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  1. Re: Promo - "The Red Pill Freedom Live Stream" - 04 July 2021 - 3 PM EST

    Gatorade! Im glad you found it entertaining. Definitely good to be a part of these.
  2. Promo - "The Red Pill Freedom Live Stream" - 04 July 2021 - 3 PM EST

    For anyone interested.

    Promo - "The Red Pill Freedom Live Stream" - 04 July 2021 - 3 PM EST
    Host-reverend20piece ...
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    Re: What’s happened with Unboxxed?

    Looking into it gang. Hold tight.
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    So I figured I'd give an Update...

    Hey guys,

    Been a minute. I figure i'd give an update as I know some of you were subscribers to my 'former" channel on Youtube. To be short, they were looking for ways to remove me and did so...
  5. Re: Original Gangsta of Nacho's mgtow forums checking in. I'M BACK!!!

    Wow there's a blast from the past! Welcome back to the fold man!
  6. It's a "Hate Crime" To Speak To Her That Way.

    It's a "Hate Crime" To Speak To Her That Way.

    Be sure to watch to the end to catch the "Real Message".

    BitChute Mirror@...
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    Men Going Their Own Way: A Documentary

    Spetsnaz took the time to put this together, I have re-upped it on my channel. It's worth a watch and some discussion so I thought I would post a thread here on it.
  8. Re: I think Tomi Lahren is on a bullet train headed for the wall

    Haven't commented in awhile, just wanted to say great thread, a lot of great posts in here. I just watched a bang on Stardusk video on her for those interested I think he nails it and mirrors a lot...
  9. Re: Divorce Lawyers Are Sharing the Most Evil Ways Spouses Tried to Screw Each Other Over

    Another reason not to marry or cohabitate with a woman where the law is in your bedroom. Thanks, hard pass.
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    Re: Covid-19 One Month In- The Effect of No Sex

    I did a recent video on this very topic "The Sexpocalypse"...I think this is a time where we may see greater adoption of the sex robot/doll etc being pushed into the marketplace as a "cleaner, safer"...
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    Re: The Signal from MGTOWHQ

    This site has endured because we have always had a pretty good grip on things on the Admin/Mod side. People got banned for the right reasons, not just because someone had a hair trigger temper, some...
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    Re: MGTOW HQ killed ?

    Unpopular opinion, but, Personally, im still glad I was banned over there, I dont like (but understand for some others..I guess) living in that mindset of having to hide who I am from the world by...
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    Re: r/MGTOW is a dumpster fire

    Gee, look at who was right about r/MGTOW going down after my ban...up since what 2011, and I was right within about a week...of this happening?

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    Re: r/MGTOW is a dumpster fire

    I can agree with this prima facie, the issue I have is when you have like 8-10 mods with their thumbs up their asses when a message is sent, and its a 1.5 sentence question and your reaction is...
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    r/MGTOW is a dumpster fire

    r/MGTOW is a dumpster fire, just like all legacy social media.

    This is what I posted, and wouldn't you know, was banned from the sub reddit about 90 seconds later.

    This place may have slowed...
  16. Re: Women selling nudes to to help quash the australian wildfires

    The "Snail Trail" of approval.
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    Re: Antonio Brown accused of raping his trainer

    AB has video's released online of her in various states of dress in different situations in bed with him, it's over before it began.
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    Re: Antonio Brown accused of raping his trainer


    Has to be the quickest proof turn around on a false allegation in history....female nature exposed.
  19. Re: Travel Vlogger Reekay outs MGTOW as "Negative" then....

    My response video;
  20. Travel Vlogger Reekay outs MGTOW as "Negative" then....

    Travel Vlogger Reekay outs MGTOW as "Negative" then sets up website that sounds eerily similar to MGTOW.

    My comment....

    Lots of positivity in MGTOW. Men that are going through the initial red...
  21. An interesting comment on Reddit - Women are NOT emotional

    I dont often post threads, but I thought id share this comment from Reddit's "r/MGTOW" as I found the comment interesting and thought others may as well;

    Enough of this Bullshit :"Women are...
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    Re: A new kind of war bride.

    I dont mind pimping my channel occasionally,:p I talk about this phenomena in one of my vids (The "old" war brides" effect, specifically to the topic starts around the 12 minute mark);

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    Re: A common error in red pill tropes.

    This thread is one of the best I have seen in awhile. Nothing to add (Except a few of you got more rep!) carry on gents!
  24. Re: Man Paradise Episode 1 - Pilot, John Goes MGTOW

    The creator states he will be recreating it all and changing the story line, time will tell if he gets it right, but that second episode was awful for so many reasons, and a complete 180 from the...
  25. Re: Guide to Sex and Marriage in the 21st Century

    I'll just throw this up there for posterity. Great thread Jagr, great responses guys.
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