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  1. Re: When the penny finally driops for blue pillers

    I saved this for a good reminder about what I will never have to deal with, thanks.

    One of the more based examples I've read was a guy who was returning from a work trip. He called his wife to...
  2. Re: Man Glad He Has A Day Off Work So He Can Work For Wife Instead

    Writing satire is easy nowadays, just tell the truth.
  3. Thread: The Chad life

    by I'm Gone

    Re: The Chad life

    Yeah, the optimal choice is a woman at the same or slightly lower level of attractiveness which is what most couples look like. If you go above you will have zero power and if you go too far below...
  4. Thread: life is good

    by I'm Gone

    Re: life is good

    Low effort spam is bad.
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    Re: No incentive to work?

    You don't need to bust your ass to live comfortably alone but money is freedom, security and power. I recommend finding a relaxed low stress tech job with decent pay and just gliding along. I just...
  6. Re: I forgot I didn't have alimony and child support, so I bought a useless toy

    Gold is the furthest thing from a useless toy, it's real money. These times of instability and high inflation of paper fiat are when it traditionally performs best as an investment.
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    Re: Thanks, feminism

    I guess they've been fucking up their eyebrows forever then.
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    Re: I'm in damn pain today

    Hit the gym and build strength instead. Old people often fall because their muscles are too weak to quickly stabilize the body when they lose their balance.
  9. Re: LMAO - FDS made it to the front page of reddit, and not in a good way (for them). People are waking up?

    Women are weakness personified. They're so weak they can't face themselves or reality without constructing a narcissistic alternate world where they're the main protagonist, perfect in every way. But...
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    Re: How to help blue-pill mates

    There's no helping them. I even had a friend who was a MGTOW turn into a simp overnight when he met The One. I'll let my relatively relaxed and problem free lifestyle speak for itself. It's already...
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    Re: overvaluing a potential mate

    Part of what woke me up was noticing that while the woman was different, the feelings were always the same. It's like procreation.exe was launched and took over from there in very predictable ways....
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    Re: What A Circus It Is

    That's actually a fair point. I remember a criminal investigator talking on some show about his "find the female" tactic. He said that if you look hard enough, more often than not there's a woman at...
  13. Re: What topics are you willing to discuss with co-workers?

    A few I can shoot the shit with all day with not a worry in the world, we're basically friends at this point. The rest are mostly normie libtards that I keep at a long, polite distance.
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    Re: How to deal with Chad?

    Chad doesn't necessarily mean bully. The thing about bullies is though, they're cowards. Any resistance, especially publicly, and they cave like the bitches they are deep down inside.
  15. Re: How has becoming MGTOW shifted your perspective on productivity?

    It took several stressful years in engineering to understand I'd rather work in a company with a relaxed culture, even if it means slightly lower pay. Startups suck, there's no structure or job...
  16. Re: Is my life plan as a late 20's Male decent/smart/logical?

    You'll be your clients' bitch with no life. A friend of mine started several small businesses and gave it all up because like he put it, instead of working for a boss eight hours a day you're working...
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    Re: Things that destroyed my romanticism

    Same. I remember being in kindergarten and thinking there was something wrong with these people. This inherent suspicion has served me well in life. Meanwhile, many of my romantic married friends are...
  18. Re: Since no desire for chasing women how much porn do you watch? Porn addict?

    Porn is cucking yourself - you're watching another man fuck a woman you'd like to fuck but can't and trying to get off on it. There's a reason it's free and widely available. It has serious well...
  19. Thread: Ghost Jobs?

    by I'm Gone

    Re: Ghost Jobs?

    Working nights will start to negatively affect your health over time though. It's best to only do it temporarily.

    I'm a mechanical engineer in a Fortune 500 corporation. It may seem like a strange...
  20. Re: dumbest things feminists say: "He's old enough to be her father."

    Of course they whine about age gaps after having spent their teen years with posters of 35 year old men covering their walls and losing their virginities to college fratboys. Anything less just...
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    Re: Question about women flaunting their bodies.

    I'd add that these types of women are manipulating you before they even open their mouth. They don't have any other value so their only tactic is to try to create lust in men around them for cheap...
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    Re: Is sex all that great??

    Yeah, Bam is blinded by his Chad-colored glasses. Everyone pays - Chads pay by giving time, attention, social status and superior genetics to women lower on the SMV pole. They still chase after 9s...
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    Re: What life should one pursue?

    You heard the man. Spend your best years chasing worthless sluts because of FOMO and don't forget to be a piece of shit who backstabs people for personal gain. True wisdom.
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    Re: How many friends do you have?

    It's not looking good after the Covid plandemic showed 90% of them to be spineless, gullible, bootlicking conformists. I do still talk to several but I've had to cut most of them off when they got...
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    Re: I found a woman who was super attractive

    Agreed, that sweet submissive femininity is attractive in a way feminist sluts will never know or understand. Let's not forget AWALT however. I've had enough of these virgin bride good girls quietly...
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