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  1. Re: It seems to me that nowadays men spend much less in designer clothes and status cars

    "Workin' Gear" here in Oz. Sturdy jumpers (sweaters), sturdy shoes, sturdy socks. Oh, I have to suit up for work, but the rest of the time I'm wearing something cheap.
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    Re: Snopes puts on the chiffon dress

    Even if they are right, it is not the (previously stated) mission of Snopes to do anything about this. It is no more Snope's job to combat Trump than it is for it to launch a mission to Mars. Some...
  3. Re: German man gives half of what he owns to his ex

    Because, being men, they know they can make it all back again and then some. By working.
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    Re: An invitation to critique.

    Any framework for dealing with life can be labelled as an ism. You can't get away from it - even the "no framework at all" framework is nihilism. Philosophy is inevitable, because philosophy is where...
  5. Re: Canada's left move to economically scrap Alberta in their ongoing march to destruction.

    We dont need oil or coal! All our cars are electric! Say … what's with all the power brownouts recently?
  6. Re: White Ribbon Australia goes into liquidation

    Th White Ribbon Campaign is (was) the Good Men Project out in realspace.
  7. Re: Woman Sues Law Firm because She Voluntarily Slept with Someone at The Firm

    I read one of those "advice for young women" things from way back in the day. One iron rule for young ladies is: "never be alone with a man in any room that has a bed".
  8. Re: Girlís message for equality received in a big way: Green Army women figurines are on the way

    A female soldier who falls pregnant should be treated the same as a male one that shoots himself in the foot.
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    Re: Expect some more members to sign up.

    It's not even about religion - it's simple grammar. 'God', when used as a proper name, should be captalised like any other proper name.

    "And so we ask, what does Dave want of us?" - capital D
  10. White Ribbon Australia goes into liquidation

    Schadenboner time.

    White Ribbon Australia is kaput
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    Re: Expect some more members to sign up.

    I don't post on TRP, because I use my realname on reddit, but I do read it and one of the posters there hit the nail on the head: it's election time. Reddit purges anything right of Chairman Mao when...
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    Re: This one written by a guy

    Why? What does "need" mean, here? I mean, whose need is it, anyway?

    Getting close, there. Can a man, in this day and age, in any respect, to any degree, rely on a woman?
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    Re: 10 Things Men Donít Do Anymore

    #10 Men don’t ask women on dates anymore

    Because women don't fuck men who do that. The fuck guys with abs who post in tinder.

    #9 Men don’t ask women out in advance anymore

    Because women...
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    Re: Why White-Knighting?

    So much wasted time, effort, expense, and even personal danger can be avoided simply by asking, "Did anyone actually ask for your goddamn help?".
  15. Re: 4 Catastrophic Climate Predictions That Never Came True

    The cry for more and more evidence is a red herring. Neither you, nor I, nor kru-kut, nor probably anyone else on this forum would be able to read and make an informed evaluation of all the evidence...
  16. Re: Woman behind French #MeToo movement is fined for defamation

    And people have magically forgotten that it was originally entirely about the Hollywood "casting couch". Which is nice for Hollywood.
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    Re: Is the British P.M. guilty of Treason?

    It is not the least bit surprising to see the courts on the side of the remainers. They are urban elites.

    On the other hand … everyone knows that Boris did this to gag the debate.
  18. Thread: Asexual

    by Mr Wombat

    Re: Asexual

    So instead of pursuing women, you have chosen other goals, right? Work out? Study? Career and money? GYOW is one component of a sensibly-lived life.
  19. Re: A question of protocol?

    Yeah, that guy got banned because he was dishonest, because he was lying to us with every one of these plagiarised and falsified posts. I remember thinking "this new guy is awesome" and then finding...
  20. Re: Marry a virgin they said...she will be loyal and submissive they said...

    She'll uproot her life, her husband's life, the lives of her kids, separate from her family, spend tens of thousands of dollars in the process of making the move: all for some new penis.

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    It's everywhere

    So, I was just watching this youtube video: parents and kids react to emojis (yeah, really).

    And then I realised: father/daughter, mother/son, mother/daughter, Ö there was just one combination...
  22. Thread: 10yr ghost

    by Mr Wombat

    Re: 10yr ghost

    That's cool. If you want to contribute to the site, you will have to do a full intro as described in the how-to-intro sticky thread:

    Have a...
  23. Re: MGTOW are all immature, says the guy typing from his toilet seat

    Similarly: have you ever wondered why golf was popular? Have you wondered why it is declining in popularity now in particular? Golf offered a respite away from the wife and the honey-do list. There...
  24. Re: SJW #metoo Millennial Rock Band (Cringe!)

    There's no point sticking your head up like that. YouTube is an SJW-infested camp.

    Incidentally, I wonder how many members of her band, her video editing team, her sound engineers, were men?
  25. Re: Divorced Dad Targets CA's "outdated" Alimony Law

    Because that's how democracy works. /s

    I mean - if it's legit to influence the legislature by threatening them with thrown bodily fluids, what other ways of physically threatening lawmakers are...
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