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  1. Re: What's your thoughts on why most men cannot live without women

    Not just any story...your super hero MGTOW origin story no less! I am pleased that my brain droppings elicited that from your locker and in to the open. What a tale! I read it slowly and enjoyed...
  2. Re: What's your thoughts on why most men cannot live without women

    I think this is the essential part of your comment. When I read about PUA stuff many years back it tapped into my blue pill thirst and made me feel that I had a cheat code for slaking that thirst....
  3. Re: Do we acknowledge a culture, civil war in the West?

    Just leaving this here...:rolleyes:
  4. Re: Do any of you have (much) younger women hitting on you?

    Anything except find employment.

    In the animal kingdom, this is the definition of a parasite. An organism that cannot navigate the environment without finding a host.
  5. Thread: Joke Time

    by Jacknife

    Re: Joke Time

    My ex-wife has just gotten a massive case of diarrhoea..... I can't wait til she opens it.
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    Re: Playing The Long Game

    Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken ceramics with gold lacquer. The point isn't to repair something and make it as new, as if the trauma never happened.The point is to make your...
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    Re: How long has the world by gynocentric?

    I was wondering what that head reminded me of....

    Its like a...
  8. Re: I can't be right or left wing because they all SUCK

    The political choice offered by the left and right wings suck here in the UK as well.

    Over the last 2 years the people had a choice between lockdowns (implemented by the right wing Conservative...
  9. Thread: My Bro

    by Jacknife

    Re: My Bro

    Your bro's story reminds me of an interaction I had with a male client who was seeking psychotherapy because of his marriage.

    Because of the set up I was working in at the time, appointments were...
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    Re: Donít Judge Me!

    "But what of the truths they try to hide" (Jackoff)

    I want to weigh in with my own experiences of interacting with the alphabet community in a professional context.

    A few years ago, as a...
  11. Re: Decrease in sperm count after second dose of Pfizer mRNA Covid jab

    A short video of an evidence based study, comparing the vaccinated to the unvaccinated, conducted by a doctor using data from his own clinical...
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    Re: What is a Man?

    Because MannSplainer, that way the elite ensure that there is never any threat to their power base from the plebian masses of men. That is why it is preferable to promote a gynocracy and engineer a...
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    Re: Black and white thinking

    8. You must become a degenerate that will fuck anything, man, woman, trans or any of the other 62 genders.

    9. You must pretend that sick and evil people who prey on children are legitimate human...
  14. Re: The Positive side of MGTOW, the happy tidbits of going your own way.

    I'm on a staycation right now for the whole of June until I start a new contract in mid July. I am loving every day of my life right now by myself. As a man, we have the psychological gift of being...
  15. Re: The Positive side of MGTOW, the happy tidbits of going your own way.

    When I was married I was younger, but looked older. Tired. Now I am older with no woman in my life, I look younger. More alive.

    Women put miles on your clock like cigarettes. MGTOW is the health...
  16. Re: As mgtow, we can basically do whatever we want? Right? Just not in solid relationship.....

    Pump and dump. Use the language of relationshits to turn the tables e.g. "this isn't working out, we are just two different people" or "we just don't have enough in common to build something long...
  17. Re: What's the worst excuse you heard someone make to abolish females of accountability/responsibility?

    I don't know about anyone else scrolling this; but for me just hearing the excuse without the context of what happened is like reading the punchline of a joke without the setup.

    That's what she...
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    Re: Hike to Nowhere

    "Neither of them seemed interested in discussing what it must be like to be a lizard."

    That got a laugh out of me. It reads like they failed your shit test, and if one of them had pontificated on...
  19. Re: Three women on a movie forum I belong to have brought out some MGTOW's on the site.

    There you go again with that logical way of thinking! It's gonna get you in trouble one of these days, trynna understand women with that. You were close though I will give you that. I just need to...
  20. Re: Three women on a movie forum I belong to have brought out some MGTOW's on the site.

    Trolling is good if you want to make them angry and get a good laugh out of it. Personally I would prefer to ask questions that cut through their bullshit and egotistical smugness, and overload the...
  21. Re: Random observation about women and mobile phones

    Well, that clears up another mystery. Its just a clothing design flaw and not group think behaviour!

    Call it an occupational hazard of being a psychological professional. I will have to remember...
  22. Random observation about women and mobile phones

    What you call cell phones, we call them mobiles over here. Anyway the observation is that women always carry them in the back pocket so that its attached to the ass. Guaranteed if they are wearing a...
  23. Re: The commandments of the religion of gynocentrism

    Here's my idea. Deconstructing the commandments of gynocentrism to find out what's really going on.

    1. you must not criticize women

    Well, duh, every totalitarian or dogmatic...
  24. Re: are we headed for a wacko totalitarian breeding program?

    It doesn't benefit a government of any country.

    But that is because the paradigm of 'nations' and 'governments' and 'countries' is the very thing that is being upheaved and eventually replaced.
  25. Re: are we headed for a wacko totalitarian breeding program?

    A great question. My response is that you have to examine what is happening to see if the answer can be inferred by asking ourselves, who benefits?

    The effect of feminism as you say has been to...
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