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    Re: Skiving at Work (Empty Labor)

    Looking super busy is the ultimate cover because with technology they are watching at all times now whether in the office or even on job sites. But you just have to be smarter about looking like you...
  2. Re: Man Refrains From Marrying Woman, Owes Millions in Spousal Support

    I can understand that view point. But like stardusk I can be indifferent and asexual towards the "fairer sex". It is not that I don't have that biological drive but I have never felt a slave to it...
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    Re: This video is worth re-watching

    The stoic mindset is simple but easy to master. Basically don't be a doormat as a man.

    It took me a long time to learn this because my parents taught me to always care about other people's...
  4. Re: Man Refrains From Marrying Woman, Owes Millions in Spousal Support

    When under siege you don't talk about how sunny the day is.

    At this point we must keep awareness at red alert because if we can save one man a day we have put in a good days work.
  5. Re: I think Tomi Lahren is on a bullet train headed for the wall

    In such situations those men may look the part but when you look into their eyes no one is home. The party is over and frankly their brain is shut off. Those men only have a shot if they actually...
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    Re: "It Takes a Village" Mentality

    My belief is that she is trying to control outcomes instead of putting in the work and letting the clients and customers dictate the outcomes. Shifting the paradigm and mindset of putting in work...
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    Re: "On the Go"

    What you say is true.

    Working hard for yourself is the pay off and nothing more.

    To me it shows that no matter what you do it is never enough and people become trapped in their own heads...
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    Re: "On the Go"

    I find that I can save and make more money now when I am not being rushed. Funny how that works.

    The on the go mentality is designed for people to grind to their max while not looking at how...
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    Re: In the End, God is in Control

    What can men learn in such trying times? Society doesn't hold up well when it challenged by tyranny.

    But as men going our own way we already knew of the tyranny lurking underneath with court...
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    Re: The 2020 Ghost?


    What 2020 taught me is that I am on the right path to cut toxic people out of my life and keep pushing myself to be in a better financial position with fuck you money.
  11. Re: L.A. Affairs: We dated for three years. Then he told me he didn't believe in marriage

    Marriage = security is a straight up scam.

    What I am seeing with younger adults is that they don't believe in the concept of marriage for security. Why? Because women are looking for the bigger...
  12. Re: YouTuber. Better Batchelor "More Men Are Becoming Bachelors"

    It is the hydra strategy.

    Being amorphous is advantageous.

    The reason why they can't keep up is because they keep trying to categorize men in neatly confined boxes.
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    Re: Young people are cowards...

    To enjoy life's greatest joys you have to know the worst of the darkness that lies out there.

    Iron sharpens iron and if you have no guidance that explains why so many young adults are lost and...
  14. Re: 129 Ways to get a Husband - 1958 article goes viral

    Women in the past learned skills, had hobbies, and actually went out and worked jobs just to attract a man for marriage. Now? They just sit at home posting on social media sites and .gov pays them. ...
  15. Re: 129 Ways to get a Husband - 1958 article goes viral

    You know old wiser men have said this, older PUAs have said this and famous men have said this.

    Don't. Chase. Women.

    They will find you.

    We make fun of the past but they had it all figured...
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    Re: Universal Basic Income

    UBI would work well for men that want to ghost.

    But at the end of the day you are not being self reliant which is probably a higher priority as a ghost. Every layer of self reliance I can build...
  17. Re: The worst kind of relationship (a.k.a. I tried to warn my friend, now he has to deal with it)

    Thank you for your post as I was thinking about this the other day. This is because I was wondering how do younger men deal with dating women who are active on multiple social media sites as they...
  18. Re: Remember that crazy bee-otch on Tucker Carlson?

    The smart play is to ignore and never bend the knee to the feminazi mob. Lets see if Tucker and Hannity can pass this test.
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    Very sad news about M. Angelucci. RIP

    And this comes on the heels of a landmark victory too.
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    Re: Living on a budget

    Physical money indeed can go quick but credit cards are arguably worse. But I do agree that once you shift the focus of money from paying debts to using money to invest the entire outlook changes.
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    Re: The riots vs feminism

    Don't become distracted by those that view social justice as the greatest pursuit in life.

    The greatest pursuit in life is seeking out your own personal liberty.
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    Re: "I can't breath"

    First corona and now the protests and riots.

    I think at this point we can conclude that this is all not an accident at this point. I personally think that mass media has turned it up a notch to...
  23. Re: Michaela Peterson divorcees and hooks up with a thug

    Peterson has a strong intellect but I think what causes him this unstable mentality is because he is so rigid with his thoughts sometimes. Peterson can not let go often of what he was taught and...
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    Re: Living on a budget

    Living on a budget like a college kid is actually fun. Less investment and stress and you open up your options with job prospects.

    The downside is you can't eat and drink the good stuff but after...
  25. Re: Michaela Peterson divorcees and hooks up with a thug

    While it is true that men are competitive with one another men are also capable of forming groups for great goals. The problem is in the 21st century men are distracted by a lot of distractions and...
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