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    Re: Newly MGTOW

    Hello GDash and welcome to GYOW!

    I believe most of the fellas who posted on this thread already summed up nicely the advice that you wanted to hear.

    I'd specially highlight Jackoff's post, as...
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    Re: Covered in tattoos.

    The weather was very nice were I live last weekend, so I took my son to play some ball at the park.

    While there, close to where we were, there was a group of about 6 or 7 late-teen/early 20s kids...
  3. Re: At Last! A movie that celebrates Masculinity! Top Gun: Maverick

    I also saw it and took my son with me. We both enjoyed it very much! Great action flick!

    We saw it in what my local theater calls a "X-D room" in which the screen is huge (from floor to ceiling)...
  4. Re: Enough is enough! Go back to your closet!

    I was thinking of taking my son to see "Lightyear", an animated Disney/Pixar movie about the astronaut character from the classic Toy Story series. He is his favourite character.

    While searching...
  5. Re: When did this "mother of all problems" love music began?

    Same here Kryptic! I'm really into 80s rock, but despise the lyrics!

    Post-80s and 90s onward, I try to stick to heavier rock, from Grunge to Metal. Hell, even punk rock has gotten mellow with all...
  6. Re: Economics 101; petrol goes up, pussy comes down!

    This woman is the poster child for the recent tattoos thread here on GYOW!

    Horrible choice of tattoos and even worse choice of location of said tattoos on her body!

    The whole "trailer trash...
  7. Re: The Positive side of MGTOW, the happy tidbits of going your own way.

    Great thread!

    I'm just over 18 months into my divorce and already I can see and feel the benefits of MGTOW!

    What everyone posted on this thread checks out in real life, and I specially identify...
  8. Germany's US$107 Billion Military Fund!

    So Germany decides to "modernize" their military fleet.

    I'm sure it's all for "self defense" purposes, right?

  9. Re: Financial Independence & The Carrot on The Stick.

    This is a bit OFF TOPIC on this thread, but something in Owen's post caught my eye to how Red Pilled guys tend to travel alone.

    It's something that interests me, since I rarely do so, and haven't...
  10. Re: Financial Independence & The Carrot on The Stick.

    Hey guys,

    Great responses all around! Thank you!

    The overall message that I got is: live below your means, save, invest, don't buy useless crap, but do indulge yourself once in a while!

  11. Financial Independence & The Carrot on The Stick.

    Hello gentlemen,

    Today, I want to write about “financial independence”(FI) and “retire early”(RE), the popular “FIRE” acronym. This is a topic that has my mind divided in two, specially after...
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    A Quote from The Dark Knight.

    Hello gentlemen,

    There's this quote from The Joker in the movie The Dark Knight that stuck in my head ever since I read it on a MGTOW forum.

    Here's the quote below:

    "They need you right now,...
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    Re: Sex is Overrated

    Hey Jacko!

    This thread isn't about if sex is pleasurable. I believe everyone here, myself included, derives pleasure from having sex.

    What we are discussing here is if sex is worth sacrifices...
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    Re: The Advanced Age MGTOW End Game.

    That's true: roommates may be a viable option. If you could find other solitary men with the same mindset, I think it could actually be enjoyable to have some company in your own home. This reminded...
  15. Re: Another victim, my friend just got the news , divorce playbook on page 733, same lead up for me

    Yeah, my ex wife tried this one on me, right after we had our son - I believe my boy was just under a couple of years old.

    Me and my ex met, got married, lived together and still live to this day...
  16. Re: Another victim, my friend just got the news , divorce playbook on page 733, same lead up for me

    This precise situation happened in my divorce. It was clear as day how her attitude towards me would change after she'd spend some time texting and/or hanging out with her divorced "friends" and...
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    Re: Sex is Overrated

    Man, it's almost as you've stolen the exact same words from my mind!

    I'm also going on a little over 2 years without sex; a voluntary celibacy on my behalf.

    Granted, I had a lot to deal with...
  18. Re: Do any of you guys pay for house cleaning services?

    I live in a small 2 bedroom/1 bathroom flat. My son only spends a few days at a time at my place, so there's hardly any mess on his behalf either.

    I'm also a minimalist, which means I have very...
  19. Re: I’m an Overprotective Girlfriend and I Have 8 Strict Rules for my Boyfriend

    It's all about control!

    If you refuse to be controlled, a couple of scenarios may develop:

    A) she becomes incredibly resentful and wrathful towards you, and tells you to fuck off!

    B) she...
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    Re: The Advanced Age MGTOW End Game.

    Thanks for this OG.

    Man, if the top notch, premium service, best of the area are this bad, can you imagine the random, cheaper places?

    Your post seems to give me the impression that there's...
  21. Re: I know a 68-year-old unmarried former "hippie" woman.

    This is something that pisses me off to the core! If the vast majority of men would have some standards, grow a fucking spine and tell these delusional over-the-Wall divorced/single hags to fuck off,...
  22. Re: Mother goes viral with incredible tale of how she left her husband of 14 years for a near stranger she was convinced was her 'soulmate' after one evening chatting at a conference - only for the other man to reject her

    I don't know why this news went "viral".

    To me, it's a clear cut, open-and-shut case of tingles hypergamy. Bored over-the-Wall cunt destroys own family and marriage to pursue excitement (social...
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    Re: The Advanced Age MGTOW End Game.

    Boy, did this thread really take off! I wasn't expecting such great replies and insights!

    As Unboxxed mentioned above, my intention when starting this thread was precisely what I quoted above from...
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    The Advanced Age MGTOW End Game.

    Hello gentlemen,

    How are you all doing?

    In the last couple of weeks, I had some clients that were well into their 80s, almost 90s years of age.

    Seeing how they were very dependent on the...
  25. Re: "Yes Dear", the secret to a happy marriage

    The moment I changed those three phases to "Fuck that!", "Fuck you!" and "Fuck Off!", after being treated like a damn sexless slave for months, all the "successful marriage" bullshit went out the...
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