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  1. Re: Video: CIVIL WAR 2 in America - WHO WOULD WIN? In-Depth Analysis

    i heard lapd won't recruit conservatives. this discrimination violates the constitution, but it is also in preparation of a civil war. police forces have been militarized, in terms of weapons and...
  2. Re: Women lose state pension age challenge.

    couldn't bring down men's retirement age? oh well. welcome to equality. man up. suck it up, princess.
  3. Thread: 7 years

    by Hyaku Shiki

    Re: 7 years

    7 years seems light for attempted murder. women just have to cry in court and they'll get leniency. when a woman cries in court, it's remorse. when a man cries in court, he's just sorry he got...
  4. Re: Divorced Dad Targets CA's "outdated" Alimony Law

    look how long it took women to get the vote, but they got it. Men need to be just as persistent if they want to make changes. for me, easier to make changes in how i live, but good luck to that guy.
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    Re: 60 million (Keven Hart)

    now that hart is rich and famous, women are going to be coming after him from all angles. he needs to be prepared.
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    Re: Some thoughts for today...

    I never forgot the lyrics from a Soundgarden song

    Hate, if you want to hate
    If it keeps you safe
    If it makes you brave

    People are free to hate. I don't recommend it, but it's their right...
  7. Re: Marry a virgin they said...she will be loyal and submissive they said...

    mary said she was a virgin while she was pregnant with another man's baby.
  8. Re: KU student went to cops to report a rape. Now she’s the one charged with a crime.

    if a rape isn't violent, it probably wasn't a real rape. cops aren't as stupid as university (en)title(d) ix retards
  9. Re: Apparently we all hit on hookers cause it makes us feel real men

    who "hits on" hookers? lol
  10. Re: There's an Instagram page for Miserable men

    porn for feminists
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    Re: MGTOW and NOFAP

    i only looked at the thumbnail and that was enough for me. i disagree with the idea that i need to find something i'm willing to die for to "really live". how about i find something i'm willing to...
  12. Re: Apparently we all hit on hookers cause it makes us feel real men

    she's in her mid 30's. what has she been doing until now? whoring around and being part of the problem she complains about now.
    she's really just upset that she can't get what she wants right...
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    Re: soy boy 'life coach' misrepresents mgtow

    sounds like a nawalt argument. yawn
  14. Re: Father comes home to find his children dead in the garage. Police say his wife is the suspect

    if you want to die, fine, but leave the kids out of it. what a bitch.
    figures she survives. i'll bet she has all kinds of abuse allegations to make so she can beat her murder charge and blame the...
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    Re: Women have no respect

    women gossip and usually don't confirm facts or even think if what they're saying makes sense. went to visit my twin brother years ago. was with my now ex-wife. neighbor's wife sees me get out of...
  16. Re: ‘We will continue to represent men at their best’: Gillette’s backflip after ‘toxic masculinity’...

    To win back customers, Gillette is releasing a new razor with 11 blades.
    It's called the Chapter 11.
  17. Re: Get Woke, Go Broke: Gillette Loses BILLIONS After Sexist and Lecturing #MeToo Razor Ads

    Jillette says the loss of 8 billion is due to their African markets letting their beards grow out. Like that just started this year or something. i wonder how many billions of dollars it will take...
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    Re: His name......was Richard Russell.

    more urgent than mental illness is the social illness that is killing our society.
  19. Re: Natalie Portman is Thor, Mahershala Ali is Blade and more

    made a joke but somebody beat me to it. fack
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    Re: Strong handshake and Eye-contact

    Thanks guys. I wondered what happened to everyone. lol. Good to be here.
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    Re: Strong handshake and Eye-contact

    done with relationships. Sometimes I think I want a relationship, but then I hang out with my married friend and hear all the crap he puts up with. Then I get confirmation again that I'm making the...
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    Re: Strong handshake and Eye-contact

    ok. I'll try again. Everything was a long time ago so it's hard to recollect a lot of detail. I remember getting a chain email from my brother and it was some guy explaining the pointlessness of...
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    Strong handshake and Eye-contact

    Good evening,

    I'm Hyaku Shiki. It's the name of one of my favorite Gundams as a kid. I used to go by another name on another mgtow forum, but that site has been having trouble for almost a year...
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