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    Re: now part of the alphabet group

    Does this mean we get a month where we get pandered to? :rolleyes:
  2. Re: Do any of you have (much) younger women hitting on you?

    Nobody's been hitting on me- I'm in my 50's and a little south of even typical 'dad bod.' Add to that my permanent, stoic resting bitch face, and that equals 'not approachable.'

    That aside, I'm...
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    Re: A sex strike, you say?

    What cracks me up about these women that threaten a 'sex strike' is that they are generally the ones nobody would want to screw with someone else's dick, much less their own. Fallen out of the ugly...
  4. Re: Will "deepfakes" technology be used for false accusations?

    When it gets cheap enough, it will. By that time hopefully there will be cheap, reliable ways to spot / counter deepfake technology.
  5. Re: Black female Incel complains about dating in Australia.

    Overweight, unattractive, woke, chip on her shoulder.

    Tag her with any nationality. What's not to love? :rolleyes:
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    Re: Covered in tattoos.

    Agree with the OP.

    1. Looks absolutely trashy
    2. Huge Red Flag
    3. Just one more way for a thot to scream "LOOK AT ME!" to a crowded room.

    Avoid at all costs, along with the rest of 'em.
  7. Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned! Genius Taken Down!

    You'd think a guy that smart would know better. That's what happens when you think with the wrong head. Cest La Vie.
  8. Re: Yuval Noah Harari | What To Do With All of These Useless People?

    Harari is a modern day Dr. Mengele wannabe. Check out some of his videos.
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    Re: Roe vs Wade, Laws, your opinions.

    All this decision would mean is that the abortion issue is kicked back down to state governments, where it was before 1973.

    Then, each state can determine its own abortion laws. Obviously, in...
  10. Re: Slutty girls warning about Roe v Wade [amusing pic]

    You mean if this passes, it might cause young women to cross their legs and stop behaving like whores?

    Not seeing the down side, here... :rolleyes:
  11. Re: People that judge you because you live for yourself.

    Find your own place. (Assuming that's economically feasible)
  12. Re: Dudes, watch out, inflation has put a target on our backs

    Oh bullshit. Quit cowering in fear and paranoia. Or don't. You do you.
  13. Re: I Have Some Sad News About My 25 Year Old Male Cousin

    You can lead the horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

    Some people can't be helped- they have to go learn the hard lessons (or their Darwin Award) in the way that they choose for...
  14. Re: Men, What are the Traits of Alpha, and how to develop it?

    Don't worry about labels.

    Do you want to be a man?

    Be bold, confident, and courageous.
    Look others in the eye when you talk to them. Develop a firm handshake.
    When you give your word, keep...
  15. Re: Dudes, watch out, inflation has put a target on our backs

    Bullshit! Drive your nice car, wear your nice clothes, flaunt a big roll of cash- do whatever the hell you want! When the 'ladies' :rolleyes: stare you up, just refuse to make eye contact and brush...
  16. Thread: Is MGTOW dead?

    by Gunnar

    Re: Is MGTOW dead?

    I think online content is a poor way to measure it- look at marriage and cohabitation statistics instead. Lots of guys are MGTOW without ever having heard the term- they are just genuinely walking...
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    Re: “Cracker Jill”?!? WTF

    You know, the most moronic thing about this is that 'Cracker Jack' is the old-school slang for the sailor's uniform worn by the character on the box, not the character's name. Anyone who ever served...
  18. Re: I feel bad for young men raised by single mothers

    Young men raised by single moms is my worst nightmare, because I lived it for a year before my Dad took back custody from my train-wreck alcoholic mother and almost certainly saved my life.

  19. Re: Do any other Forum members enjoy dressing well?

    I'm a pilot, so I wear a uniform to work. Unless some special occasion calls for it, at home I'm a cargo-short / sweatshirt kind of dresser. I'm definitely past the stage in life when I'm out to...
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    Re: That 80-20 rule in dating.

    There's an old adage: you can't love someone else if you don't love yourself. I wonder if the inability to love exhibited by these women is a result of their own self-loathing: knowing they've whored...
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    Re: That 80-20 rule in dating.

    If they aren't friends of yours, tell 'em to MYOB. You aren't accountable to anyone for your personal life.
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    Re: Crazy ladies like this used to drive me crazy

    Some things just can't be explained away rationally.

    Which ultimately makes sense, when you stop and consider how irrational the average female is. Whaddyagonnado? Avoid like a rattlesnake and...
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    Re: Chris Rock's greatest joke ever!

    My guess is the whole thing was a "Jussie Smollett" maneuver to draw attention to an awards show that has slipped into total irrelevance and plummeting ratings. Literally NOBODY was talking about the...
  24. Poll: Re: What will be the worse kind of problems for Mgtows in the near future

    Personally, not seeing a downside.

    The sexbots will just keep getting better and better, too! ;)
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    Re: Overheard in the bathroom at Twin Peaks

    Fuck, you just take it what it is and exploit it for yourself. Enjoy the college girls in the short shorts and tight shirts- can't speak to the food, you got a point there- tip what you want, or...
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