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  1. Re: Men need to “shut up and listen” to women . . . Benedict Cumberbatch has said.

    Let's be realistic here. Women are so incredibly useless that even Glamour Magazine awarded the Woman of the Year to Bruce Jenner in 2015.

    If that's not a wake-up call for women, I don't know what...
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    Re: Tik Tok Has An Incel Problem

    People fear and attack what they don't understand. Let the simple minds be, you're on the right road.
  3. Re: dumbest things feminists say: "He's old enough to be her father."

    Sometimes I feel like feminist's tears taste better than tequila.
  4. Re: Men need to “shut up and listen” to women . . . Benedict Cumberbatch has said.

    We must understand that Cumberbatch is simply posturing and virtue signaling to the crowd that he believes will best further his career. These celebrities who live like the 1%ers sometimes come down...
  5. Re: This Crazy Woman Thinks She Having Sex With Ghosts

    If he ends up ghosting her later she only has herself to blame.
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    Re: Lesbians Being Trans-phobic

    This is the natural progression for a generation that has lived in a society that has seen no real hardship during their lifetime. Adversity builds strength and resolve. If people do not have to...
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    Re: Question about women flaunting their bodies.

    When you only bring 1 single value to the table, you obviously try to sell it as hard as possible. They know that nobody is going to be with them based on their intelligence, wit, humor, domestic...
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    More confirmation

    I was on a website called and found this gem. Like we need any more confirmation but still.

    16. The Wrong BrotherAdvertisement

    I’ve worked for Uber and one time, a passenger who...
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    Re: Should I work?

    Don't leach off of your parents. That's not the way to go! Your self worth will plummet when you realize that you're not self sufficient in any way. That leads to dependency on government programs...
  10. Re: Left/liberals/democrats are far better than the right wing conservatives

    The reality is, socialism needs capitalism to produce the money that it then confiscates and redistributes.
    Capitalism does not need socialism to prosper.
  11. Re: Left/liberals/democrats are far better than the right wing conservatives

    I'm starting to smell tuna.
  12. Re: A thought about women on dating apps and the standard for height of men they date in 2021

    And this is why men get paid more and are promoted more often than women. It's not a mystery really.
  13. Re: Sex doll makers "putting finishing touches" to artificial intelligence app so they can love you back

    What actually boggles my mind is the realization of how insanely shitty, vain, self-centered, devoid of love for a man, insane, greedy, manipulative and useless the modern woman is, that men have...
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    Re: Non bullshit advice

    When someone approaches me, I always preempt them by stating "I don't have any cash on me". Since that's all they want, every time, they stop in their tracks and start focusing elsewhere immediately.
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    Re: Feminization Of Boys - Marc Rudov

    This sets the stage for an all out invasion by a male dominated culture. A male-centric cult like islam will easily swoop in and take control of a weakened society. Our women, in usual fashion, will...
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    Re: Dealing with new female co-worker

    Brock, whatever you do, don't become an emotional tampon for her. She just wants you to absorb all her problems before she flushes you down the toilet.
  17. Re: The future of "toxic" masculinity is today's Russia!

    If you misrepresent yourself towards a woman to gain her trust for sex it's considered rape. Be careful.
  18. Re: Is there any SAFE way to have kids in North America?

    Western Europe I would say Portugal or Malta. Eastern Europe would be Georgia or Belarus. All great and affordable countries with a fantastic standard of living.
  19. Re: Porn actresses in Japan facing poverty after doing porn

    The shortsightedness and overall vanity of the female gender is mind boggling but not surprising.
  20. Re: New Crisis! Woman Who’s Good At Driving Wondering If She Might Be Transgender Man

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    Re: sexy poses in front of her dad's coffin

    She's a product of the digital generation, and acts as a perfect example of their shortcomings.
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    Re: 12 pounds off so far

    Try the carnivore diet for 30 days Loner. You'll be surprised what it can do for you.
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    Re: Daily dose of Vitamin S(mile)

    Wife went for her yearly medical check-up. When she got home she said to her husband:

    "My gynecologist told me I can't have sex for a while"

    Her husband looked at her and asked:

    "OK, but...
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    Re: The word Mancave, needs a MGTOW overhaul!

    The Man Cave in every home should be called The Bridge. Star Trek Next Gen fans will understand.
  25. Re: Deconstructing the "Focusing on my career" platitude

    5. Wine
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