re: Anti-sexual interest pills?

    There are plenty of videos that will get you to the same place:
    - women bragging about using men and coaching other women to do the same
    - lawyers talking about their experience with paternity...
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    Re: For the US males on here

    I see what you mean about the Mexican women being fit and the US women being porky. The US woman even puts thick in her username. At least the Mexican women seem to understand what attractive...
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    Re: A sex strike, you say?

    Yeah, the pool probably isn't that big. The point was that it's hardly a loss that the mentality of the strikers will be off the market.
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    Re: Abortion overturned!! HAHAHAAHHAA

    Women typically have one kind of man in mind for a boyfriend and another for a husband. So coming into a marriage, the husband is already in competition with another man (if only an imaginary man). ...
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    Re: A sex strike, you say?

    Oh no, anything but that! Now men will be limited to women who are either pro-life or respect that the Supreme Court shouldn't legislate from the bench.
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    Re: Abortion overturned!! HAHAHAAHHAA

    Yet again, people expect the Supreme Court to legislate from the bench for them. The Supreme Court's role is to interpret law, not make law. Making law is what the legislative branch does. The...
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    Re: David Futrelle wants to lick Amber Heard's cunt

    I learned of Futrelle a few years ago, skimmed a few of his blog posts, and since then haven't had any desire to hear his opinions. There are always going to be guys like him. It has no effect on...
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    Re: Never Paid a Cent to OnlyFans Club

    If it became the new thing, they probably would hand money to cute women on the street. Along with the utter lack of self-respect, they're oblivious to what that does to many women's minds.
  20. Re: Wow — I didn’t realize how many women do porn nowadays….

    If it does catch up with her in the future, she'll probably accuse him of not doing more to protect her in her youth.
  21. Re: "It's More Than A Phase" Things Modern Women Don't Want Men To Know About Them

    Women have always concealed that part of their nature from men.
  22. Re: "BROKE" Amber Heard spotted shopping at TJ Maxx in the Hamptons

    Maybe she can find a few nice pieces that she can flip.
  23. Re: A Woman on reality show, (video clip on instagram) asks her boyfriend, "WHY DO WE NEED A PRE-NUP???" AND HER BOYFRIEND INSIST ON IT.

    If a woman comes into the relationship with much more money than the man, the advice for her to get a prenup would have the tone of a demand. That's different, though. It seems to me that women...
  24. Re: Why Men Don't Approach YOU! Woman "finally" Understands Why Men Stop Giving AF...

    I don't buy into any social necessity for men to make the approach, because it implies that women hold the more valued position and must be catered to. If I wanted a woman in my life, I'd need to...
  25. Re: ANY MGTOW IN TEXAS?? My best friend and I are moving to TEXAS in a FEW YEARS.

    A good point to heed in general. People can always find a way to make trouble for you, even if they have to enlist accomplices. That doesn't mean I'd live my life being afraid of possible...
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