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  1. Re: Giant Study Finds Viagra Is Linked to Almost 70% Lower Risk of Alzheimer's

    Believable. Viagra works by vasodilation, so maybe it helps flush the crud out of your brain.
  2. Re: Feminists bit their allies heads off -- now abortion might be outlawed

    Indeed we do. Words mean what they mean, you don't get to say, in reply to someone's post,

    that reply being studded with quotes by Jackoff that you are clearly replying to, and then get to say...
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    Re: How to not care what people think?

    You worry about something that might or might not happen if you hypothetically were to go to some other country? How much time and energy does this chew up? Sounds to me like an anxiety disorder....
  4. Re: Anyone else notice most women have no hard (technical) skills?

    That meme never gets old. The other point is that she should have something in the other hand - solder, a solder-sucker, an IC extractor, something. You don't just poke a soldering iron into a board....
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    Re: Things that destroyed my romanticism

    More generally, women don't feel bound by their words. It is not only the marital commitment that means nothing to them.

    Consider someone from a culture without writing, how they would just not...
  6. Re: This Crazy Woman Thinks She Having Sex With Ghosts

    So, like a nun, then?

    Women have this weird, weird thing where they prefer to be in love with someone who isn't there. Soldiers, for instance. Because love isn't about being loving towards...
  7. Re: NEW MATRIX bullshit PREDICTIONS? every front page post on reddit is propaganda now; the "red pill" is more red pill than ever.

    Wait, what? They are finally going to do a sequel to The Matrix? God, I hope it doesn't suck.

    Just kidding. Movies are over.
  8. Re: A Way To Deal With The Single Mother Problem

    This … this is just the most genius way to put it I ever heard.

    Probably not a great idea, but fukkit. At worst, you get kicked off a dating app.
  9. Re: Is Kevin Samuels the most dangerous man in the manosphere?

    So how come I never heard of him?
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    Re: Calling in from ND

    Pfft. That's just the post-breakup blues talking. Wallow in it, by all means, but not for too long.

    Compared to a lot of the other stories here, this is a positive one. A story of a man who dodged...
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    Re: Women's low standards

    Antifa and other similar groups have a history of hiring violent thugs with criminal background as shock troops. The front lines are young women to provide cover for the operatives.
  12. Re: The Left Doesn’t Understand The Alt-Right

    And yet what they wound up with: death camps, government by decree, propaganda films, domestic spying and brutality, aggressive war for territory, is pretty much indistinguishable from communism....
  13. Re: The Left Doesn’t Understand The Alt-Right

    Another one: overwhelmingly most people are either male or female.
  14. Re: SATIRE: Judge Asks Rittenhouse For Autograph, Selfie

    They're losing, so obviously the judge is crooked.
  15. Re: Question about women flaunting their bodies.

    To you and me? Nothing. They dress like that whenever they leave the house because they never know: today might be the day they run into Chad, or Billy BetaBucks. The clothes are for them, and they...
  16. Re: Why I'm done with women and going MGTOW- Part 3 The Ghosting, Blocking, and the Insanity!

    They do it to hide their emotional state from other women. Women are very sensitive to color, very aware of fleeting blushes and blanches in the face. Foundation is not for men: it's to protect them...
  17. Re: Why I'm done with women and going MGTOW- Part 3 The Ghosting, Blocking, and the Insanity!

    They all have boyfriends or husbands. It means nothing. Having a boyfriend is like having a handbag: wouldn't dream of leaving home without one, but it's just a utility.
  18. Re: Women horrified to discover that bad boy is in fact a bad boy!

    Two years.

    She stayed with him for two years.

    Notably, two years is the normal duration of a relationship these days. The electrocutions, the whippings, the rapes, none of it persuaded her to...
  19. Re: We need to advocate for men like feminists advocate for women

    The one simple thing you can do is to never vote for a woman. No matter what her politics.
  20. Re: Does anybody else feel physically ill thinking about Modern Society?

    Dire Straits? The New Romantics? Electronica? The Eurythmics? Spice Girls?
  21. Re: I checked out Seeking Arrangements. My impressions.

    You know ... being an older dude who owns his own house on SA is beginning to sound like a fun time. Yeah, knocking back the sluts is just revenge, but it's just revenge.
  22. Re: I checked out Seeking Arrangements. My impressions.

    An extremely important part of being a hooker, unless we are talking "short time". Any girl who imagines herself as a glamorous courtesan needs to understand that glamorous courtesans are well-read,...
  23. Re: Does anybody else feel physically ill thinking about Modern Society?

    The Vietnam War? The cold war? The constant threat of The Bomb?

    The bible says:
  24. Re: It's saddening how far humanity has fallen

    Relax! Nothing has changed. A tiny number of men still do science, and the vast horde consume. Our wars were always over bullshit: which particular inbred cousin get to be king, the "glory" of the...
  25. Re: I checked out Seeking Arrangements. My impressions.

    It's not like prostitution, it is prostitution. A "sugar baby" is a whore that doesn't want to admit it.

    And this is more important than it seems. I remember reading "How to Win Friends and...
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