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    Re: Incels, women, life - and MGTOW

    As a 4chan anon stated incel has always existed, in pop culture, they were usually called 'nerds' instead.

    Now you have billion dollar grossing 'capeshit' movies of comic books associated with...
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    Re: Imbalance of Power

    Agree. Also women were treated like "property" before feminism, and couldn't show off their sexuality on social media, by wearing snug clothing.
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    Re: Roe vs Wade, Laws, your opinions.

    I believe this is either a piss poor attempt by the establishment to increase the birthrate or a first of many steps to reduce women's rights, to eventually increase the birth rate cheaply (no tax...
  4. Re: Dudes, watch out, inflation has put a target on our backs

    Escorts here have reduced their prices drastically, here in the DC metropolitan area LOL. They're more willing to offer half hour.

    Usually they'll set it to 1 hour minimum, to not have to see...
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    Re: I was a Friend to Women...

    Yeah. I've been friends with 'only-childs', and in addition to doing only things they wanted it to do, another potential phenomenon, was constantly spending money. I guess it's easier for them to ask...
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    Re: I was a Friend to Women...

    From my experience with female co-workers: the moment things don't go their way, they will make up every lie, to bring you down or play you off against other co-workers.

    So no, female friends...
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    Re: This Is Why Social Media Is Cancer

    I like social media, in that it lets me confirm how shitty certain people are, and at end of day, how certain individuals wish to crawl back to their echo chamber, and were never your real 'friends'...
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    Re: Do we all pay for sex?

    Yes, he can get a one night stand, if he gives off the persona/"confidence" he's been with multiple women already; even if he's a midget, cus hey, 'Gotta try new things'.

    If said women is looking...
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    Re: Do we all pay for sex?

    Yes. Media brainwashing/sorcery makes us think other wise.

    The Romans felt that not controlling female sexuality would lead to an unstable society, especially factoring in where men may be...
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    Poll: Re: Best way to get post-nut clarity

    When in a situation* with multiple female co-workers of child bearing age, this tactic is a must.
  11. Re: The Decline of Shonen Entertainment in Japan is a Sign That it is Becoming Increasingly Feminized

    United States wanted an unconditional surrender, including the ability to dethrone/punish the emperor.

    I guess the U.S. felt it was easier to keep the populace of this island nation in line with...
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    Re: MGTOW. Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

    "We pay to exist" - AntiNatalist on Reddit
  13. Re: Who ever said Japan is inmune to the leftist idology is a retard.

    Japan is a protectorate ('vassal state'), of the United States, so it's not really surprising. Their constitution was written by an American feminist.
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    Re: Thanks, feminism

    I'd say it's more about self projection of what they find attractive (no strings attached sex, i.e. alpha fucks) in the opposite sex. They foolishly think emulating that makes them more attractive to...
  15. Re: Fell for a girl who turned out to be active on seeking arrangements

    Banjo bolt is commonly used to seal fluid lines, such as brake lines to calipers, or fuel filters.
  16. Re: Porn actresses in Japan facing poverty after doing porn

    In Japan, the woman can request to have her films purge from production 5 years after leaving the industry, which has probably contributed to increase in supply and thus less pay.
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    Re: Dating Statistics

    I came across a post by 4chan anon, basically saying a man has to have a social media account like Instagram that gets multiple likes and such, to have women respond to their Tinder request.
  18. Re: Psychiatry, A Scam Used By The Left To Violate Human Rights And Censor Dissent

    In this age of the internet, I regard teachers and doctors as nothing more than gatekeepers meant to promote certain agendas.
  19. Thread: Vaccines

    by osantium

    Re: Vaccines

    Vaccine manufacturers are immune from lawsuits.
    'Regular' vaccines usually go through 10 years or so of testing.
  20. Re: It's horrifying how some young Western men are so alienated by woke culture that they even admire the Taliban

    "The Matrix is a system Neo, and many (simps) will die to defend it"

    Cypher's betrayal from the Matrix is perfect example of why one must be careful...
  21. Re: I am a 41 year old Black man from South Central Los Angeles

    Once a man realizes there's more to life than impressing women/seeking female validation, he's truly evolved psychologically.

    Noisy cicadas and fighting bulls come to mind.
  22. Re: Onlyfans bans all sexually explicit content oct 1. Thoughts?

    Hoping to see the effects this might have in prostitution prices. In the DC metro area, women in their 20s not drug addicts are asking for $600 per hour.
  23. Re: Dead Superpower Walking - State Department calls for Taliban to include women in its government

    To maintain control over a nation like Afganistan one must have a constant supply line other than air, such as roads, tunnels, or even canal. Building a mile of road is 5 million dollars there. In...
  24. Re: Looks like we have an "incel" rampage here in the UK

    Yup, the elites could either legalize prostitution or give out medication to quell the sex drive.

    But of course, the elites won't do that, because their whole fake system since the dawn of...
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    Re: Reddit has banned the MGTOW subreddit

    Ruqqus just banned MGTOW as well.
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