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  1. Re: R Kelly who spent his career kissing women's asses couldn't escape 3 decades of jail time

    This I agree with but it's safe to say that were it not for the upsurge of the #metoo movement, that case would've been unheard of.
  2. Re: Impressive Female Bot with realistic facial expressions: Ameca

    Wow, so uncanny. The fluidity of movement and change in facial expression is stupendous. The guy's prediction of 10 to 20 years is accurate as I could see this being a normal household product in...
  3. Re: I have no desire for women anymore, because of my mother. I'll get laid, once in a while. But women in my life more than a fling, is not gonna happen.

    Rather than sit here and complain, which I don't argue is deserving, what are you planning to change things? What steps are you taking to distance yourself and make things better for you? You said...
  4. Re: R Kelly who spent his career kissing women's asses couldn't escape 3 decades of jail time

    He was acquitted of all charges of child pornography in 2008, it wasn't until some documentary came out that triggered the outcry of #metoo and forced those cases to be reopened. Therefore, all he...
  5. R Kelly who spent his career kissing women's ass couldn't escape 3 decades of prison time

    30 years. In all likelihood he'll spend the remainder of his life in prison. Who would've thought that a man who produced the following songs could find himself in a world of trouble with the same...
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    Re: For the US males on here

    Fuck, who cares? Dating sites? Ugh.
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    Re: Abortion overturned!! HAHAHAAHHAA

    Buh buh buh buh buh...that's slut shaming!
  8. Re: I despise the right-wing politicians and feminists equally

    This is why I've been trying to cut down on eating meat as much. That something must die in order for me to have my fill is bad enough but the manner in which those poor animals slaughtered or...
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    Re: Don’t Judge Me!

    That's a needed rant lol, and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. It's what happens to a society when women, that reactionary and emotionally based creature, are allowed to set the...
  10. Re: I despise the right-wing politicians and feminists equally

    Your jizz on the wall or paper towel isn't fertilized, so comparing it to a fertilized fetus undergoing a gradual gestation is nihil. Those are completely different things. According to CDC, about...
  11. Re: New survey shows older women are now dating younger men. "Here’s why"

    They're nothing but target practice for these men
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    Re: Abortion overturned!! HAHAHAAHHAA

    My hope in humanity remains stunted but maybe, just maybe, there's a future after all. What should never be forgotten, what should be seared into history books, is that there's a 50-year period in...
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    Re: Never Paid a Cent to OnlyFans Club

    Yea, a colossal waste of money if you ask me. If you wait long enough sooner or later their shit is leaked online anyway. ...
  14. Re: Probably the best description of "fear of dying alone" you will ever find

    The only person that cared enough to tell them about themselves died last month and that was Kevin Samuels, and they hated him even in death. A 33-year-old woman now looking to settle down and have...
  15. Re: The Positive side of MGTOW, the happy tidbits of going your own way.

    Freedom of movement. Knowing that I could move however I want in the world, no longer bound by the shackles of romance, no longer have my goings and comings checked by my commitment to one...
  16. Re: Wow — I didn’t realize how many women do porn nowadays….

    Brave New World perfected. Women having multiple sex partners they can fuck on the fly would seize been a taboo (it's already happening). Sex in public view would only be treated with mere...
  17. Chinese man learned none of his three daughters were his biological children

    Ha! It's good to know that the evil personified as femininity is smearing her rotten bile far and wide beyond the confines...
  18. Thread: What is a Man?

    by Hedon

    Re: What is a Man?

    Lol that's great.

    To pay homage to MWM...definition of a man is everywhere...
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    Re: How is everyone handling the inflation

    Good point! I was wondering the same today on my way from the store. Traffic is still thick as hell here in Chicago and the gas price is already touching 6 bucks for regular in some places, yet ppl...
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    Re: We're all toxic males

    Here is an example of what I was talking about...

    Now, had the gender in trouble been a female do you think the cop...
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    Re: We're all toxic males

    Considering that it's children involved here I would have to call their prolonged standby a shitty job. There's a breakdown of communication somewhere and that has to be addressed. Yea, they have...
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    Re: We're all toxic males

    Yea, so long as you die, gentlemen. So long as you die for them. Remember, you're a human doing...

    She brought up some good points as far as the drastic social changes that's taken place in just...
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    Re: I fucking love this channel

    Channels like this could only prop up the male ego which keeps you on the chase while massaging the empty feeling of vindication. Exercise indifference gentlemen.
  24. Re: when "let's be friends" upset you, you weren't being an asshole

    Several mistakes here (boggles my mind that men still make these mistakes with women). NEVER EVER EVER EVER invest more than her. Driving a hundred miles to go wine and dine some bitch that's...
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    Re: Shame is usually a good thing in society

    Female shaming is often attributed to the splendor enjoyed by men of antiquated societies but I think it's more to do with need and scarcity than it was shame, and to the extent that shame was...
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