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    Re: A Way To Deal With The Single Mother Problem

    Mexico has a practical solution for single women having a kid - strip clubs like Adelitas in Tijuana. Women do not get welfare, alimony and child support generally like the USA - they have to earn...
  2. Man Shot at Ex's House For Demanding Court Ordered Time with Kid - Video

    Chad Read Shooting: Evidence Supports Manslaughter, Not Justification
    Reed has legal...
  3. KYLE’S LAW: Stopping Politically Motivated Prosecutions of Self-Defense

    By Attorney Andrew Branca / November 19, 2021

    "Hey folks, I’m Attorney Andrew Branca, for Law of Self Defense, and I’d like to take just a moment to talk with you about Kyle’s Law, our proposed...
  4. Bill Sardi Tells His California Family Court Nightmare

    A California man said his family court story- now in its eighth year- has taught him not to trust even his own lawyers.

    Sardi said he even paid for a private judge- on the advice of one of his...
  5. Re: Would you get vaccinated so you could travel abroad more?

    Just fly into San Diego then take the trolley to Tijuana to get a flavor of Mexico and meet hot strippers. Cheap hotel rooms and you can head back to San...
  6. SATIRE: Rioters Flee In Terror As Kyle Rittenhouse Emerges From Courthouse With AR-15

    "KENOSHA, WI—As the Rittenhouse trial drew to a close, Antifa rioters were preparing their violent destruction of the city. But their plans were quickly foiled as Rittenhouse emerged from the...
  7. Anyone Read This? Witches, Feminism, and the Fall of the West by Edward Dutton

    The archetype of the "witch" is burnt deep into the European psyche, recurring again and again in folklore and fairytales. But is she merely the stuff of fantasy? Roald Dahl warned that witches don't...
  8. SATIRE: New Video: Feminist Husband Fights Toxic Masculinity

    "Striking Blow Against Toxic Masculinity, Man Graciously Allows Wife To Change Car Tire

    He's a husband. He's a father. And he's a feminist. Meet Jerm Hoth, the feminist husband who strikes a...
  9. SATIRE: Judge Asks Rittenhouse For Autograph, Selfie

    "KENOSHA, WI—After hearing the arguments and reviewing the video evidence, Judge Schroeder has asked defendant Kyle Rittenhouse for his autograph and a selfie.
    "E-excuse me, m-mister Rittenhouse,...
  10. New Crisis! "Hogging" Is A Horrifying Sex Competition That Some Fraternities Engage In, And People Are Finally Talking About It

    I've always disliked fraternities, for obvious reasons. But now, I am genuinely terrified of them after learning about a practice called "hogging."

    Evidently, the practice is not anything new, and...
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    Re: Should I take Jordan Peterson seriously?

    Jordan Peterson or Jordan Chase? You are born PRIMAL! Take IT! LOL
  12. Re: Is there any SAFE way to have kids in North America?

    In countries like China, there is a huge incentive to have kids. In fact, men have kidnapped kids out in the park to raise them as their own. In countries like China, your retirement care is...
  13. New Game 'Call Of Duty: Rittenhouse' Lets You Defend Your Home From A Horde Of Bloodthirsty Communists

    SANTA MONICA, CA—Activision surprised the gaming world with a new game trailer revealing the next game in the popular Call of Duty series. Set to be released any day now, Call of Duty: Rittenhouse...
  14. Re: Is there any SAFE way to have kids in North America?

    YES, you can have your own kids. Hire a surrogate and donor eggs from a different surrogate. No child support, no alimony etc and no disputes over who gets the kid. That said, I believe the cheap...
  15. The Wall Comes For All! Sarah Jessica Parker slams ‘misogynist’ comments about aging looks

    "Sarah Jessica Parker is over the criticism she and her “Sex and the City” co-stars have received for how their physical appearances have changed as they’ve gotten older.
    “There’s so much misogynist...
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    Re: Purple unicorn? A very rare gem.

    The reality is some countries are feminist where women wear the pants and some countries are macho where men wear the pants. A single guy is safer in a macho country where there are no sexual...
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    Re: Book suggestions/recommendations

    For a MGTOW Scifi author, suggest Jack Vance. Numerous books dealing with insane women feminist types . . .
    Araminta Station (The Cadwal Chronicles) (Volume 1) Paperback – April...
  18. Biden Offers To Have Hunter Repaint Sistine Chapel

    "VATICAN CITY—President Biden emerged from his meeting with Pope Francis greatly relieved and brimming with joy, claiming that the Holy Father had requested Biden’s son, the great artist Hunter,...
  19. New Crisis: Men with ‘golden penis syndrome’ are ruining sex and dating for women

    Beware of the college grad cad! Men with college degrees have become so cocky that they’re ruining romance for their female counterparts, one “leading expert” alleges.
    Just 40.5% of college...
  20. Re: Disturbing when a MGTOW is duped by pro-Nazi crap

    For a view of the actual goals of the Nazi Party and its backers, read: The Chief Culprit: Stalin's Grand Design to Start World War II Paperback – March 15, 2013

    by Viktor Suvorov (Author) Amazon...
  21. New Crisis! Woman Who’s Good At Driving Wondering If She Might Be Transgender Man

    "AMERICAN FORK, UT—Kyrsten Blyrsten, a local mom and recovering shiplap addict, reportedly began wondering if she might be transgender after she drove around town to run errands without incident....
  22. New Ghosting Option: Facebook Introduces New Virtual Reality Pods To Plug You Into Metaverse

    "MENLO PARK, CA—Genius billionaire and totally human Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced he is building a brand new virtual reality world for everyone to live in, which he calls the...
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    Re: How do we protect ourselves from inflation?

    Here you go!
    How to Protect Your Life Savings from Hyperinflation and Depression, 2nd edition by John T Reed
    This book tells you how to rearrange your assets and liabilities so that you are not...
  24. Instagram censors evolutionary biologist for posting a chart from transgender study by prominent science journal that showed biological men are stronger than biological women in a range of Olympic sports

    Evolutionary biologist, Colin Wright, had one of his Instagram posts removed for 'hate speech' and claims he was unable to appeal his review
    The chart taken from a scientific study showed that...
  25. NATURE: Researchers Voice Dismay At All-Male Science Nobels by Steve Sailer

    From Nature:

    All seven winners of this year’s science prizes were men. Some say this shows a disappointing lack of progress towards diversifying the awards.

    by Katharine Sanderson

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