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  1. Re: Coppertops, the CA Governor NewScum views you as a walking wallet! Newsom vetoed two bills aimed at reforming child support payback system

    Regardless of country, regardless of politics, government has got to be the biggest blood-sucking leech in the history of mankind.

    As for California, that leech of all leeches, if they keep this...
  2. Re: Transgender regret: Who did not see this one coming?

    Further proof that a society where anything goes typically leaves citizen roadkill behind it. This whole so-called "transgender" thing violates not just basic morality but also common sense. Every...
  3. Thread: 7 years

    by kru-kut

    Re: 7 years

    Good thing no one was carrying a pistol for self-defense, or else the poor misunderstood felon would've been harmed, and that would've been a real​ tragedy.
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    Re: Elizabeth Warren - Talking Down to Men

    Warren has always been an arrogant, insolent, condescending "human being." Quotes intentional. Every time I listen to her, it sounds like she's lecturing some first-grader about something. She's...
  5. Re: "she lost it" anatomy of a murder, another victim of social reform..

    Oh, but we have a nice blue ribbon (blue is for boys), and a hashtag, so everyone can feel better now and go back to whatever useless shit they were doing with their lives.

    Diel will die in...
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    Re: Goodbye, Ginger Baker

    I'm surprised he made it as long as he did.
  7. Re: Woman Sues Law Firm because She Voluntarily Slept with Someone at The Firm

    I try to go to dailymail daily as a constant reminder that humanity is so thoroughly buggered that there's zero hope for it. I mean, really... You can't find entertainment like this in novels,...
  8. re: White Ribbon Australia goes into liquidation

    I wonder if they hit hard times by touching the third rail of abortion, aka "reproductive rights," even though they apparently tried to walk it back (which, by the way, was a huge political mistake)....
  9. Thread: greta thunberg

    by kru-kut

    Re: greta thunberg

    Anyone notice the malcontent in the audience, first row? She looks like she's about to have a meltdown.
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    Re: Expect some more members to sign up.

    Hey, if you'd asked Allah to be capitalized, they would've been on it instantly. It's not religion they disrespect(ed); it's Christianity. For these people, payback's gonna be a real bitch, and it...
  11. Thread: Oh, the drama

    by kru-kut

    Re: Oh, the drama

    Sounds like equal opportunity, too! Everybody gets some. No one's left out. So heartwarming. It truly is... A Wonderful World. And now my brothers, let us all sing together...
  12. Re: Western Women on Sex Tour in India. Hamsterbation level 1000

    Wow, deep thinkers, both of them. The references to Fakebook didn't help because that slime pit has zip, zero, nada to do with real life and real human interaction. So, the comparison baseline is...
  13. Thread: greta thunberg

    by kru-kut

    Re: greta thunberg

    This was on yesterday:
  14. Re: Man in a flood keeping his pimp hand strong... (Funny and sad at the same time)

    Nah, he's just got this weird thing for women's feet and this way he gets to stare and not get called out as a perv.
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    Re: Simp behavior at its finest!

    About twenty years ago I built a competitive chain saw, bigass expansion pipe and everything. No covers, no chain brake, no nothing. My then-gf left about a week after I started running the thing...
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    Re: Video: Truth Hurts

    My jaw's gone slack, my facial expression is wearing a vacant stare, and I think my I.Q. just dropped twenty points.

    Come, O Meteor, swiftly come.
  17. Re: Failed music artist and industry wench K. Michelle claims "I don't think men are good people"

    Not only that, but also if they ever do find good men, they (the women who got used) bring so much emotional baggage into those new relationships that they quickly become corrosive, if not downright...
  18. Re: 4 Catastrophic Climate Predictions That Never Came True

    But again, it can not be known whether the human race is causing changes in the planet's climate. It can never be known, for the reasons I've repeatedly stated. So, any data-collection efforts...
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    Re: "Cuffing Season" is almost here

    "Thugspawn"... Had a good hearty laugh at that one!
  20. Re: 4 Catastrophic Climate Predictions That Never Came True

    What?!? Are you kidding me? I wouldn't trust that lot to give me an accurate oven-temperature reading.

    NASA Exposed In ‘Massive’ New Climate Data Fraud:...
  21. Re: 4 Catastrophic Climate Predictions That Never Came True

    Nonsense. This has nothing to do with personal criteria. I am trying to explain a scientific requirement for proving a case -- something so basic that it's taught in high school. "Climate change"...
  22. Re: Megan Fox sends her six-year-old son to school in a dress

    Jackoff, the problem is, who does the policing? Whoever it is has to have a strong moral foundation. And that sort of thing is coming closer every year to being outlawed. Even to begin to get...
  23. Re: Video: Why "Islam IS RIGHT About Women" is Causing "Confusion & Anger"

    I don't know about the "being forced to confront their own [whatever]," because most nutters will stop at "I'm offended, so I'm calling the police," and remain a million miles away from rational...
  24. Re: Megan Fox sends her six-year-old son to school in a dress

    Where is DCYS amidst all this perversion?

    (Oh. I forgot. They're libs, too.)
  25. Re: Devine: Elizabeth Warren’s war on men is an insulting, losing strategy

    I've never lived in Massachusetts so I wouldn't know about that. But those women are all over the place these days. What they drive, what they wear, what they buy, what they eat, what they drink,...
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