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  1. Re: Response to my membership request denial

    Wow. I've not logged on for a week and that was quite some reading. To "Unregistered Guest"; I'm sure I'm beating a dead horse here but:

    (1) Try actually just writing the intro as instructed in...
  2. Re: When the People Themselves Are the Problem

    EXACTLY. Never listen to someone's words when you can look at their actions. Publicly I claim I'm unmarried because "I haven't found the right woman" or "things are complicated" or some tripe. My...
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    Re: My intro

    Welcome Luthen. I hope you find the site useful and look forward to your posts.
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    Re: Confused again! So what’s new?

    Happiness is a product of two things, our situation and the mental filter through which we observe it. Perhaps a big part of your happiness is that you have improved your filter? You no longer chase...
  5. Re: Does Covid-19 and its consequences have any philosophical impact for you?

    Beating a dead horse here I know but again the writer's of the study dance around the issue:

    No, not "people". Women. Almost always women initiate divorce. If there are fewer divorces it is...
  6. Re: From Best Of MGTOW: Catalog of Anti-Male Shaming Tactics

    I'll echo others' comments.

    If you find yourself being faced with comments like the examples in the OP, the person making those comments is not worth engaging with. As soon as someone starts using...
  7. Re: Covid-19 One Month In- The Effect of No Sex

    Check out would be my advice. Not actually tried yet, have a friend who has and speaks highly of it. There's plenty of very attractive ones on there for about £300 for two hours. Most...
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    Women's Behaviour at Work

    I'm inviting stories on women's sh*t in the workplace. Advice on dealing with it is welcome. Here's a recent example of mine that has inspired this rant:

    I work in a technical job. I'm currently...
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    Re: Demi Lovato............PUKE!!

    Since I got in my 30s I've gotten a flabby beer gut. Where's my praise and award? I'm thinking a Victoria Cross for this sort of bravery.
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    Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: EWALT

    Indeed, its amazing that men get married when 50% of marriages end in divorce (and about 80% initiated by wahmen). I've seen the pseudo-logic of "not all" applied to other things to do with women. On...
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    Re: The elevator pitch

    In true ar*ehole fashion I'll reply to my own post with another post. To expand on my first post, I think marriage has been a creepingly worse deal, and maybe that's part of why men are so fu**ing...
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    Re: The elevator pitch

    Indeed, its amazing just how awful a deal marriage is for men nowadays. Its not just bad, its laughably so. The only reason men get married is utter delusion as to what marriage is.
  13. Re: Gynocracy - Where and When Does It End?

    Thank you responders, its interesting seeing other people's thoughts.

    Responding to some points:

    (1) I don't believe women have always been in charge or even close to it. Women have always been...
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    Re: Understanding Sex Through Porn

    If Jackoff ever write's a romance novel, I'll buy a copy.
  15. Gynocracy - Where and When Does It End?

    I think most people on this forum would agree that we live in a gynocentric society. I realise a lot of us are from different countries, but gynocentrism is a common situation across the world in...
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    Re: Missed opportunities

    An excellent post all round, but I particularly want to praise this bit. Its an excellent analogy and is refreshing to hear it put so succinctly. Some conversations (such as whether or not there is...
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    Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: PUA

    I've been involved in PUA on two separate occasions in my life and have been closely involved with other men who have. My observations:

    1. It does work.
    2. The effort required is huge, at least...
  18. Re: Woman's 'repulsive' wedding request leads fiancé to reconsider entire wedding

    Also,check out this one for some female entitlement with a dash of gynocentrism:
  19. Re: From Best Of MGTOW: Messages from the Brotherhood of the Gold Ring

    There's a saying I think applies here

    "Don't cast your pearls before swine."

    The pearls are pearls of wisdom. Its applicable to the situation of trying to convince blue-pilled men whose minds...
  20. Re: Sex dolls is WHERE MGTOW JUMPS THE SHARK

    Interesting topic. I've been tempted myself. Two big problems though:

    (1) The cost. Its a big investment for something that may or may not be what I hope it will.
    (2) I'd always be worried about...
  21. Re: Woman's 'repulsive' wedding request leads fiancé to reconsider entire wedding


    At least she's honest.
  22. Re: From Best Of MGTOW: Messages from the Brotherhood of the Gold Ring

    This certainly makes for very interesting reading. A lot of the posters make a point that I disagree with however*. Here's an example:

    Certainly wives berating their husbands is a form of sh*t...
  23. Re: Why was Classic Liberalism Replaced by SJWism?

    In my opinion:

    1. There is a difference between classical liberalism in the original sense of the word (e.g. that originally defined by the Greeks) and what was done in the 50s to 90s. These...
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    Re: MGTOW: Being Happy with The Path

    Thank you for your thoughts. Your post is interesting to read and it is reassuring to know that other MGTOW also need to remind themselves of the truth.
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    MGTOW: Being Happy with The Path

    This is a post about creeping doubts in a man's mind about going MGTOW. Its perhaps more aimed at young(ish) men, as I expect a lot of the more experienced guys don't have this issue anymore. I've...
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