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  1. Re: Michaela Peterson divorcees and hooks up with a thug

    I'd characterise him as mentally unstable. That's the reason people study psychology, you know: to try to manage what's going on inside their own heads. His 12 rules are his own rules for himself and...
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    Clementine Ford: "kill all men"

    With women, the medium is the message.

    If your wife is screaming at you in the mall, the message isn't whatever she happens to be screaming at you, the message is "I'm allowed to do this".

  3. Re: How is the Gillette/Proctor & Gamble boycott doing in your neck of the woods?

    Naah. They did it to themselves. It's like the word "cripple" or "retard": no matter what they are calling it these days, it can't help but become pejorative because it means what it does.
  4. Re: Bad Economy? CoronaVirus? Women most affected!

    Or to put it another way, for every $1 of work a woman does, a man does $1.25 .
  5. Re: 6 of 10 Signs of a Toxic Relationship. She doesn't share expenses even if she's working

    "What's yours is ours; what's mine is my own."
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    Man-hating is a time of plague - a rethink

    You know, I might have been missing something important in my previous post.

    She says the weirdest things about male joggers. As I pointed out:

    Who the hell runs with a wide legged stance? Who...
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    Re: This shutdown is getting to me.

    Yes, mate. The goal of social distancing is to reduce the rate of spread so that the health system is not overwhelmed. Personally, I think it's been too successful. There is one active case in my...
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    Re: This shutdown is getting to me.

    Prohibition in the USA was engineered by preachers and women, and the main goal of it was to stamp out saloon culture.
  9. Re: Billionaire divorce uncovers secretive world of trusts in South Dakota

    Never mind that our phones already do. 1984 has been and gone. Orwell was right, he just got the year wrong.
  10. Re: A Religious Perspective on What's Wrong with Women Today

    This is 100% what chaperones were about. They weren't to protect women from those beastly men; they were to protect men from false claims that he had offered an engagement.
  11. Re: A Religious Perspective on What's Wrong with Women Today

    He was born in '79. That's the age when a man slows down. He's not tired of shagging sluts because he's had a good long think about it and changed his philosophy, he's tired of shagging sluts because...
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    Man-hating in a time of plague

    Apparently, jogging trails are full of manspreaders:

    Yes she is....
  13. Re: Billionaire divorce uncovers secretive world of trusts in South Dakota

    This. They just fucking spend it, then it's deer in the headlights time. A consequence of a lifetime of being taken care of, and not appreciating it.
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    Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: Broken Woman

    Projection, thy name is woman. It is certain, certain I tell you Resdayn, that this woman a) cheated on all her boyfriends (including you), and b) used multiple email addresses to do so.
  15. Re: A Religious Perspective on What's Wrong with Women Today

    I used to be a christian. I have no respect whatever for a dude who defined his life by fornication and who now wants to bleat about the natural, God-given order. Not unless I see Roosh abase himself...
  16. Re: Hilarious! VAWAman Joe Biden video . . .

    The interesting thing bout Ford, of course, was how all she wanted was justice - Justice! - for the man who so horribly raped her all those years ago, and then the day that he was confirmed anyway...
  17. Re: Man who died after ingesting fish tank cleaner may have been poisoned by wife

    All those statistics about how men do more murders? Bullshit. Men are more prone to murder strangers; women murder people that they are intimate with. Women abuse positions of trust.
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    Re: Self banning myself.

    It may be the case that you were quoting facts, but just because something is true does not necessarily mean that this forum is the place to say it.
  19. Re: Nolte: Joe Biden Exposes #MeToo Movement as Total BS

    For even more stonks and lulz: "Allyssa Miliano's silence over Tara Read's accusations proves that #MeToo was nothing but antisemitism".
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    Re: Missed opportunities

    It's like having a forum devoted to Ford motor cars, and not admitting people who mostly want to talk about cooking.

    This concern trolling barely merits a reply, especially seeing as it...
  21. Re: Does Covid-19 and its consequences have any philosophical impact for you?

    The issue being that obesity is an underlying health issue. This flu is disproportionately killing lardasses. It's … kinda hard not to feel that that this is not an entirely unmixed tragedy.
  22. Re: Woman's 'repulsive' wedding request leads fiancť to reconsider entire wedding

    Couldn't find the reddit thread.
  23. Re: Itís Official! Young White Leftist Females Are Nuts.

    Being diagnosed with a mental health condition is also strongly correlated with being the kind of person that seeks out and can afford to see a doctor when you are a little down.
  24. Thread: Resiliency

    by Mr Wombat

    Re: Resiliency

    Thanks for the recommendation. It's Daniel, not David, BTW.
  25. Re: Hey Fellow Men, Iím New An Looking For Advice On Women

    OP has been banned, but it might be worth replying:

    Aka: a unicorn. Forget it. Cute girls get hit on all the time, by men who are very good at hitting on girls, and eventually they take the...
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