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  1. Re: 5 Reasons Why Western Men Should Not Marry A Japanese Woman

    I do my own housework, of course. But not on a daily basis. Once a week I blow through my place, vacuuming, dusting, general cleaning, laundry, trash, etc.
    It doesn't need to be done every single...
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    Re: Don't get scammed by a prostitute

    Gents, just keep rubbing one out by yourselves until the sex bots truly arrive. It's literally just around the corner.
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    Re: List of things that oppress women

    9. Asking to split the bill at a restaurant. Since women are paid 0.75 cents for every dollar a man is paid, asking to split the bill is oppression and mocking of women. That obviously will lead to...
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    Re: Christian flag excluded as part of Boston's WOKE flag inclusion

    Brother, I understand that you feel very strongly about this issue but don't let the rage fill you to the point that you get banned over this. This is not a hill to die on.
    I would hate to see you...
  5. Re: Mother goes viral with incredible tale of how she left her husband of 14 years for a near stranger she was convinced was her 'soulmate' after one evening chatting at a conference - only for the other man to reject her

    When you completely lack any common sense and run on pure emotional stimuli, this is what happens. That's why we can't have women operate heavy machinery, fly planes, captain ships, engineer trains,...
  6. Re: Random observation about women and mobile phones

    I don't think it's a clothing design flaw. I think it's a calculated feature. If women's clothing have inadequate pockets, it boosts purse sales. Win-Win for all manufacturers.
  7. Re: Wife fills husbandís phone with child porn in plan to get custody of kids, OKlahoma cops say

    Public square, hole, stones. Some assembly required. There are cultures out there that have figured the solution out.
  8. Re: Celebrity chef Mario Batali was found not guilty of indecent assault

    Looks like Batali can start playing with his meataballs in front of the staff again.
  9. Re: Slutty girls warning about Roe v Wade [amusing pic]

    Quite frankly, I couldn't care less how these women are messing themselves up. What I do care about is that men are on the hook, through taxes, for funding all the women's cry centers and psychiatric...
  10. Re: So the AITA subreddit on Reddit promotes destructive behavior.

    TL; DR; People in general are too fucking stupid for their own good.
  11. Re: Random observation about women and mobile phones

    My guess is that some famous female celebrity was photographed wearing her phone that way and the insane herd mentality in women kicked in and it became a "must have" fashion statement. Women are so...
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    Re: The Advanced Age MGTOW End Game.

    I have the same plan except for the early part. I've done research on retiring abroad and it looks very doable and realistic. People with much less savings than me have done it with great success,...
  13. Re: To any so-called 'incels' who frequent this forum

    A "unicorn" only stays a unicorn for a short time. All of the wishful disneyesque thinking will never change that, The misandry is strong and well established in this generation of women, and many...
  14. Re: What feminists don't understand about abortion and the right-wingers who oppose it

    I liked the post Tig. Very informative. Ultimately though, I couldn't care less about feminists. I steer clear from their clown world. I give some advice to my son (23) as he's growing up in this...
  15. Re: I was at the grocery store the other day...

    As you leave the plantation behind, you start realizing how many unnecessary stresses you endured in your previous life. Something as easy as grocery shopping is suddenly the non-event it's supposed...
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    Re: Communicating with Blue Pilled Jerry

    You could say:

    "My heart and mind is not into being in a romantic relationship so it's not fair to the woman and I would just waste her time"
  17. Re: Slutty girls warning about Roe v Wade [amusing pic]

    I must say I admire her optimism.
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    Re: Mothers Explain Why They Regret Having Kids

    I will never give up drinking scotch or smoking cigars. Nothing like a beautiful Tabak Especial Toro Negra on a quiet night with a glass of Johnny Green on...
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    Re: Christian flag excluded as part of Boston's WOKE flag inclusion

    I have no problem with cops. They are going through so much shit with an endless string of assholes, not to mention that they also put their life on the line every day. When you realize what a cop...
  20. Re: Christian flag excluded as part of Boston's WOKE flag inclusion

    And the underworld is here in SF Bay Area. They are connected by a wormhole.
  21. Re: Female Black Lives Matter Founders Buys $6M Mansion With Donation Money

    I didn't mean to correct you Frog. I was just reminded of the hypocrisy and double standard in our society when it comes to government agencies going after people of different race or manufactured...
  22. Re: Dudes, watch out, inflation has put a target on our backs

    You know, the best way to look at it at our age is this; Never give women any credit. If they treat you right, you can reward them with a little sumptin, sumptin.
    And then keep rewarding them for...
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    Re: Open post to find out what women want

    Even that wouldn't make them happy in the long run.
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    Re: Woman exposes feminist's hypocrisy!

    This never fails. AWALT
  25. Re: Female Black Lives Matter Founders Buys $6M Mansion With Donation Money

    The IRS has been talking to Al (Not So)Sharpton for decades but he hasn't paid them a dime. Must be black fake victim privilege.
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