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    Re: Who do you trust?

    My dog..
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    Re: My Dad Had A Heart Attack Last Night

    God speed!
  3. Re: I can't be right or left wing because they all SUCK

    Both party's are an embarrassment I support none.. Trump can be an asshole all he want's I don't vote for mental masturbation I vote for results. Looking at what he accomplished for average...
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    Re: Global climate cult Fertilizer Ban.

    Farming is the only business that buy's all supply's and labor at retail then sells the end product at wholesale.

    The cult is trying it's best to squeeze out small business.

    The cult is...
  5. Re: Why Men No Longer Want To Get Married - Proof MGTOW Works

    It's a dam shame women’s think it's ok to exploit men all the wile saying they are the ones being exploited. The female mind and logic are indeed like oil & water! The world of wizards, demons, evil...
  6. Re: Fear in the employees at the FDA, CDC, and NIH over Covid dishonesty

    These sick fucks pushing the jab for profit are benefiting the most it's all about the dead presidents. It's the biggest wealth transfer scam in history!
  7. Re: There aren't a hundred different genders, and saying so is not bigotry

    I could give 2 fucks what someone else’s sexual preferences are, none of my business is the way I see it.

    Attention seeking pronoun whore's are just that..LOOK AT MEEEE I'M FLYING MY FREEK FLAG.....
  8. Re: How many of you will or won't vote for Donald Trump in 2024?? I mean, he does care about America, though. And he shows it.

    I look at what the man accomplished not what he says. If I wanted a feel good mental masturbation mouth piece I would vote for a career politician that would say all the feel good bullshit a woman...
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    Re: A sex strike, you say?

    Keep it! It's not worth my time or effort to push pull my dick in that sloppy hole...
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    Re: virgin forum

    Hang em high!
  11. Re: I took another lap around the dating site - somehow it's gotten worse

    When I got divorced after a few years I thought well I'll at least check it out. I was so turned off by all the woman who clearly hit the wall years ago! Demanding profiles read like a fucking prison...
  12. Re: When did this "mother of all problems" love music began?

    It's all music to me.. A good song is a good song but I despise whiny ass love songs. My preference is a mix of all genre’s so I can hear some easy 3 chord rockin to complex melody's.
  13. Re: Economics 101; petrol goes up, pussy comes down!

    I see crazy in those eyes.. A widow into the soul of modern woman cracked pains and all!
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    Re: HR petty tyrants

    It it fucking nuts what companies want people to put up with. This is why many years ago I decided to be self employed I saw the writing on the wall back in the late eighties early nineties..That's...
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    Re: Black and white thinking
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    Re: Kicking my alcohol problem

    I witnessed my neighbor get a​ OWI on his riding mower!
  17. Re: Harvey Weinstein’s Last Campaign - 140 Years in Prison for Sexual Harassment?

    But woman will get shamed, embarrassed and looked down at if they report it! lol
  18. Re: What's the worst excuse you heard someone make to abolish females of accountability/responsibility?

    I didn't THINK! That pretty much sums it up...
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    Re: Bad Thots: Amber Heard

    Amber Heard is the perfect example of a woman doing whatever it TAKES to get what she wants fuck everybody else!
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    Re: Here's what actually is racist

    Human is the only race period! All the debate all the talking points are just that people pontificating about how great / smart they are. Some of the so called educated are the dumbest people walking...
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    Re: I have a hard time understanding MGTOW

    W0W what a concept move from the western world to a third world country become king! ( insert sarcasm here ) You are sir are got dam genius, Not one single person in history has ever thought of...
  22. Re: Landwhale feeding time, grab your coal shovel!

    Lace up the feed bag! These people are sick of so many levels I'm speech less!
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    Re: There's a new sheriff in town

    Yessir Congrats!
  24. Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned! Genius Taken Down!

    I'm in total agreement with what Jackoff wrote! If an employer try's to tell me what to do on my personal time fuck off and kiss my ass all up in the crack!
  25. Re: My Supplement Business Is Now Being Tested Out

    Nice! All the best with the business endeavor..
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