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  1. Re: Men need to “shut up and listen” to women . . . Benedict Cumberbatch has said.

    If listening to women actually worked the manosphere wouldn't exist.
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    Re: Paul Elam critiques Briffault's Law

    Personally I wouldn't call it a "law" more like a general guideline, men still choose to get divorced in around a third of cases for example.

    Definitely, she'd have been less likely to...
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    Re: What is your solution ?

    Interesting responses, most people on here have it nailed on. Unfortunately this is only one small corner of the manosphere.
    The purpose of my post was to highlight issues in the rapidly growing...
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    What is your solution ?

    Back at high school we used to have organised class debates on “social and moral issues” such as Abortion and the death penalty. One day the subject of debate was “should we go to war against Iraq ?”...
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    Re: A Way To Deal With The Single Mother Problem

    Just a thought, every sucker who takes on a single mother and financially supports her is one less person our taxes have to pay for. Why stop them ??????

    Women desire attention more than...
  6. Re: Her: “I’m not looking for dating just casual…”. What is she really saying?

    Always ignore anything a woman writes under "I want". (apart from the obvious red flags)

    Read about plenty of women who are "not looking for anything serious" but then want man to move in with...
  7. Re: dumbest things feminists say: "He's old enough to be her father."

    I remember a newspaper article with pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio with his latest young model, I went straight to the comments and got the predictable wall of hate as outlined above.
    I just added...
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    Re: What was dating like pre-Social Media?

    The Rational male said something along the lines of "that Amish county good girl is just as hypergamous as the club slut you nailed last night".
    Women were the same but technology wasn't around to...
  9. Re: Would you get vaccinated so you could travel abroad more?

    I know and have read about people who have travelled without and it usually means extra tests (paid by you) or having to quarantine at some point. Speaking from a UK perspective here, different...
  10. Re: We need to advocate for men like feminists advocate for women

    Marriage and cohabitation laws are blatantly unfair to men, which of the following would be the most effective course of action ?

    1) Join an MRA group and spend endless hours discussing strategies...
  11. Re: Sarah Jessica Parker thinks lack of interest in her new show is "misogyny"

    Definitely, it sold millions of women the lie that they can slut it up well into middle age and the perfect man will show up at the right time and wife them up.
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    Re: How many friends do you have?

    I have a ton of friends, unfortunately 99% of them fall neatly into 2 categories.

    1) Married, kids, settled down.....I see a handful of times a year at most.

    2) Spend every weekend in the same...
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    Re: The consequences of allowing gay marriage

    My 2 cents on the subject

    I'll take a rough guess that around 5% of the population is gay.
    The vast majority of gay people don't actually want to get married. Again I'll take a rough guess that...
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    Re: Truest thing about modern day society

    It's not even skilled people, I work in a factory that required no qualifications or skills on entry, training is given on the job and pay is significantly better than minimum wage. Yet we have many...
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    Re: Book suggestions/recommendations

    The unchained man - Celeb Jones. Breaks down a lot of society's sacred cows from religion, societal customs, outdated caveman urges, to monogamy and marriage. More importantly actionable advice to...
  16. Re: Disturbing when a MGTOW is duped by pro-Nazi crap

    It baffles me how some people operate like this, I remember many years ago watching a video where some well known holocaust denier was taken around Auschwitz and he was still trying to claim it was...
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    Re: What I say vs what I'd like to say

    Him/her - Date night (fancy restaurant pictures posted on social media)
    Me - Enjoy your evening looks nice.
    MGTOW me - I know you are desperately trying to do something about the dead bedroom...
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    Re: How do we protect ourselves from inflation?

    I have some gold, silver and cryptos but still only around 20% of my total wealth.
    Don't want to put all my eggs in one basket so to speak, looking for ideas to invest my cash abroad well away from...
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    Re: Dating Statistics

    It's getting worse............
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    Re: So what do we think N count really is?

    You can get some indicators if a woman has a very high count. 24 Signs She’s A Slut – Return Of Kings

    Ultimately women are biologically hardwired to conceal their body count, a woman can be a...
  21. Re: The Decline of Shonen Entertainment in Japan is a Sign That it is Becoming Increasingly Feminized

    I'll leave this here.....
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    Re: How are the covid´s madness in your country?

    South Florida Sun-Sentinel, "COVID in Florida: 3974 new cases as steep drop continues," Oct. 6
    WPLG-TV in South Florida, "Florida COVID cases dip to lowest since early July," Sept. 28, 2021
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    Re: Russia to start criminalizing MGTOWs (?)

    Found this, Russia has massive population problems not just with current economics but with echo's of the massive population loss during WW2.
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    Re: Why did you marry her?

    I was talking to someone in the pub the other week who I'd not seen for ages. He asked if I'd "found a woman and settled down yet", when I replied he looked at me as if he was seriously concerned...
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    Re: Russia to start criminalizing MGTOWs (?)

    I can't see any "solution" to reverse declining birth rates to be honest, once you go down that road there is no going back. As soon as having few children becomes the norm for a society people don't...
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