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    Australia hates boys , part 2

  2. Article: The Coming Counter-Coup Against the GOP
  3. Re: Catholic Sisters Calling for GOP Leader's Removal After 'Disturbing' Comments About Female Leaders

    Whitmer isn't a witch, she is a dictator.
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    Re: Where did everyone go?

    I come and go. I miss the zoom meeting and actually talking with people. But it is what it is.
  5. Re: PUA Guru Targeted for "Sexual Harassment", Denied Visa

    But that was a weak oppressed woman.
  6. Re: Cuomo Sexually Harassed Me With an "Unwavering Eye Contact" . . .

    cuomo may be responsible for the deaths of 15k, 7k are women. No one cared until his potty mouth hurt some girl power girls feelings.

    Kill thousands of women, no one cares, make a girl power...
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    Re: 'Stingy men' take on Nigeria's dating etiquette

    Hey buddy. I'm guessing you are from there? I think a lot of us would like to hear what it is like there. I know I would.. I remember that one brother from the other website. I wish i could...
  8. Re: I Was An Mens Rights Activist now I'm a Fierce Feminist: Edwin Hodges

    Nice find
  9. Re: Curfew for men discussed during House of Lords debate

    This was discussed several years ago. And it will keep coming back until it happens.
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    Re: Hey guys, I'm Cable.

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    Re: How do deal with loneliness?

    Maybe it is the result of society programming. Maybe its just unhappiness manifest it's self as loneliness. I was single 20 through 33 and really never felt this way. Idk.
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    How do deal with loneliness?

    How did you guys deal with loneliness? Not often, but I get pangs of loneliness. I know, the standard answer is hobbies, career, etc. We aren't supposed to show weakness. We don't need...
  13. Re: Woman goes blind after having the whites of her eyes tattooed black

    AFAIK. There is no tattoo ink that is US FDA approved. The dyestuffs they use are in some cases the same pigments that go into non food plastic.
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    Re: They Never Learn: All Stick and No Carrot

    Thats awesome. I thought mgtow was forgotten about. Good to see its still making news. Thumbs up 👍
  15. Re: New Crisis: Why your swiping behavior on dating apps might be racist

    Further reading on the dating habits of black women.
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    Re: Google's ethnic favoritism on full display.

    Reminds me of 1930s Germany.
  17. Re: Bumble Dating Site Woman Are Only Allowed To Ask Men For A Date, Men Cannot Initiate Contact

    My second point is that in my area at least, the women on Bumble between 45 and 53 are impressive. They are 90% blonde, 90% divorced and/or 1-2 kids, the usual for a dating website.

    What is...
  18. Re: Bumble Dating Site Woman Are Only Allowed To Ask Men For A Date, Men Cannot Initiate Contact

    Not only that, but they only reveal a match if both the man and woman like each other. In other words, the women are not going in cold, the man has already indicated an interest. So the women...
  19. Re: IOC admits Yoshiro Mori’s comments about women were ‘inappropriate’

    for saying women talked too much and that meetings with female board directors took a lot of time. Thats it?
  20. Re: Hammer hand: I found out that 1% of my viewers are female. That's disturbing!!!!! ROFL

    I buy all my clothes at goodwill.
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    Re: Married Men buried by Wives' Student Debt

    Lived with a gal. Her plan was for me to marry her so she could stay home and make babies. She had 65k in student loans for her BS/MS in stem. While I only had a BS in stem. She would have made...
  22. Re: NFL to Have Feminist Woke poet to read poem at Super Bowl and here’s an example of her ranting offensive ‘poetry’

    Follow-up. Who the fuck is even watching pro football anymore? With all the kneeling BS, and now feminist poetry?

    I bled green and gold for most of my life. I didn't even know the Packers...
  23. Re: NFL to Have Feminist Woke poet to read poem at Super Bowl and here’s an example of her ranting offensive ‘poetry’

    Who has killed more black people in the last 50 years?

    A. Black women murdering their own children

    B. White police officers

    C. Hydrogen hydroxide in the water water supply.

    The answer...
  24. Article that mentions MGTOW as the reason women aren't marrying

    As a data scientist I often try to get a handle on just how big mgtow is both offical and...
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    Re: The environmental impact of female materialism

    How much more trash do women generate? What happens to all the empty lipstick containers? What happens to all the make containers when empty? All the brushes, cotton balls, etc. Used to put...
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