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  1. Re: Maintaining frame in a blue pilled world.

    "I have managed to truly get over that and feel indifferent about it all and it actually feels amazing when you don't really give a fuck around the people near you ...

    My indifference has...
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    Re: hey guys

    After reading this thread, I would like to add that being familiar with the OPs channel, I didn't sense a fit with this community. The point about dialogue vs. monologue is very apt. I don't think...
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    Re: Donít online date

    I can relate to each post. As I mentioned in my introduction, I met my first girlfriend online and it was a very unconventional (although largely satisfying) relationship (she being bisexual, not...
  4. Re: An introduction from 'Excess within control'

    Mr. Wombat, I appreciate your engagement and hear what you're saying but respectfully, you're assuming far too much. I'll leave it at that.

    I definitely appreciate the femininity and 'buoyancy'...
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    Re: This feminism thing has something.

    Good to read your intro, JoeS. I'm in the US (left coast) and I'm amazed at how we men around the world can share so many similarities in our stories.

    This isn't a 'quiz question' but more for my...
  6. Re: I am Joe and after lots of pain and heartache I have decided to go my own way.

    JoeS, thank you for sharing your story. I am a new member, too, and looks like we're the same age give or take a few months.

    I also - while hoping to meet a woman worth 'dating' - am not averse to...
  7. An introduction from 'Excess within control'

    I first saw 'Somewhere in Time' when I was fairly young - not necessarily upon initial release (I would have been 6!) but certainly some evening with my parents and sibling as an early teenager....
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