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    Re: Roe vs Wade, Laws, your opinions.

    He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster . . . when you gaze long into the abyss the abyss also gazes into you”― Friedrich Nietzsche
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    Roe vs Wade, Laws, your opinions.

    Hello fellow men.

    Today I read an article, that stated, that its only matter of time, before they over turn roe v wade.

    This will bring an end, to the saga, of the liberal left, on...
  3. Re: This Woman Leaves In Tears While Dating Another Woman

    I didn't know we were posting how long we made it. 2:17

    She even has one of those shit earings.
  4. Re: An old hilarious video mocking feminism

    Female history, only teaches, to hate men. Never trust a women, who took womens study.

    Their ideology teaches that women are dying, and that men are killing them. Bunch of bullshit.

  5. Re: Any of you know anything about complex post-traumatic stress disorder?

    Yeah... "warzones" do it.
    Yeah... "violence" does it.
    Yeah... "torture" does it.
    Yeah people are fucked up bc of fucked up people.

    Then, you get into, who started it all.

    One thing I know...
  6. Re: They can lie about MGTOW, but here's what they can't do

    What goes around, comes around. MGTOW!
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    Re: Women are strong, except…

    Women are parasites. They play the weak card so someone can stand up for them. Indirect manipulation, or psycology or whatever it is. They know what they're doing. Its a game to them.

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    Re: Open post to find out what women want

    Women dont contribute anything. They'll never be appreciative of anything that you do for them. They train you to endlessly serve them.

    Walk away from what they are. From their ideology. From the...
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    Re: ghost lifestyle, what do you do?

    sorry i just reaized its similar to another thread.
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    ghost lifestyle, what do you do?

    I dont talk to anybody, I mostly keep to myself. I fish.

    I talk to people at work. I dont talk to anyone outside of work, going 3 years.

    I've read alot of great books. what books do you guys...
  11. Re: Do any other Forum members enjoy dressing well?

    I dress for work and church. However im giving up on church.

    I dress nice for work. theres a pac of women (5-6) that i work with. I basically like working there bc people ignore me.

    I dress...
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    Re: Ghost hobbies?

    Atleast fish. read books. make things.
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    Re: The worst song on earth!

    This is the concept. yoko inspired women to act like this. This is femenist art.
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    Bill Gates wife contributed nothing

    Hey I was having a convo at work with a security guard and he brought up bill gates.

    Theres alot of mixed feeling about bill. That he hates population ect...

    I want to bring up the fact about...
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    Re: How to convince incels to not be incels?

    Hey I admit it, I was being blue pilled. She left, no more blue pill. Woke the fuck up.

    Women are snakes.

    Incels, well, You can take a horse to water, but if "it" dosent want to drink,...
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    Re: What if you want kids?

    I wanted a child. I wanted a family. I wanted a home.

    I dont want a transgender child. I dont want a piece of shit family. I dont want a house.

    She walked away from me, and with her, she...
  17. Re: How do you take care of your mental health?

    Hey, avoid women. Their not good for mental health. You have to struggle for two people. keep yourself happy.

    If your fat, and who isnt, I know I am. Read this book called "The china study" by T...
  18. Re: Need a Date? Crazed woman attacks couple with Samurai SWORD after they 'refuse to have threesome'

    The blade was dull because you can see the man grabbing the blade. However, this plane, was just making a practise run, before take off. If a women makes a threat, their gauging your reaction. Their...
  19. Re: Compulsory Conjugality, The Latest in Forced Enslavement of Men

    Man, I just got scared. Just have to keep looking out.
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    Re: Crying Coworker Etiquette

    Dont fall for it. Women cry if they want you to do something for them.

    Ever gone fishing. Well their fishing for something. your the fish.
  21. Re: Will Smith : A walking lesson in why it pays to be MGTOW (And NEVER White Knight)

    Yeah... Will smith married a succubus. To benifit her career.

    Yeah... Will Smith's disability, is Jada.

    I no longer care for will smith.

    He obviously didnt want any of that but he had to...
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    Re: I was a Friend to Women...

    Im guessing you were friends with the women because you had hopes, that she recognize, that you were there when it counts.

    Its not recipricated. Women only have their interest. Weather its...
  23. Re: How has your life changed since you went your own way?

    I no longer care about other peoples opinions. After she left, I realized that only you, should care about yourself. The only one looking out for your health is you.

    Don't care about peoples...
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    Re: Accepting isolation

    Find a hobby, I'd suggest read books. Be careful who you trust. I agree that "friends" are not real, eventually everyone will breaks your trust.
    Especially women. Find happiness from inward going...
  25. Re: Intro: 10yrs, she left, took red pill

    I agree, I learned that the "modern women" is all about "her benefit."

    Its not a "we" world anymore. Its an "I" world.

    The sooner men realize, their getting the short stick, on alot of...
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